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With Friends Like These… Prince Andrew Reacts To Ghislaine Maxwell Interviews

As prized pillock Prince Andrew reacts to mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s interviews, we suggest that he’s a case of “with friends like these, who needs enemies”

Non-sweating, Pizza Express loving prized pillock Prince Andrew isn’t very good at choosing mates. He’s got “I’d take a bullet for Putin” coffin dodger Bernie Ecclestone – a deranged dwarf-like dweeb currently on trial for fraud – and aside from a fair few despots, he happily used to hang around with the croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – even after his 2008 conviction.


Now, after another of his previously close mates, the convicted sex trafficking nonce and daughter of a pension pot plunderer Ghislaine Maxwell, gave a pair of “jaw-dropping” interviews to a PR peddler for Hillary Clinton named Daphne Barak, unnamed “close friends” of the royal have declared: “[He] needs Ghislaine’s support like a hole in the head.”


Whilst Maxwell claimed to “care for… dear friend [the Duke of York],” the chirpy, chatty “friend” of the late Queen’s second son responded describing the criminal’s remarks as “[having] not been very helpful.” Clearly, said individual is someone who likes understatements when it comes to observing public relations disaster areas.


“With friends like these, who needs enemies” comes to mind in the wake of Maxwell’s interviews with Barak for The Sun on Sunday and The Mail on Sunday. Here is a woman who has used her latest PR peddler to send out a message and it is a message that is clear.


The deviant daughter of a man most definitely a spy wants to tell the world something and that something is this: Ponzi schemer Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover is alerting the royal and the likes of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump that she expects them to help her out of her hell hole. It is a hell hole where she actually deserves to rot for the rest of her genuinely rotten existence.


Pictured top – The Duke of York and his live-in ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York snapped in a Range Rover yesterday looking, as the ‘MailOnline’ was quick to point out, “ashen faced” and “incredibly serious.”


Trump Epstein York Maxwell
With friends like these… The guffawing goon that is the Duke of York was happy to take the “benefits” of his friendship with someone who bunged him cash and girls, Jeffrey Epstein, when it suited him. He was happy to take the “benefits” of his friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell, someone he allegedly even had a relationship with, when it suited him. He must now face the music and possibly also prepare to be dragged before the authorities if he ever dares to darken the doors of the United States of America ever again. Shame on him.
Bernie Ecclestone
With friends like these… In February 2020, ‘The Steeple Times’ reported on croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s chum (and his wife Sarah, Duchess of York’s financial sponsor) Prince Andrew having Bernie Ecclestone over to Royal Lodge, Windsor to celebrate his birthday. Whether this man “with qualities that would make Leona Helmsley look generous” brought Sloppy Giuseppes from Pizza Express (Woking branch) for the bash remains still unknown.
President Ilham Aliyev
With friends like these… Another chum of ‘Air Miles Andy’ is the billionaire despot leader of Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev. This authoritarian dictator is known for a regime that presides over elections that are not free and fair, where political power is concentrated in the hands of his family, where corruption is rampant and human rights violations are beyond severe. The Aliyev’s have over £400 million of property in the United Kingdom alone and the Duke of York has most definitely been beyond helpful to them.
With friends like these… Sarah, Duchess of York, equally, has a lot to fear from Ghislaine Maxwell. She happily took wonga from Ponzi schemer Jeffrey Epstein in loans and gifts and has never declared whether or not she ever repaid such prior to the paedophile’s death in 2019. Shame on her.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I have been fuming over the canned crap Ghislaine is still throwing at us from her filthy world. I wish the FBI would make a formal statement on their testing of that photo.. I’m sure the world that prosecuted her is tired of being sickened by their forced association with her. It would be great fun if Andrew would restate his non close bond with her. Clinton must be beet red and even closer to death after her most recent flirtation and claim of “special long standing friendship”. Her evil looney brain will slip further as twenty years in the company of her hand picked prison buddies envelopes her. Robert Maxwell bred a rats nest . People should cross the street if they see them coming.

  2. Once she’s had a year or two inside stewing and she see’s there is no, get out of jail card coming, I think she will definitely cut a deal with the feds. I don’t think she will be able to handle the thought of 20 years without parole.
    She would have to be moved into segregation though incase she has an accident slipping in the shower or something.

  3. Apparently Andrew has been paid by his Mother to live “graciously”, what a sadly deflating concept that is.
    Nothing like making lovely things gross. I wish she hadn’t believed him.Im comforted by the fact that he is on the wrong side of the British people ….a formidable location . Heehee.

  4. Lady Hervey also said that Prince Andrew photo is definitely a fake. And now Ghislaine believes this too. Many of the screaming mob including story telling ( billion dollar memoir for $$) Guifree was adamant that Ghislaine would give up Andrew & others for a plea deal (and unwittingly help numerous Virginias allegations). They were all wrong. Ghislaine gave up nothing or no-one. And she has the secrets or knowledge. The photo is probably fake as now Lady Hervey Prince Andrew and Ghislaine believe. Thats 3 people and that speaks volumes.

  5. I find it astounding that many demanded that Ghislaine give up big names including the Prince Andrew. She will sing like a canary many people ( the mob) predicted including many so called legal experts and journalists. Now she hasn’t entirely spoken or snitched on no one but confirmed photo is fake- the complete opposite to what was predicted . Those people woke mob complaining cannot have it both ways with her. Ghislaine is no snitch or alternatively and as Alan Dershowitz also stated Virginia is a monstrous perjurer liar and Maxwell was and is treated unjustly on so many fronts including Andrew by his association with Epstein is 100 % objectively fact.

  6. Ghislaine speaks as the mass mob and many people demanded but as she didnt reveal or speak the way they demanded by revealing and confirming elite names – they complain and denigrate. Speak she did but revealed in reverse by confirming among other things that the PA photo is fake. Lady Sarah Hervey concurs as do many others too.

  7. Hmm..Jennifer Jenkins …aka anonymous ..aka unknown…aka some dim wit still hoping someone somewhere cares anything about what Dersho-gollum thinks about anything anywhere. It’s such a blessed feeling to know G. hasn’t thrown her playmates to law enforcement and is holding to her heart all the ugly men she gazed at and giggled with. ..she is determined to be very important to someone …anyone will do. Lady Boney Cleavage is about as quotable as the Queen’s Corgis’ on the subject of that photo. The motivations for defending Ghislaine must be rooted in complex self loathing ..or nostalgia for their own brief celebrity ..Yipes!!

  8. Dershowitz has a brilliant legal mind and that cant possibly compare to the great anonymous judgemental many do you dim witted anonymous Jane…

    Virgina will lose to Dershowitz too – we have proven and seen her lies unlike dim witted ghost writer lol

    • Whoa there buddy!. Once you start with the name calling, you’ve lost the debate ie argument. You have yourself a good day now.😄

  9. The only attention seeker that you follow are dim wit proven demonstrable perjuring liars like Virginia….. and the one of many of mob throwing her comments into as well for 10 mins of fame is two bob worth poverty stricken money grub Kristina Oxenberg spewing her rubbish for attention over again. Her own mother and sister has called a fabulist liar story teller.

  10. Suffice it to say…folks have chosen sides on the concept of justice filtering up to the ultra wealthy …capitalism is a religion and it carries it’s exalted ones up high ….where they get the best air…Ghislaine hasn’t enjoyed the atmosphere in American jails…she wants us all to know that they are worse than she by far …..way more criminal…and staffed not to her liking….without Virginia’s photo and uncivilized American jails she would have no life….she’s a fascinating person to watch….and hear .😟


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