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Ghislaine’s Grotty Grub – Christmas 2022 For Ghislaine Maxwell v Christmas 2022 for Scott Borgerson

As noxious nonce Ghislaine Maxwell rots in jail living on grotty grub and unable to afford an appeal, her husband Scott Borgerson is spotted living it up with his sexually saucy sidekick courtesy of the £15 million the mucky madam transferred to him

Whilst submarine pilot Scott Borgerson lives it up at his £6.5 million Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts mansion that nobody seemingly wants to buy with his sexually saucy “yoga enthusiast” with an “ass that could crack open a walnut” lover Kris McGinn tomorrow, his estranged (possibly, possibly not) ex-wife Ghislaine Maxwell will spend Christmas Day – which also happens to be her birthday – rotting in the clink.


Fresh from her Tofurky® ‘feast’ for Thanksgiving in November, the noxious nonce will be fed “plenty of greens” on 25th December if you believe RadarOnline. As she turns 61, the “juicy info” news title mockingly mused:


“She will be forced to skip the Cornish hen and all the yummy side dishes like garlic macaroni and cheese. Instead, the birthday girl’s prison tray will be full of vegetables like stuffed green peppers without meat, brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, and fruit.”


“Maxwell’s vegan lifestyle will also restrict her from the yummy dinner rolls with butter. She’ll most likely go without a birthday dessert, too, as FCI Tallahassee only lists one sweet on the menu: red velvet cheesecake.”


“And while that dessert sounds delicious, we highly doubt anyone at the prison will make it vegan friendly for the convict, who’s turning another year older.”


Meanwhile elsewhere today in the Daily Record, it was revealed that the convicted sex offender’s estranged husband or soon to be ex-husband (if not already ex-husband) has been spotted living it-up courtesy of the £15 million trust fund transferred to him by his “secret wife” since 2015 in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.


Mr Borgerson, a 47-year-old somewhat significantly younger than his until tomorrow still 60-year-old wife, was spotted with another cougar, his new 50-year-old journalist ‘kissing partner,’ Scott McGinn, and a person whose identity was concealed by pixelation on Friday.


Presently ‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter faces a deadline of 23rd January to lodge an appeal, but given she owes one law firm alone, Haddon, Morgan and Foreman, at least £700,000 and others sums estimated as high as £2.3 million, it’s certainly not looking like a very merry Christmas will actually be the priority on the mind of Ghislaine Maxwell.


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Pictured Top – In times past, the grubby groper got to spend holidays hanging out with her fellow and since croaked grubby groper Jeffrey Epstein; in times present, she might remember happier times with her either ex or soon to be ex-husband Scott Borgerson.


Scott Borgerson Kris McGinn Christmas 2022
Scott Borgerson and “new flame” Kris McGinn got papped in Manchester-by-the-Sea out Christmas shopping on a “wintry day” by a photographer employed by the “Daily Record.’ They remarked on how he ended his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell with a “phone call while she was in a New York jail awaiting trial” and claimed “he has moved on.”
Tofurky® was on the menu for Ghislaine Maxwell for Thanksgiving, but if ‘RadarOnline’ is to be believed she’ll just be getting sprouts on her birthday tomorrow.
Commissary List 1
Given her liking for such, perhaps someone could be as kind as to buy Ghislaine a pair of tweezers off the FCI Tallahassee commissary list this Christmas. The price is just $0.60.
Commissary List 2
Someone especially generous could gift the grubby groper a $61.50 self-powered radio. She might even get lucky and listen in to King Charles’s Christmas Day missive.

Ghislaine Maxwell will be spending Christmas Day here…


Prisoner Register Number 02879-509, as she is more suitably now known, will be rotting at the Federal Correctional Institution Tallahassee, 501 Circle, North East Tallahassee, Florida, FL 32301, United States of America – ‘residing’ at the pleasure of the USA


It’ll not be the happiest ever of birthdays for the woman both Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew have supposedly had a “go” with on 25th December 2022. After being convicted on 29th December 2021, she was subsequently sent to low security FCI Tallahassee in Florida.


It must not be forgotten that Miss Maxwell now must decide whether she’ll trade the names of any of the powerful men she sex trafficked to and that she also faces a second trial for perjury. A date for that remains to be set, but the chances of the possibility of her appealing her first sentence continues to narrow given she, Mr Borgerson and her brother Kevin owe an estimated £3 million ($3.6 million, €3.4 million or درهم13.3 million) to lawyers.


Scott Borgerson will be spending Christmas Day here…


Scott Borgerson and Kris McGinn will be living-it-large at The Phippen-Smith House (AKA ‘Tidewood’), 301 Summer Street, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Cape Ann, Essex County, Massachusetts, MA 01944, United States of America – currently for sale for £6.52 million ($6.95 million, €7.28 million or درهم25.52 million).


By contrast, the mucky madam’s possibly still husband (possibly not) Scott Borgerson will remain at a house that the pair bought back in June 2018 for £1.8 million ($2.2 million, €2 million or درهم8 million).


This morning, the Daily Record featured shots of Mr Borgerson – who controls a £15 million ($18.1 million, €17 million or درهم66.4 million) trust his wife since 2015 transferred into his name – “enjoying Christmas shopping in Massachusetts alongside his new love, Kris McGinn” whilst his ex “spends her third miserable Christmas in jail.”


Of this, they commented: “[Our] image of her husband with his new girlfriend will be a bitter reminder of the life she once had. As he rebuilds his life without his sex trafficker wife, Scott Borgerson, 47, is dating Kris McGinn, a 50-year-old journalist from Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, where he still lives in the £5.8million seafront mansion he once shared with Maxwell.”


A local added of the new couple:


“Those two are like chalk and cheese in terms of their visibility in the town. Whereas we see Kris daily pottering around, Scott is like a ghost. He is seldom seen and only ventures out on rare occasions.”


“What is good though is that Rebecca [Borgerson’s first wife and with whom he has two children] has been fantastic. She is accepting of Kris and has seen her several times. It must be a relief that the new woman in his life is so wholesome given Maxwell’s convictions.”


“What has transpired though, has been a nightmare that has turned Scott’s life completely upside down. But as he continues to fight the legacy left by Ghislaine, Kris has helped put a smile back on his face.”


Party shower
One of the 5.3 bathrooms at 301 Summer Street features a shower the size of a studio flat. It is quite the contrast to the bathroom at Miss Maxwell’s former Kinnerton Street home where Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims she was forced into sexual relations with the Duke of York in 2001 – a room which we were able to prove she talked nonsense about when she claimed the bathtub “too small for any activity whatsoever” when we exclusively published photographs of it in January this year. Of this bathroom, in July 2019, a “pal” and neighbour told ‘The Sun on Sunday’: “The house did have one unusual feature – a huge shower. It had Wi-Fi so they could control it from their phones, a steam unit, the whole nine yards. It was like a party shower. You can imagine what they got up to in there.” It has not been confirmed as to whether Prince Andrew ever got to try this particularly opulent shower area out.
301 Summer Street Manchester-by-the-Sea
301 Summer Street was for a time where Maxwell was able to live in peace with a “secret husband” since 2015 (or 2016 depending on whom you believe) that her own siblings even didn’t know of until her arrest in July 2020 at the rather appropriately named ‘Tuckedaway.’
In times past, on ‘Paedo Island’ the mucky madam Maxwell used to enjoy dinners looking out to sea with fellow sex traffickers like Jean-Luc Brunel. He’s now been ‘suicided’ whilst she’s reduced to prison tray suppers.
Running is no doubt a relief from the monotony of jail for the one-time close associate of Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey and the Duke of York. After two years confined indoors in the Metropolitan Detention in Brooklyn, New York, the ocean obsessed vegan must love being outdoors in the Florida sunshine.

Names in the firing line most obvious from Ghislaine’s filthy ‘Little Black Book’ (if she decides to seek to minimise her sentence)

Ghislaine Maxwell has until June 2023 to cooperate and thus “name names” if she wishes to see her sentence reduced.


Those Scott Borgerson’s estranged wife has been known to associate with – none of whom The Steeple Times is suggesting at this time as having been involved in any of her crimes, but whom she might seek revenge against for not offering her what she might consider enough public or even private support – include:


  • Alexander Acosta
  • Woody Allen
  • Ehud Barak
  • Tom Barrack
  • Scott Borgerson
  • Jean-Luc Brunel (deceased)
  • Naomi Campbell
  • President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Glenn Dubin and his wife Eva
  • Bernie Ecclestone
  • Bill Gates
  • Geordie Greig
  • Countess of Iveagh (AKA Clare Guinness, Clare Hazell)
  • Lord Mandelson
  • Marvin Minsky
  • George J. Mitchell
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Elon Musk
  • Peter Nygård
  • Bill Richardson III
  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Jes Staley
  • Ken Starr
  • President Donald Trump and his potentially trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein wife Melania
  • Ivana Trump (deceased)
  • Chris Tucker
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Leslie Wexner
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his live-in ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


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