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Organic Vegetable Maxwell – Rotten-To-Her-Core Ghislaine Maxwell Moves Jail

As mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell is moved to a low security prison in Florida where prisoners will supposedly likely “hate” her, PR peddler Jay Beecher’s ‘The Maxwell Files’ website bizarrely starts promoting organic vegetables in Sussex and lists stories about this anything but wholesome criminal as “recipes”

Conspiracy theorists would have you ludicrously believe that Ghislaine Maxwell (now more simply known as prisoner register number 02879-509) doesn’t exist. They cite the fact as supporting evidence of her disappearance that whilst Johnny Depp’s civil defamation case with Amber Heard was televised, the convicted mucky madam nonce’s criminal trial was not, but, as they often do, these crackpots get it all wrong.


Whilst such individuals miss the very clear points of differences about the domain of each case and how media are allowed to cover or not cover such, they also ignore the simple matter that there were people present and that they did see a woman who was simply not suffering from malnutrition as her family had claimed. Cashmere clad Ghislaine Maxwell, our sources present tell us, was very much real, had a full head of hair and her weight had declined from 146 pounds on arrest by just 1.5 pounds to 144.5 pounds by the time of her trial.



Rightly called out for her decidely dodgy deviancy – which ranged from inventing pseudonyms to telling porky pies about her multi-million dollar fortune – ‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ favourite child was last weekend transferred to the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution in Florida. She will now serve a sentence there that, if she learns to behave herself a bit better than she has thus far, will see her released on 17th July 2037.



Joining other female inmates including Narcisa Véliz Novack – the notorious murderer of the former Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel owner Bernice Novack (her ex-mother-in-law) and her son Ben Novack Jr. (her ex-husband) – Maxwell will now be forced to “clean toilets and wash dishes” for the “paltry sum” of “15 to 27 cents an hour” according to the DailyMail.com.


Going further, the paper’s Daniel Bates added of the thus far unapologetic supposed ex-lover of non-sweating Prince Andrew:


“[She] could become a target for others inmates unless she acts humbly and stops complaining about her life. But Maxwell has done the exact opposite so far and has griped relentlessly about her conditions.”


“[She] will still still have a tough time adjusting and will be in with murderers and women who have committed serious assaults. The facility is run down, humid and some women will ‘hate her’ because of her celebrity… There will be women who have been abused themselves and will not like her at all because of her crimes.”


Elsewhere yesterday, one of vegan Maxwell’s PR peddlers, Jay Beecher, took down the ‘Maxwell Files’ website where he has spread many falsehoods against the victims of this now convicted criminal sex trafficker. He replaced it with a “coming soon” missive, but by this morning an even stranger replacement had sprouted.


The ‘Maxwell Files,’ now, has become a website that promotes the sale of “locally farmed organic vegetables” from a “12-acre farm in Sussex.” It still includes articles featuring the sexual abuser’s sibling Ian Maxwell bleating on about her “innocence,” but weirdly describes such as “our favourite recipes.” One thing, however, is for sure – the only grub Ghislaine Maxwell will deservedly be getting for the next twenty years is nothing but gruel. Off to the compost heap with this rotten apple!


Pictured top (left to right) – Sordid “socialite” Ghislaine Maxwell living it up at Ascot racecourse in happier times in June 1991 prior to the death of her pension pot plundering papa; contributor to discredited ‘Politicalite’ publication – which disgracefully smeared the good name of respected journalist Peter Jukes – Jay Beecher and a selection of organic vegetables – as promoted by Beecher on his extremely toady arse-licking ‘Maxwell Files’ website.


On Monday 25th July 2022, the ‘Maxwell Files’ site run by PR peddler Jay Beecher disappeared and was replaced with a “coming soon” message.
By Tuesday 26th July, the website had been updated and had become a place listing the sale of organic vegetables and delivering “locally farmed organic vegetable boxes from [a] 12-acre farm in Sussex.” Ghislaine Maxwell’s connections to this operation are unknown, but it seems unlikely to see her toiling the soil ‘Darling Buds of May’ style any day soon (or until her anticipated release date in 2037 even).
Maxwell Files Sussex 2
The news section of the new ‘Maxwell Files’ website bizarrely suggested visitors “try with our vegetables” and “our favourite recipes.” These “recipes” included stories about the anything but wholesome mucky madam rather than actual stories about cooking with organic produce.
Ethical and sustainable
Ironically, the website – which has been amongst the main places apologists for the ex-wife to be of Scott Borgerson have posted content in support of her – had a section called: “Why you’ll love us.” It suggested the offering to be “ethical” amongst other things – something the mucky madam has most definitely been proven to anything but be.
Previously, in January this year, a lady named Nicole Cornes attempted to suggest Jay Beecher previously worked for ‘The Steeple Times.’ Thankfully, when she realised that we would NEVER associate with this rotten piece of toerag, she very sensibly apologised.
Jay Beecher Tweet
Beecher likes to make himself out to be some kind of crusader who will never allow anyone to “silence [his] reporting.” He is instead simply laughable and a hollow individual who’ll jump any rotten bandwagon. How rotten the vegetables from his new operation in Sussex are remains to be seen.
The Spectator Ian Maxwell
Elsewhere, earlier this month Jeffrey Epstein’s co-collaborator’s brother, Ian Maxwell, penned a feature for ‘The Spectator’ in which he claimed: “My sister Ghislaine was denied justice. The whole system was designed to convict, not to find the truth.” Going further, he tellingly showed his family’s arrogance in adding: “Ghislaine became a replacement for Epstein… The evidence is clear that Ghislaine believed herself to be free of guilt. Had she even suspected that she might be arrested she would have fled beyond the reach of the US legal system to France, of which she is a citizen.” Here, indeed, are a family who believe the law should not apply to them; this is a family who consider themselves above the law and, just like the late tax evader Leona Helmsley, above the “little people.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Jay Beecher is a lovely man. I know him from the directors box at Millwall. We tried the vegetables recently at a home game , they are wonderful and WholeFoods and Planet Organic are stocking them.
    Do you know anywhere else they should pitch to ? People are certainly getting far more conscious about what they eat


    • Perhaps one day ole Cankles Hillary aka hildabeast ClintonISTA could share a cell in Florida with MS maxwell..


  2. Jay is promoting organic food. He is close friends with Jamie Oliver and they are trying to help manage the obesity crisis through their endeavours. It should be heavily applauded.

  3. I will get my friend John Caudwell to support this cause. He’s a good friend of Jay too. Jay has a huge social media presence and is popular across the divide. I can see him making waves in shaping policy in the future as well.


  4. Jay Beecher writes intelligently. He is getting a column in the Spectator as of next month



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