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Busy MeGain

Duchess of Sussex claims to be “too busy” to see the Queen at Christmas just as she’s advised to drop case against ‘Mail on Sunday’ after “forgetting” various email exchanges

This morning the Daily Star reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “too busy” to see the Queen this Christmas.


In an article by news reporter on podcasts Adam Goldsmith, the paper quoted royal author Stewart Pierce – whom stated: “Harry and Meghan won’t be able to [see the Queen at Sandringham] because of their own particular arrangements, because they’re very very busy with the next project – or the series of projects they’re involved in.”


Clearly selfish to their core at a time when his grandmother is clearly suffering as a result of several health scares, decidedly drippy Prince Harry’s decision is probably, in fact, actually motivated by the fact that his “embarrassed by THAT letter” wicked wastrel wife simply can’t face returning to the United Kingdom.


Elsewhere, yesterday, the iPaper ran an article by their arts and media correspondent Adam Sherwin. It was headlined: “Meghan Markle warned against taking Mail on Sunday privacy case to ‘high risk’ trial” and suggested legal experts have “warned that the Duchess of Sussex would be unwise to pursue her privacy case to a full trial which would require Meghan and other members of the royal family to face cross-examination.”


After last week being forced to apologise to the Court of Appeal “for forgetting email exchanges in which authorised her press aide, Jason Knauf, to brief the authors of ‘unauthorised’ biography Finding Freedom,” murky ‘MeGain’ is now looking less and less credible as a witness.


Speaking to the iPaper, “leading media lawyer” Mark Stevens remarked: “It’s high risk for her and she may be advised to seek an alternative outcome” whilst investigative journalist and “royal biographer” Tom Bower added: “If her case finally comes to trial in the High Court, Meghan will testify against her father and up to four former Palace officials. It would make sure the royal family is in her firing line.”


Concluding, the iPaper tellingly added:


“Royal sources told The Sunday Times that last week’s U-turn by the Duchess was just the ‘tip of the iceberg,’ with further claims that clash with her public statements likely to be aired.”


“A palace aide said: ‘Perhaps this gives them the understanding of why the royals don’t like to get into court cases. It’s not like this wasn’t going to happen.’”


Going further and released on YouTube on Sunday, Bower declared:


“The duchess has tasted her own medicine… Markle’s sparkle is fading fast. The crash of Meghan’s credibility has been dramatic. Her integrity hangs on a thin thread.”


“There will be many in Britain, not least amongst the royal family, who will smile with relief that the woman that hit them with accusations in the Oprah Winfrey interview is getting a taste of her own medicine.”


“Not least amongst her many accusations on Oprah was her claim that no one in Buckingham Palace was willing to protect me and that they forced her to be silent.”


“To me, much of the evidence now suggests palace officials worked overtime to protect and advise her. The saga of Meghan risks heading towards a downfall has some way to run, but this week saw the first cracks in the walls of secrecy she built over the past years to conceal her true nature.”


“Catastrophic harm would be inflicted on those she deeply resents [if she goes to trial] – Charles, William and Kate. The drama probably best described as ‘a tragedy’ started on her wedding day.”


“Stricken by a heart attack, her father Thomas could not fly from Mexico to walk her down the aisle. Thereafter, Meghan refused to speak to him again. Overnight, their lifelong bonds were broken. All his calls and texts were ignored, letters went unanswered.”


“Isolated in Mexico, the doting father became outraged by Meghan’s excommunication, so he gave a series of TV and newspaper interviews to demand Meghan talk to him and criticised the royal family for failing to support his daughter.”


“The royal family were aghast. According to Meghan, a senior member of the royal family berated Harry. ‘Can’t she just go and see him and make this stop?’”


“Harry, as Meghan wrote in a series of bombshell emails and texts that were released last Friday was ‘struggling because the royal family, they fundamentally don’t understand even after she and Harry tried endlessly explaining the situation to them.”


“As may become clear in the months ahead, the Sussexes explanations to Charles about Thomas Markle’s behaviour were likely to be inaccurate. A crisis was unfolding. In Meghan’s words: ‘Her relationship with the royal family was breaking down.’”


“Three months after the wedding, Meghan made an extraordinary decision. Instead of calling her father or flying to Los Angeles to meet him, she sent him a handwritten five-page letter.”


“In Thomas Markle’s opinion, the letter was hurtful and unloving. Meghan accused him of inventing his sickness, being paranoid, fabricating stories, attacking Harry and continually lying. She urged him to stop speaking to the media.”


“Although shocked by her allegedly false allegations and showing no concern for his health, Thomas Markle never actually showed the letter to anyone.”


“Everything changed when the sentiments of Meghan’s letter were quoted in February 2019 in an explosive article in America’s People magazine headlined: ‘The Truth About Meghan.’”


“Outraged, Thomas Markle claimed the article was not the truth and defamed him. He then allowed parts of Meghan’s letter to be republished by the Mail on Sunday.”


“Meghan went to war. She sued the newspaper for breaching her privacy and copyright.”


“The backwash of Meghan’s climbdown is just the beginning as to what would be an astonishing trial. She could still be saved if the Court of Appeal, despite how misleading the first trial judge, refuses to order a new trial. That decision would cause an uproar.”


“A well-established truism of British justice is that litigants must come to court with clean hands. Whatever happens now, Meghan’s reputation in Britain is in freefall, but last week in New York her sparkle was as high as ever.”


“Just as her self-damning confession was released, the former actress and Harry glided across the red carpet to ‘wow’ as international celebrities. Dressed in a stunning red gown, the scarlet lady smiled and told her many fans: ‘Nothing has changed. She’s still in business.’”


“In her mind, whatever happens in London is irrelevant to her glittering future.”


Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex Modern Day Mrs Simpson
Meghan Markle, after marrying into the royal family, has fast been exposed as a busybody and ‘Modern Day Mrs Simpson.’ Even her outfit for the Oprah Winfrey interview paid homage to the equally deviant Wallis, Duchess of Windsor.
Meghan Markle Duke of Sussex Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry
Marie Antoinette-like Meghan Markle is now a figure deservedly reviled internationally. She is the finest living example of someone who doesn’t understand the premise of “you can’t have your cake and eat it.”
Duke and Duchess of Sussex Tom Bower
Of this former actress, Tom Bower declared: ““The duchess has tasted her own medicine… Markle’s sparkle is fading fast. The crash of Meghan’s credibility has been dramatic. Her integrity hangs on a thin thread.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Surely when her friends discussed the sentiments of the letter to People magazine, it was the first time the letter was known about. Is that not also a breach of confidentiality?

  2. ……………. again I said however did The Royal Family let that in the cat-flap.

    It is understood that Edward VIII enjoyed an inclination to the Dominatrix side which, then harnessed very successfully by a grossly elevated Mrs Simpson, led to the most staggering suspension of sense and protocol. You have now to wonder why Harry runs forward all of the time to have this otherwise little skilled none gracious woman drag him around rough-shod by his nose committing without apparent care daily treachery to his fine family.


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