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A Massive Media Maelstrom – McCann, Mandelson and Maxwell


Matthew Steeples highlights how the ‘Mandelson Media Method’ is very much in play in both the case of the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein connection and the renewed interest in the Madeleine McCann disappearance

According to the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan turned activist and human rights campaigner Craig Murray, when Madeleine McCann went missing on 3rd May 2007 “New Labour’s No. 10 saw, in typical Blair fashion, a highly photogenic tragedy which there might be popularity in appearing to work on.”


Guided by the “Prince of Darkness at the heart of New Labour” with “his dark satanic looks” and “his Machiavellian meddling,” the political party Peter Mandelson ever so brilliantly guided (in terms of electoral success) knew the value of such and they well and truly milked it in the matter of McCann.



As Andrew Marr pointed out in his History of Modern Britain – screened on BBC Four last night – in his example, highlighting the case of the senseless murder of the innocent toddler Jamie Bulger by two truly evil teenagers during John Major’s premiership – Madeleine McCann’s disappearance occurred just a month before Blair left office and Gordon Brown took over. News of it dominated the media during the transition period.



Defining the Brown years – during which Peter Mandelson was a government minister from October 2008 until May 2010 – in terms of the vast acres of pages devoted to the case and garnering disproportionate attention from government thus, as Murray pointed out: “British diplomatic staff were under direct instruction to support the McCanns far beyond the usual.”


Mandelson had his finger on the pulse with the McCann story then and today the proof of its usefulness is still in the pudding by way of the fact that it wiped other ‘bad news’ stories off the front pages in the last week. Equally, as has been the case with the renewal of interest in Prince Andrew’s “has he or hasn’t he” cooperated with the investigations into Jeffrey Epstein in the last 24 hours, here are matters that show that the Mandelson style of media management haven’t moved on.


One rather conveniently unavailable person who links the ‘players’ in these matters is still apparently missing in action. Again, this morning, we again join those asking: “Why doesn’t Ghislaine Maxwell finally come forward?”


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A Massive Media Maelstrom – McCann, Mandelson and Maxwell – Matthew Steeples highlights how the ‘Mandelson Media Method’ is very much in play in both the case of the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein connection and the renewed interest in the Madeleine McCann disappearance.
Peter Mandelson pictured trying on a belt whilst Jeffrey Epstein looks on in St Barts in 2005. They are said to have been introduced by their mutual friend Ghislaine Maxwell and there is no suggestion that Lord Mandelson knew anything of Epstein’s criminal activities.
A Massive Media Maelstrom – McCann, Mandelson and Maxwell – Matthew Steeples highlights how the ‘Mandelson Media Method’ is very much in play in both the case of the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein connection and the renewed interest in the Madeleine McCann disappearance.
In 2009, private investigators for Gerry and Kate McCann issued an E-FIT to the media of a woman they believed could be “potentially significant” to their investigation. She has never been found, but, speculation online (entirely unproven as accurate thus far) has regularly included: “She looks remarkably like Ghislaine Maxwell.” There is no suggestion that this is one and the same woman, but it would be ever so helpful if Miss Maxwell came forward and cleared this up for once and for all.
A Massive Media Maelstrom – McCann, Mandelson and Maxwell – Matthew Steeples highlights how the ‘Mandelson Media Method’ is very much in play in both the case of the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein connection and the renewed interest in the Madeleine McCann disappearance.
The no-longer so “grand old Duke of York” Prince Andrew poses for a picture with the “master of spin” and king of media relations Lord Mandelson.
A Massive Media Maelstrom – McCann, Mandelson and Maxwell – Matthew Steeples highlights how the ‘Mandelson Media Method’ is very much in play in both the case of the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein connection and the renewed interest in the Madeleine McCann disappearance.
Peter Mandelson worked with PR spinner Matthew Freud, the late Sir Clement Freud’s son, on the Millennium Dome. The pair have partied together on many occasions – including at Freud’s then marital home, Burford Priory, and most famously with George Osborne, Oleg Deripaska and Nat Rothschild in Corfu.
A Massive Media Maelstrom – McCann, Mandelson and Maxwell – Matthew Steeples highlights how the ‘Mandelson Media Method’ is very much in play in both the case of the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein connection and the renewed interest in the Madeleine McCann disappearance.
Pictured top: Paedophile Sir Clement Freud (right) lunched with Gerry (left) and Kate McCann in Praia da Luz in Portugal in July 2007, two months after their daughter’s disappearance. Mrs McCann later praised the risotto as “the best she’d ever tasted.” Pictured below: Ghislaine Maxwell pictured at the launch of a book about Sir Clement’s brother, Lucian, titled ‘Breakfast With Lucian’ in 2013 by Geordie Greig. Also in the image are Nicholas Coleridge, Piers Morgan, an unknown child, Geordie Greig and Ariadne Calvo-Platero.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Hmm the plot really thickens doesn’t it.
    Also, do we really believe they can’t find Maxwell for God’s sake. Why aren’t the authorities putting out an APB for this Madame. She should be given a week to come in for questioning, if not, then arrested on sight. She obviously has a lot to hide otherwise she would offer herself up. I bet the grand old duke of York is bricking it, just in case she has a black book, and wants to cut a deal.

  2. I am afraid that your obsession with Madeline McCann is entirely devoid of wisdom, and equally lacking in wit. The more that is revealed to us in the mainstream media about the convicted German paedophile and rapist Christian Bruckner, the more plausible the suspicion surrounding him becomes, and the more apparent it is that you have made a massive fool of yourself over this story.
    It would be funny, (dare I say witty?) except that there is nothing remotely amusing about the continued pain and misery that you seem to be determined to heap upon the Drs McCann.
    Wisdom would suggest that you admit the error of your previous opinions regarding the McCanns and finally fall silent.

    • Who are you really William? Clarence Mitchell or Esther McVey? You are so incredibly annoying – all your comments are annoying in fact always.

    • WILLY
      We probably will never know the real truth about this case.
      It does seem very convenient however, that we seem to have found a German sex offender after over 10 years, to take the rap. Like I have said many times, the McCanns chose a night of wining and dining over the safety of their child. For that they should be ashamed and charged with neglect, nothing changes that fact.

    • Gerry McCann is clearly a sociopath. His wife has maintained the look of a haunted woman since this tragedy – was she responsible for the ‘mistake’ in which her daughter was given an overdose? As a qualified anaesthetist you’d think not; perhaps this explains her perpetual anguish. Guilt is a terrible burden to bear.

  3. Shame on all blaming and picking on Gerry and Kate McCann! They are entirely innocent as is Rolf Harris. You have no moral balance. The paedophilic man did it and you need to all accept that. William Westlarke is right.

      They probably are innocent, unlike your mate, the PAEDO Harris.
      But nothing can change the fact that the McCann’s put a bowl of tasty Rissotto over the safety of their child and went out wineing and dining. At the very least they should be charged with neglect.
      The simple fact remains, which you are too thick to grasp. If they had decided to stay in that night, like any decent parents would, their child would probably still be alive. Wake up to yourself you dimwit.

      • …yes, they are innocent of murdering their daughter. They are, however, unpleasant, obnoxious people who want to “have it all”, obsessed with status, “lifestyle” and “looks’ and not prepared to make any sacrifices. They were an easy target. That known German paedo who camped nearby is the most likely suspect so far. We all take some chances with our children’s safety and here by the grace of God go I…but leaving three small children on their own behind an unlocked door takes some beating.

    • Right??? LOL Then this is an open and shut case, now isn’t it? Every one who gets caught doing what they shouldn’t ought to, will always blame some shady character, do a documentary to brainwash everybody and take the pointing finger away from mummy and daddy, who left their child ALONE to go put food in their pie holes. I say they were involved, and this will all come out. If this case was a done deal, then why are they still in the press?

  4. Yet more poison here I see. It is digusting that you attack these lovely people just as you have done nothing to help dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their search to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. It is time you back the campaign to FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW and it is time that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got themselves involved also and Boris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer. I would be far happier with them and the world would also if they got involved with FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW and you must stop your poison about Gerry and Kate immediately henceforth. It is just too much and the focus on the virus and the lies that Madeleine is dead and not on FINDING MADELEINE is making me very, very, very upset. Steeples Times needs to gets its priorities in order. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. She is alive and we must FIND HER NOW. P.S. This site is a DISGRACE! IT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!

    • TROTT
      If this site is such a disgrace, why the hell do you keep accessing it, reading the comments, and posting replies?? If Matt closed this down, what would you have to do with your sad life. If you hate the site so much, please do us all a favour and just fade away to your garden and talk to the carrots, you bloody nut job.

    • MM is a corpse. Can’t you seem to get that fact into your stupud thick skull. Blood splattered all around the flat and soaked into the floor- and it wasn’t mosquitos bumping into the walls. Corpse smell found in the flat. Kates clothes reeked of — you got it –corpse. The hire car reeked of corpse. Rather a lot of corpse around for innocent explanations and some very odd tales from the parents of MM and the Tapas bunch. Remember Kate explained her smelly clothes from visiting dead people during her work in UK along with that toy which itself reveals more questions than answers were gotten and reeked of corpse too. I could write more. MM would be big enough now to emerge but of course she is in the hands of nice paedos-remember that one? As for the German paedo-that’s just a stupid story to keep the mortgage fund running.

    • Why has the parents and tapas Dr’s not been questioned or held accountable for neglecting their children. Leaving them alone in a strange country while they went off dinning in various restaurants. Kate should be ashamed of herself for becoming ambassador for missing children. Kate who went on holiday with 3kids and came back with two. The best things mccanns can do is tell their twins what really happened in that apartment. Come clean why they were over there and get the government to stop covering up.

      • You don’t even know the story Mr perfect parent LOL. They weren’t at several different restaurants. And have you heard of different cultures?

    • Dear Gerry and Kate. Why would u not answer questions regarding your daughter. Why did u wash all her clothes and cuddle cat. Why did u Gerry go to England to get a HAIRBRUSH to give to police with maddie DNA. Why give a photo of maddie which was taken a year before to the media. Why not give a holiday snap of her. Why did u think it was OK to leave 3children all under the age of 4 in unlocked apartment. Mccanns are being protected by government for what reason am not sure. Pedeos come to mind. Shame on all of you who went on that holiday and left those kids alone.

      • Well this story and your comments do suggest a major paedophile network coverup. The McCann’s lunching with a well-known paedophile makes us all feel uncomfortable quote “Pictured top: Paedophile Sir Clement Freud (right) lunched with Gerry (left) and Kate McCann in Praia da Luz in Portugal in July 2007, two months after their daughter’s disappearance.”
        Cults of the family do exist – The Family International as well as The Family, Anne Hamilton-Byrne’s Victorian cult of bleached blonde children and LSD adults (including academics, doctors, lawyers) can’t be overlooked. The Victorian Premier wouldn’t investigate at the time. Australia has so many back roads to bushland reserves and hidden properties and many unsolved disappearances, such as Trudie Adams from Barranjoey Rd not far from Avalon (where they film Home and Away). NSW Police never solved this case, as well as many others like William Tyrrell a young boy who disappeared, believed abducted, in QLD and missing now for over 6 years. He looks similar to Madeliene and again another example amongst millions of a child police couldn’t find.
        The point is, families get involved in criminal acts: whether they are Royal families, medical families, police families or simple working class families. A lot of paedophile networks include perpetrator families with children moving from victims to playing perpetrators without any reflection or thought they are doing wrong. It’s their lifestyle and family culture. A lot of cover ups for wealthy, famous people, for example the Michael Jackson sudden death amidst controversy as well as Anthony Kidman – the Royal Commission allowed an unknown Tweed Heads psychologist (a known paedophile region in NSW that has had many public issues related to child sex offences within social institutions such as child welfare and the education system) to demoralise the credibility of a key witness and supposed whistelblower, Fiona Barnett.
        The Truth would disturb society because people do buy and sell adults and children. The irrationality of it all seems unbelievable and fictional. In Armidale NSW recently, as well as New York, sex slave networks have been uncovered and prosecuted. Madeleine didn’t deserve this mystery nor injustice. Her parents leaving her alone in Portugal in a hotel room is really quite strange and most parents wouldn’t do it considering, if they had the money for a dinner out then they had money for a babysitter.
        The woman in the photo could be anyone, Australian, American, English, Spanish …

  5. McCann died in the apartment. I am sure of that. How she died I don’t know.

    Woman in efit picture does look remarkably like Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Weirder things have happened and no doubt Bob Maxwell and Clement Freud were friends too.

  6. Gillian Trott rocks! Well if it was this German rather than the McCanns themsleves having accidentally overdosed the child so they could go for dinner with their pals, with a dozy Madeleine then falling and injuring herself fatally, I’d be surprised, but who knows? The evidence against them, including the cadavre dogs, was not unimpressive.

  7. I hope someone gets to her cell with a kettle full of sugar and hot water. She deserves to suffer for what she did trafficking poor, desperate girls. She is NOT Epstein (as her brother says) — she is f**King worse!

  8. The clock ticks for Prince Andrew now.
    He must be bricking it.
    Maxwell deserves all she gets in jail as well.
    As for the McCanns I genuinely think they’re not involved in the kids disappearance.
    They’re still at fault all the same.


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