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Moron of the Moment 2022 – Deranged, Delusional Dimwit Darren Grimes Launches New ‘Voice of Britain’ Channel

As deranged dimwit Darren Grimes announces he’s launching a new channel called ‘Voice of Britain,’ this tedious twerp rightly gets labelled “the voice of a very small racist minority”

“I’ve just put the heating on. Feels naughty, a bit decadent. Like buying Lurpak instead of Aldi’s own brand” tattled sacked from GB News ‘presenter’ Darren Grimes this morning.


‘Grim Grimes’ or ‘Gobby Grimes’ – whose other nicknames number ‘Crafty W*nk’ (the less said about the alleged episode that led to that, the better) – was fresh from having announced he’s “taking on the media” at the weekend and will be launching a new channel which he seems to be calling the ‘Voice of Britain.’


No doubt, with the press quivering in their boots at the prospect of this mouthy moron took to YouTube at the weekend and in a 3:20-minute diatribe declared:


“Throughout my life I’ve been told things can’t be done, that I should know my place and that someone from a working class, County Durham background shouldn’t be getting ideas above their station by seeking to influence British politics.”


Whilst he is undoubtedly right that his “influence” amounts to zilch-zero-nothing, Grimes continued:


“I’m told that because I voted and campaigned for Brexit, like millions of you, 17.4 million of you to be precise, you must be an uneducated, chippy little oik for having done so.”


He was most certainly correct in his latter assessment, but then he had to play victim and after showing a clip from Channel 4 News where he was deservedly berated, he played victim next and added:


“I think the sneering, calling me ‘unintelligent’ is absolutely why [Remain] lost this campaign. Your arrogance and your snobbishness is disgusting and that is why you lost.”


“I experienced that to such an extent that the establishment class in this country threw the total weight of the state against me for having the audacity to campaign for leave.”


“I faced bankruptcy in my early twenties, but thanks to kind quiet patriots, I managed to crowdfund and fight back. I won against a biased Electoral Commission that had stacked itself against our vote for British independence.”


“I then faced off the Metropolitan Police when I was threatened with arrest for daring to air an interview with the historian Dr David Starkey on the Marxist outfit Black Lives Matter.”


“Alongside the Free Speech Union, I fought against this attempt to silence online speech and online debate and that fight is one that continues.”


“But now, I really am facing a ‘Darren Versus Goliath’ struggle in this next challenge that I want to bring about. I want to take on the established media in this country; a media class that thinks that anyone that voted Brexit is racist, that anyone concerned about the migrant crisis running rampant at the British border is xenophobic or anyone that who believes in biological is a swivel eyed transphobe.”


Laughably, this deranged dunce then raged:


“I want to be the voice of common sense, the voice of the silent majority, decent, hardworking people, patriotic people and thoroughly fed-up people I think it’s safe to say, thoroughly fed-up men and women like you that have had enough of being hectored and spoken down to by our political class for their views.”


“I want to use my channel and my platform, my voice, to speak up for you, to champion the issues that you care about in real Britain, to say the things that need to be said, to hear the views that need to be heard and to refuse to kowtow to mobs on Twitter and elsewhere; the ‘cancel culture vultures.’”


Elevating his never-sorry-self definitely far-above his station, Grimes concluded:

“In short, I want to be Britain’s voice and you can support me in this latest venture by subscribing to my channel, by subscribing, by sharing and liking content you enjoy and by supporting this independent journalism with as little as the price of a cup of coffee because always, from the bottom of my heart, many of you have been with us on this journey for years now.”


“I want to thank you once again for hopefully joining us on this next chapter because boy, oh boy, I cannot wait to get started.”


Pictured Top (left to right) – A suitably “milk bottle white” – like his monosyllabic mate Michael Heaver – Darren Grimes harassing a camel in Dubai in ill-fitting swimwear with a caption of “coming soon” above him and a person of colour seemingly on his arm; sporting one white and one black shoe ‘Diane Abbott-style’ at Newcastle Football Club and trying to appeal to the masses with a pint of Heineken.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


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Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I think Darren Grimes is a trust worthy journalist. He asks more questions and pursues the truth more than the MSM. Why are you attacking him? Makes me question The Steeple Times…

  2. He got one thing correct. Black Lives (lies) Matter is definitely a Marxist org as is antifa. Otherwise,Never heard of him before.


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