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Ghislaine Maxwell WILL get a fair trial (if it actually happens)

Author Kat Rosenfield’s article suggesting Ghislaine Maxwell won’t get a fair trial and is being unfairly treated is both contemptible and laughable at the same time

Yesterday, author and Feminine Chaos podcast co-host Kat Rosenfield penned a contemptible yet laughable article for titled: “Will Ghislaine Maxwell get a fair trial? She should not be punished for Epstein’s crimes.”


Featured in the online magazine UnHerd – a title which tellingly also gives space to the especially acerbic harpy Tanya Gold, a woman best known for bigging-up Jimmy Savile and wrongly suggesting the Duchess of Sussex to be someone who “dares not only to inhabit the role of duchess but also to make it her own” – Rosenfield argued that “Maxwell’s guilt is treated as a foregone conclusion” and that the public show “glee at seeing her suffer” as “she’s too good a villain.”


Ghislaine Maxwell with father Robert Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell pictured at a football match with her pension fund robbing alleged murderer and spy father Robert. He once said of her: “I have a beautiful daughter and she’s just like me.” The word “beautiful” ought to have been changed to “deviant.”
Tanya Gold on Meghan Markle
In 2019, tedious twerp and ‘Unherd’ contributor Tanya Gold got the Duchess of Sussex completely wrong when she wrote in the ‘New York Times’: “Why does Meghan have the press in such paroxysms? Well, she is an interloper: divorced, American, biracial and, apparently, progressive. And she dares not only to inhabit the role of duchess but also to make it her own. Still, her critics – energized by their racism, misogyny and snobbery – can relax. She is not a revolutionary socialist, nor a convincing human rights activist who destroy everything they love. She will not bring down the royal family. In 2019, she is precisely what it needs.” Oxford educated (but Oxford hating), former alcoholic Tanya clearly ought to stick to other topics – she’s best known, after all, for also bigging-up the late paedophile Jimmy Savile as a “national treasure” and “enabling Savilisation.”

Going further, in a frankly ridiculous article – which was rightly subsequently condemned as being based on the weak premise that it simply goes only by the premise “she’s innocent because she’s a woman,” by one commentator, Francis MacGabhann – Ronsenfeld rambled:


“It’s worth remembering, here, that the feminist narrative of under-appreciated heroines has a misogynist cousin. The female villain who wields power in the form of manipulation is an ancient fictional archetype; from Eve and the apple on up, it serves to tell us that it’s women’s ambition which forms the true roots of men’s evil deeds. In Snow White, it’s the power-hungry and jealous queen who orders a huntsman to cut out the heart of her stepdaughter. In Shakespeare, it’s Lady Macbeth who gets stuck with indelible bloodstains on her hands.”


“These narratives serve men. The more we dwell on the idea of a conniving female pulling the strings, the less responsibility we assign to the man pulling the trigger – or in Epstein’s case, committing the assaults. In fact, the more we hear about Ghislaine Maxwell, the less agency Epstein seems to have. He was just a big, dumb animal; she was the one bringing him fresh meat, the brains of the organisation.”


“Taken to its natural conclusion, this type of rhetoric leads us to a place where men can’t be held accountable for their choices at all, if there’s a woman somewhere in the vicinity who could be seen as a behind-the-scenes manipulator. It’s how we decide that Prince Harry is just a hapless lump acting at the Machiavellian whims of his wife; it’s how we turn our attention away from men who commit violence in favour of pointing fingers at the mothers who raised them. At what point does giving due credit to women become just another way of excusing men?”


“There is an aggressive fervour surrounding Maxwell’s impending trial, and a thirst to see her punished in every possible way before that it even begins. Images from pretrial hearings show her shackled, her hair lank, her face bruised. In a recent dispatch from Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, she described being kept in solitary confinement in a rat-infested cell, assaulted by guards, and given food crawling with maggots – all of which were promptly celebrated by her detractors as no less than she deserves.”


“The fact that Maxwell’s guilt hasn’t yet been determined by a court of law is irrelevant to the public glee at seeing her suffer. She’s too good a villain. And unlike Epstein, she’s still here.”


Rightly, most of the 78 responses thus far to Rosenfield’s delusional diatribe against a wicked wastrel woman who the sensible majority believe to have been a controller rather than simply an associate condemned the piece.


Of it, George Wells rationally responded: “This is very close to defending GM because she is a woman. Irrelevant. What matters now is facts – what happened, who else was involved and how did the coverups work… What matters is not identity politics – but stopping crime and punishing criminals, and supporting, to the extent possible, the victims.”


Another, Francisco Menezes, mockingly added: “What a pity Ghislaine is not a black lesbian. Then we could also claim racism and homophobia. What a delusional piece of nonsense this article is” whilst another, Dennis Boylon, sensibly concluded:


“She was a participant in a pedophile ring and went into hiding to escape justice. She is not innocent. Martha Stewart was an example of an innocent person being persecuted by the mob. There is an enormous amount of evidence against Maxwell if the lazy author of this piece cares to look at it.”


Elsewhere yesterday, Daniel Bates for reported Maxwell “appeared healthier and more relaxed than she had in months as she attended a pretrial hearing in which the judge spoke about how she will proceed with jury selection.”


Bates added that her “newfound confidence was apparent at the end of the hour-long hearing” and concluded – of the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ dangerously deviant daughter, who’d only a day earlier bleated: “I am weak, I am frail. I have no stamina. I am tired. I don’t even have shoes which fit properly” – “appeared much more glamorous.”


Clearly, Gislaine Maxwell is upping the game in her sham act. Buckle up and hunker down – we haven’t even got to the first interval in this tawdry tale.


Pictured top: Ghislaine Maxwell with President Donald Trump – a man who has cryptically “wished” his one-time friend “well,” but whom surprisingly didn’t get around to pardoning her before leaving office.


Kat Rosenfield Ghislaine Maxwelll fair trial comment Unherd 3
“Will Ghislaine Maxwell get a fair trial?” by Kat Rosenfield attracted many responses. The majority unsurprisingly disagreed with the author’s views.
Kat Rosenfield Ghislaine Maxwelll fair trial comment Unherd 2
Will Ghislaine Maxwell get a fair trial? – Of the feature, the amusingly monikered Franz Von Peppercorn responded: “There’s no real argument about Maxwell’s guilt or not here. Pointing out that there’s historically a ‘female villain who wields power in the form of manipulation is an ancient fictional archetype’ tells us nothing about Maxwell’s guilt or innocence in this particular case. She’s not accused, despite some newspaper headlines, of manipulating Epstein anyway, her defense is almost certainly the opposite – that she was manipulated or coerced. She’s accused of people trafficking. What’s missing in this feminist analysis is concern for the the women who were subject to the ‘enticement of minors and sex trafficking of underage girls, with several women alleging that Maxwell recruited them to work with Epstein in full knowledge that he would abuse and assault them.’ It’s a funny feminism that ignores them.”
Kat Rosenfield Ghislaine Maxwelll fair trial comment Unherd 1
Sensibly, Laura Cattell concluded: “She will get a fair trial, she’s in New York not ‘Hicksville’ – note the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. The only way this woman will not get a fair trial will be seen when somehow, under perceived threat, an ex President or twain or Billionaire manoerverer fixes the soppy system over there for her. A bit if you like as certainly was brought about by the then weapon of choice US Attorney Alexander Acosta for Epstein who simply received a near unrelated slap on the wrists for what every investigating enforcement officer on the case knew should have been a multi-centennial sentence. Unsurprisingly Trump followed by treating Acosta most kindly.


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