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Down The Rancid Rabbit Hole – Ghislaine Maxwell Saga Widens

A year on from her conviction, the rabbit hole that is the story of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein and their victims widens with new lawsuits on the horizon and new troubles for Prince Andrew also

As someone named Niki Watkins once crooned: “If you think it’s all over, then the joke is on you” and a year on from her conviction, the saga of Ghislaine Maxwell and her wicked associates continues to deliver up new twists and turns that prove that this is a saga that is far from over.


In a 30-minute podcast, released on New Year’s Eve by Law & Crime, attorneys Sigrid McCawley and Kenya Davis reflected on “recent developments” and claimed that “a new Empire State law could change the course of the investigation in 2023.”


Of this, Law & Crime’s Adam Klasfeld reported:


“Known as the Adult Survivors Act, the statute temporarily suspends the statute of limitations on historic sexual abuse claims. The statute is similar to and broadens the reach of another New York law called the Child Victims Act, which focused on the sexual abuse of minors specifically.”


Addressing the matter that sends the Twitterati into a tizzy on a daily basis as to no other accused co-conspirator of Maxwell having been charged, McCawley – who has represented a number of Epstein’s victims including Annie Farmer – declared: “I think the lesson and legacy of the Ghislaine Maxwell case is that nobody is above the law in the United States.”


Going further, Davis added: “I think you will see a ramp-up pretty, pretty quickly, especially after the start of the year” with “more docket activity soon.”


With the U.S. Virgin Islands also having sued JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank over their alleged enabling of the croaked paedophile Epstein – with dates now set for the 7th August and 5th September respectively – and Maxwell facing a 23rd January deadline herself to cough up some names if she wants to even get close to the prospect of her sentence being reduced, now is a time when things will start to heat up in this most curious of cases.


Whilst Donald Trump “wished her well, whatever that may mean” in times past of his old mucker Maxwell, he may well now be hoping she does something completely different. The 45th POTUS and Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew and others will most definitely prefer ‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter continues down the path of solemn silence.


Elsewhere on 30th December, the New York Post reported that Virginia Roberts Giuffre has now claimed that a defamation suit filed against her by Rina Oh, a lover of the dead paedophile Epstein during the early 2000s, is “a sham.” Ms Oh, whom admitted she had “brought at least three women to Epstein” in 2020, had filed a £8.4 million ($10 million, €9.5 million or درهم36.7 million) suit last January after Giuffre publicly named her as “one of Epstein’s recruiters” on Twitter.


At the time, this now 39-year-old lady who also received a sum estimated as high as £10.1 million ($12 million, €11.3 million or درهم44.1 million) from Prince Andrew in spite of him claiming he’d never met her, claimed Oh’s interview had “retraumatised” her. Oh had revealed she had taken the “then-teenage Giuffre to buy a school girl outfit to please the rich financier – justifying the outing by saying ‘17 to me is not a child’” and also stands accused of “cutting and slashing her as part of the sadomasochist abuse for Epstein’s pleasure.”


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


Virginia Roberts Giuffre Rina Oh Jeffrey Epstein Jacques Pepin
Rina Oh now lauds herself as “producing art therapy with children” and an “longtime advocate of healthy eating for children” but also has been accused of doing far worse things to youngsters by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Ms Oh is quite proud of her work with children, chefs and restaurateurs like Jacques Pépin (pictured far right) and Dave Arnold and even has a blog named ‘Dining With Out-Laws.’ She is far quieter about her time as the supposed girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein.
Prince Andrew Virginia Roberts Giuffre Ghislaine Maxwell Kinnerton Street
Rina Oh – according to the podcast ‘The Recruiters: Broken: Seeking Justice’ – has suggested the 10th March 2001 photograph of Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London to be a “composite” and not genuine. Ms Oh has produced paintings herself of Jeffrey Epstein as Bacchus, Ghislaine Maxwell “nude in The Garden of Sin (like Eve)” and also sketched images of the pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell also; her husband, Vincent Amen, was a “a former Michael Jackson employee who was named as one of five alleged unindicted co-conspirators in the late star’s unsuccessful 2005 molestation trial. Mr Amen denied the allegations.” Michael Thomas, a New Zealand photographer, who photographed the original 10th March 2001 image in 2011 responded: “As I have said before, it was just an ordinary photo you would have got from a chemist in the days of negatives. Surely, if it was fake, every media outlet in the world would be getting sued for using it. The fact that isn’t happening, to me says everything… It wasn’t like [Roberts Giuffre] pulled the photo of Prince Andrew out, it was just in among the rest of them. They were just typical teenage snaps. There’s no way that photo is fake.”
Peter Mandelson Prince Andrew
For Prince Andrew (pictured here with mutual Epstein and Maxwell chum Peter Mandelson), aside from being turfed out of Buckingham Palace by his elder brother as the year begins, life could take a turn for the worse on another front. The gagging order agreed to when the late Queen’s second son agreed to pay a sum estimated between £3 million and £10 million to Virginia Roberts Giuffre comes to an end in February. After that time, Ms Giuffre will be free to write about the matter and give interviews; her commentary could prove yet another bombshell given what she’s previously said of ‘Randy Andy’ and others.
Peter Mandelson Jeffrey Epstein Valdson Viera Cotrin
Lord Mandelson ‘living-it-up’ with Jeffrey Epstein in the presence of the latter’s butler, Valdson Viera Cotrin, at the £10 million Parisian paedo pad owned by the Ponzi scheming sex fiend circa 20th January 2007. That the Labour peer – whose name 10 numbers attributed features in the Epstein-Maxwell ‘black book’ – was willing to celebrate the financier’s birthday with him is shocking – especially given it was widely by then known that Epstein had been charged with sex crimes in August 2006. The key ‘classic question’ Lord Mandelson now needs to answer is a paraphrasing of that put to decidedly dippy Debbie McGee by the late Caroline Ahern (in her role as the bonkers but brilliant ‘Mrs Merton’) in 1997: “What, first, Peter, was it that attracted you to the multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein?”
Jeffrey Epstein Harvey Weinstein Ghislaine Maxwell
Meanwhile now, though Maxwell will go down in history alongside her wicked sex offenders including Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, outrage remains that not a single one of those she sex trafficked her victims to has been brought to justice.
Kevin Spacey Ghislaine Maxwell
Shockingly, in spite of being due to appear in court in the UK this month on sexual assault charges, Kevin Spacey (pictured partying in Buckingham Palace with Ghislaine Maxwell), is to play President Franjo Tudjman in a 90-minute film titled ‘Once Upon A Time in Croatia.’ Director Jakov Sedlar justified giving Spacey the role and claimed “[he] is absolutely innocent” in comments to ‘The Times’ yesterday.
Ghislaine Maxwell Scott Borgerson
Facing troubles on other fronts… Notorious for fakery as well as for being a convicted sex offender and noxious nonce, Ghislaine Maxwell (AKA ‘Mrs Scott Borgerson’ as well ‘Jen Marshall’ and ‘Janet Marshall’; now known just as prisoner 02879-509) faces troubles on the home front. Whilst it is known that Mr Borgerson ended his relationship with Maxwell prior to her December 2021 trial by telephone, it is not known if they have yet divorced. Miss Maxwell transferred some £15 million to her husband since circa 2015 or 2016 and currently the sum owed to lawyers is an estimated £3 million plus. The prospects for the mucky madam now being able to afford to appeal her sentence thus looks more and more unlikely.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Another great article. Rich people get away with way too much. Never thought much could shock me @ almost 73 years old but, people are strange. Wish they would all be held accountable but they won’t in this lifetime.. Recently read & currently researching about Schiff for brains CA Rep Adam Schiff & the Standard hotel.. Usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire & is there ever smoke there. Keep.holding them ALL accountable, Dem,Rep,rightwing,leftwing,etc. I don’t care WHO they are. I found this website because of Wally\Sadie but I’m addicted. You’re very fair in your reporting. Thank you!.


  2. Is there anything left of Ghislaines’ life & times to salvage by way of an expensive appeal . I guess her arrogance has more important work to do. So far it seems like a princess and the pea defense is formulating. She was starved and abused a dungeon in New York. This torture destroyed her chances for convincing a horrified jury that she was really someone altogether different from the perverse sex machine we were forcing her to be.
    Her young groom must have returned that mysterious wad of bills.
    The ones Epstein slipped into her hand on his way to get his seventh daily massage.
    It’s nice having her tucked away …playing board games and impressing inmates.


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