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The Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE (better known as Karren Brady, AKA “The First Lady of Football”)

The Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE (better known as Karren Brady, AKA “The First Lady of Football”)Ambitious and hardworking to her core, North London born Karren Brady likes to describe herself as a “working mum”. Having become the youngest-ever managing director of a publicly listed company at the age of 23, Brady built up and sold Birmingham City Football Club for £82 million and has since become vice chairman of West Ham United and Lord Sugar’s assistant on The Apprentice. Married to the Canadian footballer Paul Peschisolido and a mother of two, in December 2015, this devout Roman Catholic and Conservative peer told Fern Britton: “I am a faithful companion of Jesus… There’s a great comfort from having a strong religious belief… Everything happens for a reason”. She somehow also finds time to write novels and was appointed the government’s Small Business Ambassador by David Cameron in 2013.




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    Penny Streeter OBE (née Penny Stiff) – From homeless to multi-millionairess – A classic ‘rags to riches’ tale is that of Penny Streeter. After being made homeless, she founded a recruitment firm and is now worth some £208 million through her A24 Group.


    Penny Streeter OBE (née Penny Stiff)

    Lawrence Stroll (born Lawrence Strulovitch) – 2020’s saviour of Aston Martin? Geneva based, Montreal born billionaire Lawrence Stroll made his fortune in fashion and in 2020 brought in the cash to save Aston Martin from bankruptcy.


    Lawrence Stroll (born Lawrence Strulovitch)

    Belgian-born lawyer turned liar Alexander van der Zwaan – “Playboy” turned lawyer Alexander van der Zwaan had it all but destroyed his reputation after being jailed for 30 days for lying to the FBI in April 2018 over Russia’s links to President Trump’s election campaign. Aside from receiving positive publicity in Tatler after marrying Eva Khan, daughter of a Ukrainian-Russian billionaire named German Khan, in a “lavish society ceremony” at Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire in June 2017, this “ostentatious” Belgian-born, Notting Hill based attorney might now realise that telling the truth is generally for the best.


    Alexander van der Zwaan

    Badly dressed bigoted property tycoons Fergus and Judith Wilson – Fat former boxer Fergus Wilson and his badly dressed Hyacinth Bucket-like wife banned “coloured people” from renting from them in Kent


    Fergus and Judith Wilson

    Alfie Best II – Romany Gypsy turned multi-millionaire businessman


    Alfie Best II

    2006 Securitas depot robber Lee Brahim Murray-Lamrani (AKA ‘Lightning Lee’ and ‘The Stopwatch’) – Cage fighter and mastermind of Britain’s biggest cash robbery


    Lee Brahim Murray-Lamrani (AKA ‘Lightning Lee’ and ‘The Stopwatch’)

    Chrissie Rucker


    Chrissie Rucker MBE

    Alison Platt


    Alison Platt

    The Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE (better known as Karren Brady, AKA “The First Lady of Football”)


    The Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE (better known as Karren Brady, AKA “The First Lady of Football”)

    The Rt. Hon. The Lord Alliance CBE (Born: Davoud Alliance, Persian: داوود آلیانس, Hebrew: דייוויד אליאנס)


    The Rt. Hon. The Lord Alliance CBE (Born: Davoud Alliance, Persian: داوود آلیانس, Hebrew: דייוויד אליאנס)

    Christina Ketley (AKA “Mrs Goldfinger”)


    Christina Ketley

    Pete Halat


    Pete Halat

    Businessman and West Ham United shareholder David Sullivan (AKA “Dave Sullivan”)


    David Sullivan

    Radovan Vitek


    Radovan Vitek

    Alphonse Fletcher, Jr.


    Alphonse Fletcher, Jr. (AKA “Buddy Fletcher”)

    Martin Taylor


    Martin Taylor

    Eike Batista


    Eike Batista

    Alexandra Lebenthal


    Alexandra Lebenthal (AKA “The New Queen of Wall Street”)

    Sam Cook


    Sam Cook

    Dame Shirley Porter DBE


    Dame Shirley Porter DBE (née Shirley Cohen)

    Oliver Trusgnach


    Oliver Trusgnach

    Raj Shastri


    Raj Von Badlo (also known as Raj Shastri and Raj Paull)

    Aby Rosen


    Aby Rosen

    Nathan Goralnik


    Nathan Goralnik (AKA “Nate Goralnik”)

    karen blackett


    Karen Blackett OBE

    lady de rothschild


    Lady de Rothschild (also known as Lynn Forester de Rothschild, née Lynn Forester)


    Ryan Serhant


    Felix Dennis (1947 – 2014)


    Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (AKA “The Winklevii”)


    Archibald Hall (AKA Archibald Thomson-Hall, Roy Fontaine, the Killer Butler and the Monster Butler, 1924 – 2002)


    Paul Reichmann (1930 – 2013)


    Yan Assoun


    Catherine Hooper


    Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun


    Nicholas van Hoogstraten (also known as Adolph von Hessen and born Nicholas Marcel Hoogstraten)


    Jesse Livermore (1877 – 1940)


    Michelle Mone OBE


    Hillel Nahmad (AKA “Helly Nahmad”)


    Andreas Panayiotou


    Peter Scott (born Peter Craig Gulston, 1931 – 2013)


    Hilary Devey


    Marcus Cooper


    Ronald Edwards (1931 – 1994), better known as Buster Edwards


    Giovanni Di Stefano


    David Elias


    Eric Hersman


    Robert Bourne and Sally Greene OBE


    Leslie "Les" Allen-Vercoe (also known as Les Vercoe)


    Raffaele Mincione


    Captain Simon Mann


    Jack O'Shea


    James Murdoch


    Donald Trump Sr.


    Lord & Lady Black (Conrad Black & Barbara Amiel)


    Andrew Davis

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    1. The interview with Karren Brady today by Fern Britton was fascinating. I didn’t know that much about her beforehand but I really love the fact that she’s doing what she can to inspire other women. She has achieved so much at such a young age and I salute her.

    2. I admire her achievements which seem to be in spite of her involvement with some pretty rum characters like Alan Sugar, Philip Green, David Sullivan and David Gold. It would appear being a barrow-boy is more useful than having an MBA!

    3. She is an outstanding example; full stop
      Lord Sugar was both lucky and astute to have have had her on his watch
      Although the House of Lords is faulted; she will be an excellent example to the whole place

      I am inspired and much moved by her…..

    4. Quite extraordinary….she made her way on the back of the pornographer, David Sullivan(doubtless another Irish Catholic) and claims that Jesus was her companion whilst she worked promoting his filthy magazines.
      I suppose she is a philanthropist too!
      I don’t think Jesus would have had much time for the appalling bully, Sugar.

    5. You are a silly, silly man!!!!!!!!! Now rod off Pete Wayde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It might be Christmas, but you really are a bore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Rod, would you answer three questions that puzzle me and doubtless countless other readers:
      1. why do you make an ejit of yourself by your abuse of punctuation marks?
      2. why would a very ugly, boring looking man wearing huge ’70’s style glasses, and living in Dame Edna Everage land, be interested in the lives of people you would never know, and who would never wish to know you?
      3. are you living vicariously through us because your incentive marketing work is, like you, terribly boring?
      Sorry to be horrid over the festive period, but you are just so horribly ordinary!!!!!

    7. Peter, this Rod Jones chap is one of the most cretinous people I’ve observed. He is devoid of humour. Rarely able to string more than a few words together, he has no discernible point of view. He frequently shows that he has no knowledge of the people featured on THE STEEPLE TIMES or their lifestyles or mores. He is the quintessential bore.

      To think that he is a fellow countryman of inventive writers like Clive James and Barry Humphries makes his bizarre overuse of the exclamation point all the more perplexing.

      Having looked at his featureless face I can well imagine a casting director struggling to place him. Except maybe as a sad little, stay-at-home nerd. Thank heavens articulate people like yourself, Martin Ellis Jones and Charles Mitford Cust provide comment that is usually worthwhile, amusing or informing. Exactly that which Rod Jones is incapable of writing.

    8. Glenmore
      What fascinates me( to a degree) is what pleasure he derives from his silly comments.
      The whole thing is quite bizarre. As you rightly say, one would have thought, having read comments from Martin, Charles and ourselves he would have at least made an attempt to keep up.
      My conclusion is that he is in confined in a place of maximum security for those weak in the head, but not dangerous: in other words a certified simpleton.

    9. The so-called champion of women, who also embraces the love of Christ, but assisted Dirty David Sullivan to brand and sell books depicting vaginas and mammary glands. There is evidence of double standards. MBA not necessary she was fast tracked.

    10. People see what it suits their ideological agenda to see. Would anyone be impressed by the not very remarkable performance of Birmingham City during the years when it was under her stewardship if the CEO had been a man? Is she doing a good job at struggling West Ham, who have alienated their fans, flirted with relegation, reintroduced hooliganism to the headlines and can’t find a sponsor for a swanky new stadium in London?

      There are women who have actually created successful businesses from scratch and are far more deserving of a public profile than this ignoble woman with a shameful connections with the porn industry, but football sells newspapers, David Cameron thought that affiliating with it would help to sell himself to working class voters, and questioning the credentials of one of the establishment’s chosen “feminist icons” would be career suicide for anyone on the BBC payroll


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