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Birdbrained Bore Bouzy Bombs – Noxious Nitwit Meghan Markle Super-Fan Christopher Bouzy Faces Trouble In 2 Court Cases

Birdbrained Bot Sentinel bore Christopher Bouzy faces further trouble as he’s dragged deeper into two court cases concerning his definitely dubious puppet mistress Meghan Markle

Bullying braggart Christopher Bouzy is someone you could only wish upon your worst enemy. Here is a bombastic bore whose attempts to persuade the world that his ‘statistics’ are anything other than what they truly are – and that is they are just a load of old rot – can only be surmised as an utterly tedious joke.


The work of birdbrained Bouzy’s ‘organisation’ Bot Sentinel – which nonsensically claims to be all about “helping fight disinformation and targeted harassment” through “tracking” and “classifying” Twitter accounts – has long been called out as complete Barry Bull. This firm’s creepy campaign against the much-loved Welsh warbler Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’) was beyond appalling, but now this nasty piece of toerag is facing personal trouble and strife with not just one, but two court cases involving his antagonistic antics moving forward.


Fresh from his Netflix appearance peddling piffle for the Prince Harry and the woman formerly known as Meghan Markle in the docuseries Harry & Meghan in December last year, moronic mouthpiece Bouzy is being dragged deeper into two legal cases. The first is an action brought by Samantha Markle against her estranged half-sister the Duchess of Sussex whilst the second is an action brought against him personally by the attorney and commentator Nathaniel J. Broughty (better known as ‘Nate The Lawyer’ to his 280,000 YouTube followers).


“It’s about hatred, it’s about race” whined blubbering Bouzy as he defended ‘MeGain’ and her drippy husband in the Netflix documentary which he no doubt got paid rather handsomely to appear in, but in both upcoming court cases he’ll find himself deservedly accused of being the orchestrator of exactly such himself.


In the defamation case of Markle v Markle in Florida, Bouzy will be called as a witness and required to give a deposition alongside not only the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but also Thomas Markle, Samantha Markle’s daughter Ashleigh Hale and the former royal aide Jason Knauf.


Of the case, in March 2022, Thomas Markle remarked: “I’ve been trying for almost four years to get to see my daughter and her ginger husband in a courtroom face to face… I’d be thrilled to come to court and talk and defend my oldest daughter… There are so many obvious, obvious lies that are immediately challenged that I can’t imagine Meghan even going into the court with this… She can’t defend the things she said.”


In the case of Broughty v Bouzy, in documents submitted to the United States District Court District of New Jersey on 6th February, Bouzy is described as having “no reputation to protect and little to lose by defaming a man who does.” Going further, the plaintiff argued:


“Bouzy is a social media personality best known for a series of dubious online adventures—from crypto scams to phony software pitches… There is ample proof that Bot Sentinel’s social credit scores are the products, not of the rigorous algorithm Bouzy claims for them, but of views and people Bouzy does and does not like.”


“Bouzy thus thrusts aside Bot Sentinel’s flimsy curtain and, in a turn whose irony was lost on no one but himself, proceeded to give the Internet a free master class on nasty, personal and racially-infused Internet trolling aimed at Mr. Broughty. From accusations of race treason – despite the fact that both he and Mr. Broughty are African Americans with a liberal political bent – to cruel mockery of Mr. Broughty’s humble origins as the child of a drug addict, and finally through a series of false and defamatory attacks on Mr. Broughty, Bouzy showed everyone exactly what social media toxicity is all about.”


“Admitting that his campaign against Mr. Broughty was intended to destroy his reputation, credibility and career, Bouzy started with what must have seemed the definitive coup de main. Bouzy announced on Twitter that his own intrepid research had uncovered the fact that the famous YouTuber ‘Nate the Lawyer,’ whose livelihood depends on his identity as a lawyer, was no lawyer at all. Twitter users quickly demonstrated, however, that only a bit of competent investigation established that Mr. Broughty is in fact a member of the New York bar.”


“Instead of admitting to negligence or incompetence, however, Bouzy publicly stated that, of course, he knew all along that Mr. Broughty was a lawyer, but said that he had purposely lied when he claimed otherwise.”


“Emboldened by his ability to seemingly ‘get away’ with saying whatever he thought would harm Mr. Broughty, Bouzy then published a series of even more ‘damning,’ but also false and defamatory tweets. Bouzy took to Twitter and made the scandalous and fantastic claim that Mr. Broughty had, during his career as a cop, planted and falsified evidence on criminal drug suspects. Bouzy knew that promulgating this lie would render Bouzy [editor’s note: Ought to read “Broughty,” a mistake in legal document] unreliable as a source of criminal law and social commentary on YouTube.”


“It was a lie, however, and Mr. Broughty immediately demanded its retraction. But Bouzy has never been held accountable in his decades of lying on the Internet, and was not about to start now. He did not merely refuse to retract these false claims; he dared Mr. Broughty to sue him for defamation. Mr. Broughty’s hand was forced.”


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party. Follow Matthew Steeples on Twitter at @M_Steeples.


Follow and support Samantha Markle on Twitter at @_SammyMarkle.


Follow and support Nate Broughty on Twitter at @NatetheLawyer and back his GoFundMe fundraiser by clicking here.


Pictured Top – The Bot Sentinel and Spoutible founder (left) and Samantha Markle with her now estranged sister in happier times (right).


Duke and Duchess of Sussex
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex went to America to seek “privacy,” yet all they’ve done since is seek out publicity. Be it through Netflix, Spotify or ‘Spare,’ this couple have well and truly tripped themselves up and as much as their PR peddling supporters – such as Omid Scobie and Christopher Bouzy – try, they face simply becoming more and more unpopular on both sides of the pond.
Christopher Bouzy Nathaniel Broughty
The war of words between the bombastic Bot Sentinel bore Christopher Bouzy and ‘Nate The Lawyer’ Nathaniel Broughty looks set to intensify in the coming months.
Tweet 1
‘Nate The Lawyer’ claimed earlier this week that Bouzy wanted to settle with him.
Tweet 2
Bouzy fired back with further defamatory tweets about his opponent ‘Nate The Lawyer’ by remarking: “I beg no one, especially an unemployed YouTube troll thirsty for relevance. I am not interested in settling. Now run along and go make your 30th YouTube video about so my name can feed your family.” Clearly, the bargain bucket Bot Sentinel founder has rather a self-inflated opinion of his own ‘value.’
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Thank you for this article. It’s probably my all time favorite from The Steeple Times. Regarding comparing ole Boozy to a bird’s brain, that could be an insult to birds. As you know birds do have small brains but darn it theirs actually function properly. Nate did say he voted for BiDumb but,.many of his fans and followers could be right leaning. We all love our Nate & are very protective & supportive of him. He’s very intelligen & honest. The fans are sending him what he calls Bouzy bucks.. Ole CB had that on his Twitter feed. Ya gotta.love it when Nate says, thanks for the bouzy bucks. Haha.. Hoping in the end the Frosty Todger family, woozy boozer & their sycophants go down together. I’ve noticed scobie has been quiet since he was attacked by the SS crazies for actually writing an actual honest article. How dare give Princess even the hint of a compliment. I still have no sympatyn for him either, as he ,bouzy,Ellie hall, et al did to our sweet Yankee/Sadie. They have the audacity to call people bullies when they’re the ones doing the bullying @ the behest of carrot boobs & her less than competent minions.

    • Oh man,this is good stuff! I can just imagine bouzzy saying, “what are u gonna do, b*tch, sue me!?” Who says that to an actual lawyer lol.
      (im a new reader, loving it thus far, btw!)

  2. This is so well written! Not only does it document exactly what unfolded on social media, it explains the arrogance and bold face lies of Bouzy. I am so glad this is being scrutinised by intelligent journalists that pursue the truth. God Knows, if we had to rely on the MSM, this would never be brought to the light.

    • Half wit? Oh goodness gracious..THAT is still giving him way too much credit. Scuttlebutt is that his own daughter turned on him over mental abuse (Matthew, I think this is now acceptable to post?). I’m not a proponent of a permanent ban but if anyone deserves such, he’s the one. He actually has the audacity to mock Prince Williams physical appearance. The creep needs to take an extra long look in.the mirror. Ugh. Ewwie

      #GetHimNate #BouzyBucks

  3. This peasants approach to racism is holding up the natural order of things …possibly it is being kept frothing because it comes in so handy when manipulating ones fate.

  4. Racism is real…but it seems poor policy to dose it with steroids. I don’t think it is as much race that works against Meghan ..she is simply not likable and hard as she tries she can’t contrive charm….and she will never understand what she has been doing wrong. She has sucked all the charm out of Harry..he is a shell. a frantic shell, and she is still contrived ..it’s going to end badly☹️

  5. Oh, the sweet nectar of comical truth! It’s hilarious what Bouzy has been able to get away with and for so long but he’s met his match – Nate isn’t backing down. As ludicrous as it seems, Bouzy’s behaviour is exactly what he says Bot Sentinel is here to protect from. A flipped-script gaslight of an Amber Heard scale…oh, hang on.. she’s been part of this too.

    Thank you for this article. A wonderful breath of fresh air.

  6. Thank you so much for always supporting the good guys Matthew!
    I hope our much loved Yankee Wally is sitting back with her popcorn & enjoying watching justice unfold in real-time thanks to the brilliant Nate The Lawyer & his team of supporters. I support the good guys al the way.

    An army cannot fight on an empty stomach so if you are able to PLEASE support Nate The Lawyer’s Go Fund Me Part 2, even if it is only £1 $1 €1 it all adds up.

    History has shown us that good always wins over evil.

  7. SM is an habitual liar and a frequent filer of frivolous lawsuits. Rasmussen(Markle) v Winrock Partners LLC. In 2016 SM filed a complaint allegeding she was “left wheelchair bound from a slip and fall” as she was “walking” on Winrock property. The con was exposed after Winrock learned she was wheelchair bound from MS since 2008, a full 8 year prior to “walking” on the property. Case dismissed in 2019. In 2018 she sold a story to TMZ claiming another injury. A “broken ankle and a fractured leg” from an alleged paparazzi chase she described as “Diana-like.” Dailymail 2018- “No evidences of Meghan Markle’s sister car crash with paparazzi.” Another con for money. The Daiymail was also the first to publish the letter from the state agency confirming she abused her daughter. They’re a rubbish rag but credit to them.

    • Your comments about Samantha Markle are NOT endorsed by The Steeple Times. We think them nonsensical and entirely support Samantha, the most sensible sister of the Markle family.

      • Precisely, Matthew! There is always some deluded saddo on this platform who wants to “love up” to that manipulative minx, Meghan. They are in a shrinking minority, as is her popularity!

      • Thank you for allowing me an alternative position from your readers. Both sides. Like the Winrock case, SM’s current lawsuit has many inconsistencies. 1. She claims the book and Oprah forced her to file an “injunction against an overzealous fan of MM.” Problem- The date of her injunction is Feb 23, 2020, Oprah aired on March 7, 2021(almost a year after her injunction)FF- published Aug 11,2020(over 6 months after injunction) 2. She alleges that MM said, “I’m an only child.” The official Oprah transcript in the court records reads, “I grew up an only child.” 3. She alleges a “relationship until 2018.”Noel Rasmussen, “My mother never wanted anything to do with Meghan until Harry.” So many discrepancies! #I DON’T support “substantiated” child abusers.

  8. What Annie said ^^^^^. I have a feeling Wally is having a field day with this. Just watching CB basically squirming. As ole CB himself says eff around find out ie FAFO. Nobody loves ole CB more than CB himself. He does have a bot farm ya know. Just imagine how many fans he can create for himself & by himself! Anywho,it’s getting good.😄😋


  9. Hey look, it’s my favorite squaddie. Wherever she goes,there she is. You squaddies keep repeating the same old propaganda. Do you know if carrot boobs is trying to shake down 89 year old Mr Getty or not ?? 😂… Personally from what I’ve seen of Ashley & Noelle & the woman who adopted them I’m not at all impressed with any of them. As we all know,carrot boobs,uses,abuses,bullies, & discards anyone & everyone who doesn’t lie for her or worship her. Ewww. SO, I highly doubt you will change any minds. The Frosty Todger family are merely rich trash! We have a trashy gop congressman in Ny that kinda reminds me of MRS Frosty Todger. He too has lied & cheated his way through life.


  10. Lottie,
    If my goal was to change anyone’s mind I would certainly not be here. This is clearly not a supportive MM site. Personal insults against Noel and Ashleigh are unfair. They have simply spoken on their horrendous and abusive relationship with their “mother” They’re entitled to do this. They also know her character better than anyone on this board. #I support victims of child abuse. You’re free to support their abuser. #Team Samantha.That’s what freedom of speech means.

    • Ashleigh & Noelle are fair game. They’re adults. So, stop with the sanctimonious personal attack mantra bs. For what they’ve done @ the behest of the real bully & abuser Carrot boobs. I hope they ALL pay a huge price. Especially Cb,OS,Eh, eh al. Hope they especially they pay a Huge price for what they’ve done to Samantha & our precious Wally!

  11. Why are you here? I’ve been wondering about that. You certainly don’t comment for the fun of it. There a high sense of humor quota here with Matthew…maybe you are studying up on irony….maybe you like us.😅

    • Hi Jane, guess it’s best to.ignore you know who? 🤔. I have a child that was sexually abused by a neighbor when she was young.She read this & said that in her opinion, they are fair game since they spoke out. You can’t use things like this as an excuse all your life. She read my post & said she saw nothing disrespectful. She too thinks Mm is using her nieces to garner sympathy for herself. She also thinks Mm.bullied little Princess Charlotte & made Catherine cry. She use to like Mm but says she has shown herself to be dishonest,a bully,a liar. She said to stop responding to her minions. So, I shall try to only respond to other posters. We need to stop using certain life events as crutches. Guess ole mattress actress is trying to shake down an 89 year old man. My lord, she will never change. She uses,abuses,bullies & discards @ the drop.of a hat. Have a great day or evening. 😊😋

  12. There is a YouTuber from the UK. Her channel.is called “Tea & Therapy” & she is a trained therapist. I recommend her video called “Why all the smoke & mirrors”. VERY well done & just as informative. If you watch it, hope it’s as enjoyable for you as it was for me.😁😀

  13. My nana’s favorite saying is: ” Karma takes its time but also works its magic.” Newsweek- ” Kate Middleton criticized for working just 90 engagements this year.” Town & Country-“KM’s Shaping up Campaign faces criticism- ” The time has long passed for ‘awareness’ we need action-long-term investment and funding in the early years.”IBT-Kate Middleton slammed after video shows her laughing at food bank donations-“princess laughing after she was told the organisation relies on food donations.” Very classy! Why are they paid £120 million pounds a year in benefits???This shallow sponger can’t see there’s a food bank on most corners in the 🇬🇧. Abolish the monarchy!

    • Susan – The much loved Princess of Wales (she’s not been Kate Middleton for many years) is a hardworking lady and is doing just wonderfully. She is up in the opinion polls whereas your beloved Duchess of Sussex (AKA ‘Murky Meg’) is going down and down. There’s good reason for that and as for your £120 million figure, I’ll allow that you may just be a little stir-fried of mind this morning.

  14. Matthew,
    She’s not “much loved” in my age group 18-24. You Gov polling- “Young people are turning their backs on the monarchy.” Reuters- “Young people want to ditch the monarchy.” She appeals to the same age group as Charles, older Brits. Young people prefer substance over style. She lives in 5 homes and uses a food bank for a photo-op. Who the hell shows up to a food bank without food? We live in a democratic country.I DON’T have to recognize Kate Middleton’s “royal” title. #Abolish the monarchy!

    • You are entitled to your opinion, but you failed to explain your having costed the Princess of Wales at £120 million a year. The sum was and remains ludicrous. As for your critcism of the Princess of Wales, I find it beyond curious. For starters, where are these five homes? From what I know, she has three residences. Please list them.

  15. Matthew,
    Dailymail-Sept 17, 2022, “Game of Homes!” “The inheritance (Dutchy of Cornwall estate)has made the new Prince of Wales the biggest landowner in Britain…including housing developments and seven castles.” 7 Castles she can live in. I stand corrected the figure is £102 million pounds last year. This is $124 million dollars. Can we agree that someone who only worked 90 engagements last year hasn’t earned it?

    • The Princess of Wales actually only lives in 3 homes, so you are wrong. As for her workload, she does plenty else besides turning up to cut ribbons. Far more than Meghan who was the laziest person ever to marry into the royal family.

      • Welp,Matthew Sir, YOU are on a roll today! This is why we love & respect you. I read something about Trevor Engleson writing a book &, from what I’ve seen it’s going to be really good &, many new revelations. The squaddies seem to be having meltdowns since Nate come into the picture. We in the US understand by merely endorsing something by a royal can bring in $$$$$. Catherine,Princess of Wales is very much loved globally. Many of us in America have started calling her our Princess too. I think we all have ourselves a new people’s Princess.



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