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Markle V Markle 2022 – Samantha Markle Wants £61k+ From Sister

As it looks set to go to jury trial, the defamation case of Samantha Markle against her sibling the Duchess of Sussex in Markle v Markle looks set to make the ‘Wagatha Christie’ case look like a walk in the park

The public have spent the first part of this year lapping up the ‘Wagatha Christie’ and Johnny Depp v Amber Heard defamation cases, but if it goes to plan Samantha M. Markle v Meghan Markle could become the truly most addictive legal ‘must watch’ of 2022.


Pitching the prospect of the Queen’s grandson’s wife, the Duchess of Sussex, appearing against her very own half-sister in a Tampa, Florida courtroom as a drama most definitely doesn’t require anything other than gleeful gloating and if it does occur, it will, quite frankly, be the ultimate sh*tshow.


Like watching a car crash, the Twitterati will no doubt be addicted. They will love the fact that the “private citizen” plaintiff, Mrs Samantha Markle, wants “in excess of £61,000 ($75,000 €71,000 or درهم275,000) exclusive of interests, costs and attorney’s fees” from her estranged ‘private when it suits’ sibling and that Prince Harry’s wife is being called out for “fake quotes against her sister.” That the pugnacious PR peddler Omid Scobie’s Finding Freedom is also being slammed as full of “false information” will be a veritable bonus.


Of that trashy tittle-tattling tome, the elder sister declares in her latest amended complaint submitted earlier this month:


“The book was used by the Duchess to affirm the false narrative that she portrayed to the Royal Family, that she supposedly lived a rags to riches storybook life. A life that took her from a humble beginning like that of Cinderella, to the wife of a Prince, a Duchess. She did not hesitate to strike back at what she mistakenly believed to be actions of Mrs. Markle, her older sister, against her.”


“She needed to distance herself from Mrs. Markle and to blame any and all issues on her. In the book Finding Freedom, in which the Duchess provided the information through her communications secretary, there is an entire chapter 12, starting on Page 310 entitled A Problem Like Samantha which defamed Mrs. Markle and falsely describes her ‘ploys’ to gain notoriety and money from her relation to the Duchess.”


“It stated as fact: ‘The trouble began with Samantha Markle. Meghan’s romance with Harry had hardly been public a full 24 hours when her half-sister sensed an opportunity. Never mind that she hadn’t seen her estranged half-sister in more than a decade. Samantha – who had changed her name from Yvonne and died her hair a fresh shade of blond…’”


“The false and defamatory statements which follow not only caused harm to Mrs. Markle financially in her professional occupation as a mental health counselor, but also subjected her to incomprehensible amounts of public scrutiny causing her mental health and well-being to deteriorate.”


Going further, the plaintiff calls out other supposed lies and falsehoods and claims her health and reputation have suffered immensely. She adds that the Duchess of Sussex “instilled anger in her fan base against [her]” and that this “caused substantial, irreparable prejudice, injury and harm.” She suggests that she “receives hateful emails and messages on a regular basis, is subjected to ongoing negative media portrayals, news articles, nasty negative press, and her reputation has been so damaged that she has been unable to work as a mental health counselor.”


Aside from having had to “seek and obtain an ‘Injunction for Protection Against Stalking’ in Polk County, Florida against one of Defendant’s zealous fans,” here is a woman who claims to suffer “emotionally from the worldwide hatred, contempt, and ridicule that she is forced to endure” and now she’s quite rightly fighting back.


If the Duchess of Sussex and her decided drip of a husband had any sense, they’d now do one thing: They’d man-up and make amends with both their families and bring them into the fold. That, however, would be too sensible, so, of course, they bloody well won’t.


Pictured top – In times past, the ever so conveniently forgetful former actress was happy to pose for pictures with her the sister she is now at war with both in the courts and via the media.


The ever so conveniently forgetful former actress – a woman who clearly has trouble remembering how many times and when she actually got married – was happy to not only pose for pictures with her papa and to take his money to pay for her education also.
The ambitious and audacious wife of Prince Harry would, however, like pictures such as this – and others far worse – erased from the Internet.
The Duchess of Sussex truly morphed into the ‘Modern Day Mrs Simpson’ for her interview with her and Sarah, the Duchess of York’s crony Oprah Winfrey in March last year.
A truly dysfunctional family – Meghan, Tyler, Thomas Sr, Thomas Jnr and Samantha in times happier.
In choosing to be the chief tin banger for the ‘Sussex Squad,’ Scobie will go down in history only for one thing: Being on the wrong side of history. The public have seen through him and they’ve seen through the rotten royals who have done nothing but damage to the monarch, her first born son and Prince Harry’s elder sibling. Shame on him.
Tampa court Florida
This is going to be a case that could will send shockwaves on both sides of the pond. It will be nothing but a sh*tshow between a woman clearly incapable of understanding the art of diplomacy and a half-sister she’s most definitely thrown under the bus. Whatever the outcome, that this has even reached this stage just proves that the Duchess of Sussex is nothing but a selfish sleazebag who is very, very, very badly advised.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Matthew,
    MM has filed a 27 page request for dismissal and is asking for all legal fees. Key points in the dismissal: 1. Florida law states that a plaintiff (SM) can only sue the author or a publisher of a book. It prohibits suits against those who are merely contributors or sources (MM) for a book.(Border Collie Rescue v. Ryan, 2006) OS and CD are the authors of the book and Harper Collins is the publisher. 2. SM alleges that she had to seek an injunction against a “zealous fan” of MM because of FF and the Oprah interview.The date of her injunction is 6 months PRIOR to the publication of FF and a full year PRIOR to the Oprah show. So how did MM cause her “worldwide ridicule?” Yes, you might get heat when you promote crazy baby conspiracy theories on Twitter(16 Twitter accts suspended)”MM biggest troll is her half-sister Samantha” (Buzzfeed 2022) The court hasn’t ruled on the request for dismissal. This case may never see a courtroom.

    • This case does deserve to be heard. Shame on the Duchess of Sussex for treating her family so badly and shame on Prince Harry for doing ditto to his. A disgusting pair of toerags.

    • Hope Samantha beats old duchess copycat! Where ARE her kids anyway? She has no problem using other people’s children for a quick & cheap photo op. SO sick & disgusting. I personally don’t think there’s any low she wouldn’t stoop to if it’s to her personal benefit. Saw Prince William & Princess Catherine at the Royal Ascot. Catherine is to die for! She is everything ole me gain could never be. She doesn’t have to or need to be the center of attention, she just automatically draws people to her. She’s naturally VERY BEAUTIFUL WOW!
      Btw Susan,nobody believes anything from BuzzARDfeed!

      • “She is everything old Megain could never be.” If you meant tax funded I agree. MM’s achievements prior to Harry: She earned $50,000 per episode from Suits, 16 episodes per year. Her yearly income was $800,000 per yr. (Forbes 2018- The top 1 percent of American earned at least $480,930. Her income placed her in the top 1% of all Americans, one of the richest country in the world. A 2003 graduate of Northwestern U, fluent in Spanish, internship for the US embassy in Argentina, 2015 speech at the UN, 2016 Global Ambassador for World Vision, traveled to Rwanda for the clean water campaign. She matches up quite well to KM. She has never lived off taxpayers. And she never get the hype and free passes afforded to KM. Daniel Hank, an LA private detective hired by the Sun to dig up dirt found nothing.(Insider, 2021) How the hell did a PI with 40 years in the field miss all that hidden dirt on her? What a scrubber she’s. Stop clickbait journalism! Lottie, both women should be admired.

        • Wow, you are really invested in this woman. Why haunt sites you know are not going to be friendly to her unless you just WANT to be offended and outraged? Put down your cat, get out of the basement, put on a fresh pair of stretchy pants, and take a walk. Smell some flowers. Try to start a conversation with non-virtual people. Anything but sitting around waiting to pounce on people who don’t share your opinion. Your tantrums in the comments section are just boring now. Yawn.

  2. Matthew,
    An unbiased judge will decide this case on the basis of Florida defamation laws.SM’s first attorney, Douglass Kahle demanded to be removed from this case in April. Newsweek- “MM’s sister ditched by attorney in blow to lawsuit.” Why would an attorney want off a case that would give him media attention and money?😒

  3. Roslyn Markle on her daughter SM.(DM- April 22, 2018) “Samantha used to tell friends that her step-mother Doria Ragland was the maid because she’s black.” She has dogged on Meghan forever. She has never liked Meghan and she’s always been jealous of her.” Nicole Rasmussen( SM’s daughter) “When she started dating PH, my mom got an interest in M which she never had before.” Of course my mother doesn’t like Meghan. This she told me starting from a very early age. She wants money.” TM jr- (2019 DM)”She’s always been jealous and bitter” over Meghan. This is her mother, daughter and full brother on her. A damning portrait of greed, racism, hate, and jealousy from her own family. I would love to see this in court.

  4. Update on the case: On 06/17/22, SM’s lawyers alleged the judge in the case is”biased” against them. They want her removed from the case. They haven’t responded to MM’s request for dismissal but they “abandoned half their case” in the new filing dated Jun3. The original filing contained 17 allegations of defamation. This one contains only 10. SM’s lawyers haven’t responded to the claim that MM isn’t the author or publisher of FF.MM’s lawyer, “Plaintiff does not and cannot alleged that MM actually wrote the book.” They would need to prove this to overcome the dismissal. Looks like they’re fearful of dismissal from the current judge, the Honorable Charlene Honeywell. Headed to the rubbish bin where it belongs.

  5. MM’s attorney- ” Plaintiff didn’t just pare down her case. She deleted numerous specific allegations and exhibits… that undermine her entire case.” Scammy omitted the transcript of M’s interview with Oprah, Knauf’s email and relevant sections of FF. MM’s attorneys promptly attached all to the new filing for dismissal on Friday. Cackling! Note- Florida allows the judge to force SM to pay MM’s legal fees + court cost-if she find the case has no merit. Lack of merit is the basis for the 27 page dismissal request.This case could bankrupt SM. 😥 She’s in a wheelchair.

  6. Here’s the best part: “It’s not defamatory to hang up on a person, say you grew up an only child (SM left the home when M was two) and you don’t have a relationship with someone you haven’t seen since 2008.” “Courts are not equipped to adjudicate the legitimacy of a person’s feelings about their childhood and relationships. Nor should they be. This dispute has no place in this Court or any other. This case should be dismissed and Meghan awarded her fees and costs pursuant to Fla. stat 768.295.” Go get her Meghan, hit her until she can’t get up again! Take every pound from her.

    • You clearly have not considered the negative publicity this has brought upon the royal family. If the Duchess of Sussex had an ounce of sense in her brain, all she had to do was to bring her family into the fold. She failed and in doing so, all she does is cause further discomfort to her birth family and the family she married into. Shame on her. A very stupid woman.

      • Mr Steeples, don’t worry about this. A vast majority of America has turned on the ex royals. Also, from what I’ve heard & seen, a great many worldwide have turned on them also. Your Royal family has been around MUCH longer than those trying to bring it down. They WILL win this too! Looks like BuzzARD feed is about to have a nervous breakdown these days.😂😅😣

    • By golly,I could be onto something Susan. Ole Ellie tries to take anyone & everyone down who dares disagree with ole duchess copycat.. I believe she’s gone back into antiquity to try to dig up dirt on people..Bet she’s even had Methuselah investigated. 😂😅🙄 she’s a poor excuse for a journalist.

  7. “All she has to do is bring them into the fold.” You’re must be joking ?TM and SM would take everything to the gutter press. Sell her out to extreme right wing hacks like Wooten and Piers. I remember watching Piers harshly slag off MM right in TM’s face as he nodded. Piers- “I had to pay him for that interview.” TM- “It’s time to take care of daddy.” SM- “everybody has billed to pay.” It has nothing to do with being in the fold. It’s about cashing in on the DNA they share. Smart to keep them without content to sell. Lol on the RF’s discomfort. MM has nothing on some of their scandals: Nonce Andrew, Tampon Charlie, Homewrecker Camilla, Foot Fetish Fergie.

    • Who are the extreme rightwing hacks? In America it’s only News Max & Fox News. The rest are pretty much Marxists. We did have Hillary, the DNC & Obama’s weaponized justice dept frame Trump. THAT has been proven! Yes,I voted for President Trump but the second time, voted 3rd party in 2016. Yes, he is a narcissist but the best damn President we’ve had in my lifetime. He sure WAS right about ole MeGain!

  8. Susan you say that SM just wants to make money off of her connection to Meghan Markle. Well MM and Harry are trying to use the royal connections to make money. So they are in the same boat in that regard.

    • EXACTLY! For someone who says titles mean nothing, they’re sure clinging to them like a sinking ship.


  9. Who is Wootton? Who is you?
    Are you like a megain or Bouzy sycophant? Can’t wait for ole Bouzy to get his comeuppance. That will be divine for SO MANY honest & decent people! 😀 😅

  10. Lottie,
    Trump should be the last one to judge Meghan: Didn’t he pay a pornstar for sex when his wife was pregnant?dozens of women accuse him of sexual assault, “grab them by the pu***” , only president to be impeached twice by the house of representatives, accused of trying to overthrow his own country. So yeah, he has the right to judge.

    • Yep, those American Marxists tried like hell but it all backfired. Turns out it was ole cankles Hillary, the Dnc & the Marxist media. they’re the ones responsible for trying to bring down a duly elected President. There were members of blm & antifa infiltrating the Pro America, Pro Trump people. If President Trump is guilty of rape then he should pay a price. If you remember President Clinton was also accused of rape. SO, I don’t condone rape by ANYONE regardless of political affiliation. The American media is still covering up for Joe,Hunter & the Biden crime family. Joe’s own daughter accused him of having her take showers with him. We now have the most corrupt & incompetent administration in American history. Hell, ole Joe was shaking hands with &, talking to people that weren’t there. It’s impossible to get truth from the media, when they have the entire Dnc in their pockets.

  11. SM filed her bogus lawsuit to remain relevant and to continue hanging on to M’s fame. The state of Florida strictly prohibits suing a person who isn’t the author or publisher of a book. But it goes even further, Florida prohibit lawsuits brought against sources or a third party publisher. This means that even if SM could prove MM gave OS the entire chapter on her,(source,third party publication) MM would still be exempt from a defamation lawsuit.(Klayman v. City pages. Fla 2015) SM also alleged she never changed her name back to Markle. Exhibits submitted on Friday showed that SM used her married name Rasmussen until it was announced M was dating Harry. She also alleged that M said, “so that she could cash in her newfound fame.” This statement NEVER appeared in the Oprah transcript. SM placed it in a legal case. Accusing Judge Honeywell of bias and the failure to respond to the dismissal request are delay tactics. Her 15 minutes are up and she should be hit with legal costs.
    * Nothing offensive about bog off but F off is crude.

  12. Update to the SM, “MM got the life I wanted case.” A Florida District Court has DENIED SM’s request for a change of judges in her case. They dismissed her contention that Judge Honeywell was “biased” against her. The court found her request “lacked merit and factual support.” It went further saying she “erroneously referred to a statute in certain portions of her request.” The delay tactic has been denied and SM will soon learn if she’s getting a huge legal bill. MM would’ve the right to seize SM’s home if she can’t pay her legal debts. Put her on the streets M!

  13. One last thing- Karma is a bit** with no expiration date. Right after filing this frivalous case she went on a media blitz for cash and attention. She should have moved on to repairing the rifts in her own family. She hasn’t seen her two oldest kids in 3 decades and lost custody of the youngest due to child abuse. She admits to being in a domestic violent relationship, slapped around on a dirty toilet seat in Dec 2020. (Daily Beast, 2020, “MM’s sister accuses husband of Domestic violence.” You reap what you sow!

  14. Samantha is like a cold sore that won’t go away. Her jealousy of MM reeks so much of desperation, it’s pathetic. Her neverending badmouthing MM is her only to get recognition. She has done nothing, nor is nothing but the half sister of a girl to became well known by marrying a prince. She, and her father, have tried making a buck off her sister since the beginning of their relationship. This case should be thrown out of court. And, Samantha should seek help for her m-health issues. Her behavior is not normal.

  15. Matthew, you’re an example of everything an ethical journalist is not. Reporters should be unbiased in their reporting, telling both sides of the story. Your comments your hatred and prejudice against MM. What, did she refuse an interview? You seem to be in the same vendetta trail as SM.

    • I forgot to mention. I really enjoy your pearls of wisdom. Do they come from duchess copycat’s personal dictionary? You know the one that says, if I can’t be Queen of the world, I will try to take down my family AND my husband’s family? SO impressive. 🤔🙄

  16. You just can’t rid of the vile & vio!ent SS trolls.
    Ole megs & her minions are still insanely jealous of William & Catherine,especially Catherine. I remember megain.saying to oprah,if you like me,you don’t have hate her ie Catherine &, if you like her you don’t have to.hate me. There it is…A subliminal message perhaps? I don’t know anyone that would waste time on hating her.. She’s just not THAT important. Disagreeing is NOT hate.


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