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Markle v Markle – £60,000 Defamation Demand Against Duchess of Sussex

As estranged half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex demands £60,000 from her for defamation, we remind the ‘Modern Day Mrs Simpson’ that she’d do well to heal her familial rifts in private

This morning, the Mirror’s Patrick Hill revealed the “latest twist in a bitter legal row between siblings Meghan [the Duchess of Sussex], 40, and Samantha [Markle], 57” has come “days after Meghan filed a 27-page court bid in Tampa, Florida, to dismiss a defamation case brought by Samantha, who wants £60,000 damages.”


Jamie Alan Sasson, a lawyer representing Samantha Markle, told the paper:


“Our intention is to take this case to a jury trial. I feel confident we’ll get past the motion to dismiss. We expect to start taking depositions in this case within the next six months.”


Responding previously on 13th May, the Duchess of Sussex’s lawyer countered:


“This is a defamation case without any merit.”


Referring to PR peddler Omid Scobie’s tawdry tome, they went further and added:


“The authors of Finding Freedom made the statements, and there are no allegations – nor could there be – that Meghan wrote that book or otherwise controlled its composition and editing.”


Frankly, this latest episode reflects very badly on drippy Prince Harry’s American wife. If she had an ounce of sense, instead of continuing this row, this audacious actress would organise a meeting with her estranged father and siblings and put a stop to this charade for once and for all. Instead, by continuing this toxic familial war, all the duchess does is add fuel to the fire and simply shows herself to be what one Twitter user accurately termed a “self-centred, self-serving attention whore.”


Pictured top – The snarling and selfish Duchess of Sussex (right) faces a demand for £60,000 for allegedly defaming her sibling Samantha (left).


This morning we asked the nigh on 13,000 followers of the @SteepleTimes account on Twitter: “Which of these mouthy minxes would you most like to see disappear into obscurity? Which one would you most like to no longer get news coverage?” Quite predictably, thus far with 22 hours to go, the vast majority of respondents have plumped for the Duchess of Sussex with Katie Price in second place, Rebekah  Vardy in third and Amber Heard in fourth.
The Duchess of Sussex is being “sued as ‘Meghan Markle’” in the case. It has been brought by her sister in the United States District Court Middle District of Florida Tampa Division.
Elsewhere, another court battle involving Prince Charles’ second son’s wife being called “the dreaded Meghan” is brewing away. It involves the academic Dr Anne Anderson and the Arts Society.
Samantha Markle
In times past, the ever so conveniently forgetful former actress was happy to pose for pictures with her the sister she is now at war with both in the courts and via the media.
Thomas Markle
Equally, the ever so conveniently forgetful former actress – a woman who clearly has trouble remembering how many times and when she got married – was happy to not only pose for pictures with her papa and to take his money to pay for her education also.
Actress Meghan Markle kissing
The ambitious and audacious wife of Prince Harry would, however, like pictures such as this – and others far worse – erased from the Internet.
Elsewhere this week on ‘Palace Confidential,’ former senior palace aide Dickie Arbiter remarked of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex deciding to do another television series: “It smacks of desperation. It’s a bit rich, two people who left the UK, walked out of the Royal Family, because they wanted privacy, they’ve done nothing else but put themselves up front and a week doesn’t go by when there isn’t some sort of statement coming out of their PR people.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Buzzfeed: “Samantha Markle spent years trolling Meghan & coordinating with hate accounts” April 21- SM to Nick Ferrari, “no one has ever seen these kids, we don’t know if they exist.” Pure insanity. Noelle Rasmussen on her mother’s abuse: “She would kick, punch and spit. It was crazy.” MM is smart to keep her distance from this abusive and mentally ill woman.

    • Hmmm,anyone & everyone who doesn’t like mm or,disagrees with her is mentally ill? What is it with you people? You should quit your journalistic jobs & become mental health counselors. Many people simply do not like H& M or the SS &, you will not change anyone’s mind. Btw,whatever happened to they want their privacy? They come to.the US,call Oprah & give an interview denigrating the BRF. Here’s a huge news flash. We do not like or trust your precious MM. Also, buzz feed is not exactly non biased in this. I’m American & I’ll take the British royal family over her any day. It seems to be much about insane jealousy of prince William & the gorgeous Catherine.
      Prince Willian.WILL be King one day & his very beautiful wife Catherine will be by his side.

      Have yourself a goid day now.

      #team William & Catherine!!

  2. The Sun: March 14, 2022, Clemmie Moodie- ” I don’t often feel sorry for Meghan Markle but her two biggest trolls are family members I feel different.” Moodie, “Meghan’s dad made a YouTube channel.. solely to snag off/cash in on his daughter.” “Samantha has been using various Twitter accounts to target the former actress.” Twitter recently suspended 14 accounts SM used to spread conspiracy theories. SM is estranged from her mother and all 3 of her children, TM has never met his two adult grandchildren by SM. And you think MM is the problem??

  3. Someone please remind copycat me gain not to wear that god awful red dress IF,she does show up in court.. I find it nauseating how she copies Princesses Diana & the gorgeous Catherine. She definitely doesn’t have the body type as the aforementioned beauties. As much $$$ has she has one would think her stylist could do.MUCH better. I’ve seen perhaps 2-3 outfits she looked decent in. Hopefully one day someone will step up & remind her, she will.NEVER fill.Diana OR Catherine’s shoes in ANY capacity!

  4. The dreaded Meghan
    The dreaded Meghan
    The dreaded Meghan
    Look out Mathew your next on the lawsuit list!😅😅

  5. Dailymail- May 2018, “No evidences of Meghan Markle’s sister’s car crash.”SM claimed she suffered a broken ankle in a “paparazzi confrontation” she said was “Diana like.” FHP said they have “zero evidences of the claim.” Lottie, what sane person would do this?Fake a car accident for attention? Dailymail: “She is bitterly estranged from her daughter and a court has recorded she was proven a child abuser.” Child abuse, fake car accidents, conspiracy theories on Archie being a “doll.” Completely unhinged!!

  6. Matthew,
    It’s deplorable for a “journalist” to use a fake and clearly photoshoped image. The other pic is a clip from her TV series. Nothing salacious about it.The role of a journalist is to be accurate, fair and objective.

      • Matthew, do you know about a bitcoin scam by C Bouzy? I’ve read a few articles where people have said he scammed them. If I recall correctly, one was Liberty & black coin. If what people are saying about him he’s a major scammer. Now,it wouldn’t be at all surprising if BuzzARD feed might know about it. They seem to be in his camp.


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