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Will Royal Rotter ‘Randy Andy’ Be Turfed Out Of Royal Lodge?

As it is suggested royal rotter Prince Andrew will be turfed out of £30 million Royal Lodge, we suggest he move into ‘Feckless Fergie’s’ £4 million Belgravia mews house

This morning, in predictable form given her chummy associations with both Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah, Duchess of York, Daphne Barak penned piffle in The Mail on Sunday in which she suggested it unfair that Prince Andrew might be evicted from Royal Lodge, Windsor in September as part of a cost cutting exercise by King Charles III.


Quoting an unnamed source “close to the Duke of York” – whom one must assume to be her friend ‘Feckless Fergie’ – Barak shared:


“The Queen had barely been laid to rest when it began. Message after message, delivered through the anonymous Buckingham Palace machine, warning that life was about to change for Prince Andrew… and not for the better.”


“’They didn’t even wait ten days from the end of mourning the Queen,’ I was told by a source close to the Duke of York. ‘That’s when courtiers started to send them the bad news.’”


“And it was recently made clear to Andrew, still grieving, that the annual allowance he has received from the monarch since he left the Navy in 2001 was about to be severely reduced, possibly even axed, as soon as April.”


“His mother paid him the yearly subsidy, last reported to be £249,000, out of her own private fortune, enabling him to fund his family home at Windsor’s Royal Lodge.”


“Now the Prince – who I have been told is ‘distraught’ – may have no choice but to give up his home of 19 years as soon as September.”


“Even people appalled by his association with the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein would surely ask: ‘What’s the rush?’”


How terribly predictable of Barak to “rush” to the defence of a non-sweating, Pizza Express loving mouse-not-a-man who paid a sum estimated as high as £10 million to a woman he supposedly never met. Who will she be supporting next? Gary Glitter?


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This morning on Twitter, Matthew Steeples asked: “Should Prince Andrew be turfed out of Royal Lodge given he’s no longer a working royal and clearly is lacking of the means to fund maintaining the £30m pad?” Out of the four options offered, the immediate reaction was a majority being in favour of the rotten royal ratbag moving into his live-in ex-wife’s new home in Belgravia whilst one follower answered: “Him and Gary Glitter could share a flat.”
Royal Lodge 1
Grade II listed Royal Lodge, Windsor Great Park, Windsor, SL4 2JD has been home to Prince Andrew since he took a 75-year lease on it from the Crown Estate in August 2003. He paid around £1 million for it and had to agree to spend £7.5 million at September 2002 prices excluding VAT on the building’s renovation. In January 2022, the building was valued as being worth a sum of £30 million on the open market.
Royal Lodge 2
The Queen Mother was the previous occupant of the building on a grace and favour basis and died there in March 2002. She and her late husband had taken up residence there in 1931.

With friends like these… The Duke of York really does know how to choose them…

With friends like these… The guffawing goon that is the Duke of York was happy to take the “benefits” of his friendship with someone who bunged him cash and girls, Jeffrey Epstein, when it suited him. He was happy to take the “benefits” of his friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell, someone he allegedly even had a relationship with, when it suited him. He must now face the music and possibly also prepare to be dragged before the authorities if he ever dares to darken the doors of the United States of America ever again. Shame on him.
With friends like these… Prince Andrew is plainly a man who’ll hang out with anyone – as long as they are rich and/or powerful. He had no qualms in staying with the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein after he got out of jail.
With friends like these… In February 2020, ‘The Steeple Times’ reported on croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s chum (and his wife Sarah, Duchess of York’s financial sponsor) Prince Andrew having Bernie Ecclestone over to Royal Lodge, Windsor to celebrate his birthday. Whether this man “with qualities that would make Leona Helmsley look generous” brought Sloppy Giuseppes from Pizza Express (Woking branch) for the bash remains still unknown.
With friends like these… Another chum of ‘Air Miles Andy’ is the billionaire despot leader of Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev. This authoritarian dictator is known for a regime that presides over elections that are not free and fair, where political power is concentrated in the hands of his family, where corruption is rampant and human rights violations are beyond severe. The Aliyev’s have over £400 million of property in the United Kingdom alone and the Duke of York has most definitely been beyond helpful to them.
With friends like these… The Duke of York and his then wife even spent time holidaying at the expense of the currently incarcerated awaiting trial alleged paedophile Peter Nygård – an evil cretin whose own son has disowned him and changed his name.
With friends like these… The Duke and Duchess of York have also associated with the convicted paedophile Stuart Hall. One is left enquiring: “Is there any paedo pest they’d actually turn away?”
With friends like these… Sarah, Duchess of York, equally, has a lot to fear from Ghislaine Maxwell. She happily took wonga from Ponzi schemer Jeffrey Epstein in loans and gifts and has never declared whether or not she ever repaid such prior to the paedophile’s death in 2019. Shame on her.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Ghislaines ten million dollar appeal is partially based on her losing in court because she was malnourished…she weighed almost 140 lbs..and looked rearing to go during her trial.
    God only knows what this attorney will come up with to provoke the courts. She is feeling empowered, apparently, oh no she is going to be a nightmare . All these desperados with fortunes are entertaining I must say.
    We have a real crop of crazy rich people afoot.

    • Someone needs to remind MS Maxwell that U S prisons are not swanky restaurants. You aren’t given a menu to order anything you want. Frankly we don’t give a damn if you’ve lost weight. You deserve everything you’re getting for what you did to those innocent young girls.

  2. Andrew’s lack of character, repeated lying and shameless greed can be traced back to the woman who raised him. Guardian- “Queen asked for poverty grant to heat palace.” Shameless greed. She wasn’t qualified for a heating grant intended for the poor.She repeatedly lied and denied any sexual impropriety.
    Buckingham Palace, 9 days after Epstein’s suicide. “The suggestion he(Andrew) would condone, participate in or encourage such behavior is abhorrent.” A blatant lie! She paid 12 million to silence his victim, maintained his tax funded security and issued statements on his innocence. No concern for his victims. Her eldest son’s close relationship to pedophiles Saville and Peter Ball is well documented. Elizabeth raised both these men, a dyfunctional mess of a family. Keep curtsying. Tampon King. #Not my King!

  3. Andrew’s present situation should be a cautionary tale on the dangers of living on benefits, financially dependant on “mummy “and now his older brother. He’s over 60 and looking for a home. Perhaps his equally lazy and workshy nephew might give him one of the many castles he inherited. (Only 126 engagements in 365 days for William.) Watching tennis at Wimbledon and the Bafta awards are counted for “work.” Right now we have long lines at food banks, NHS workers fighting for a living wage, teachers with 2 jobs. How is this right???

  4. Real crop of crazy rich people. 👍💯. Welp,I can’t stop.watching @SouthPark. They definitely hit the nail on the head with Mr & Mrs Frosty Todger. People are wanting SP creators to create merch with “World Wide Privacy Tour”. That would fly off the shelves.. I saw some really cool looking moon bumps online &, they’re very similar to some I’ve seen recently.😂😅!! Also,you all are extremely blessed to.have Prince William & Princess Catherine. We Americans just adore Princess Catherine’s quiet resolve. She was born to be a Queen unlike the female Cuckoo in monteshitshow. I hear she is mad enough to poop bricks. I hope they sue SP as it will go nowhere fast &, make them look more greedy. Tom cruise,Barbara Streisand & a few more tried to sue & lost. Come on Frosty Todgers,please sue SP as we need the humor. It will/ would be even more fun watching all the melt downs. Woo boo


  5. The RF has a long history of producing idle, indolent, lazy and work shy parasites. Daily Express- March 23, 2020, ” Prince William’s shocking nickname for Kate Middleton exposed.” The nickname was “Dutchess-of-Do-Little.” 😆 😆.The Queen’s courtiers nicknamed her “Lazy Katie.”😆 Google the name and her pic with articles pops up. In a ranking of the top 10 highest royal engagements, she ranked #9 with only 90 engagements. A typical engagement lasts about an hour. Behind the scenes work is done by tax paid assistants. Her complete lack of any work ethic is rarely reported on by the fawning sycophants in the media. #Abolish the Leeches!

  6. Andrew has a long lease on the house, and ten million in the bank from the sake of his Swiss Chalet. He also has a free flat in St James’s Palace in London.

  7. It isn’t right…that’s not the correct word for it.
    Nothing about money is right. It is wasted and hoarded and used like a weapon. It more often than not makes people worse….but it didn’t the Queen or Philip , how refreshing they were standing next to pampered corporate executives and work-a-day celebrities.

    • We!p Jane, I believe the Hank & Skank fans are having actual meltdowns since South Park. Can’t wait for the lawsuit as that’s what they live off of. Actually they live off lies & bashing their families. We know ole skank carrot boobs is a bottom feeder. Just so ya know they’ve lost many more fans lately. I’ve spoken to many of my fellow Americans lately & they said, they’re ashamed ole skank is American & also, her best accomplishment is driving Americans to actual love the Royal family. Yeppers, thanks Carrot boobs. Americans don’t take kindly to you telling lies about your families. Don’t think Mr Gordon Getty’s family will allow you to shake him down.


  8. Jane,
    Many people complain about celebrities like the Kardashians. Yes, they’re pampered but they actually work, producing successful tv shows, podcasts and a cosmetic line. The royals are quite pampered: servants, courtiers, nannies, private planes, trains, large estates, over 100 million in taxes last year. Charles is about to spend millions to place a crown on his head at a time when UNICEF and food banks are feeding British children. Pampering and waste at its peak. The current economic state of the UK is something all proud Brits should be ashamed of. Don’t forget to curtsy at the coronation, go deep on the knee bending!

  9. Today’s Daily Express- ” Rationing of fruits and vegetables to continue for weeks.” Are we at war? KM showed up at a food bank empty handed with a photographer for a photo-op and said, “she’s just learning.”😆 😆.

  10. SM is trending and so is the actual court document finding her guilty of vicious child abuse. Dailymail -May 17,2018. “Exclusive: We can find no evidences of Meghan’s sister’s car crash with paparazzi.” “Zero evidences of her claims.” Further, “she’s bitterly estranged from her own daughter and a court has PROVEN that she was a child abuser.” SM- “Truth wins.”😆 😆. She’s definitely a credible source! No doubt about it. 😆

  11. Woo hoo. Just had to add this last thing. Catherine, Princess of Wales is still by far the most loved member of the Brf in America. Now the female skank & D list actress isn’t going to like this. We Americans love Princess Catherine’s quiet resolve & great beauty. She was born to be a Queen. Love,love,love her!!


  12. THE KARDASHIANS work???? That coven of over sexed under brained Los Angeles trash are always in their underwear no matter what they put on. What is the matter with the world. People can’t process outside the gutter anymore.

  13. Hi Jane, the Kardashian’s dad Robert Sr was one of many attorneys representing OJ Simpson. The main reason the kids became famous was a sex tape Kim did with another woman’s boyfriend. She said it was suppose to be kept private but,it quickly became public & everyone says the one who.made it public. They have no real talent so,they go after rich basketball players,singers,etc. Kinda like the uppity version of the Beverly Hillbillies..tee hee

  14. Just wanted to add this. My daughter said like many in Hollyweird others do.the actual work & the Kartrashians get all.the credit & $$$.

  15. Yes. they have assistants and drivers and coaches and servants and they pay for private ” fire fighters” so that their hulking house of luxury will be the only one standing after a wild fire in SoCal. They spend most of their time beautifying at a cost of thousands….google posts that Kim got a new hairdo ..what rubbish.


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