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How The Mighty Fall… Grubby Groper Ghislaine Maxwell To Slum It In TV Interview With Sickening Shock Jock Jeremy Kyle

As it is announced Ghislaine Maxwell is to be interviewed by Jeremy Kyle, one is left asking: “Is this part of the mucky madam sex offender’s calculating strategy as she seeks an appeal?”

A Manchester district judge, Alan Berg, once branded The Jeremy Kyle Show a “human form of bear-baiting.” He went further and suggested “it seems to be me that its whole purpose is to effect a morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people who are in some kind of turmoil” and now its former host is about to engage with someone far worse.


That person? On Monday, Kyle returns to our screens with an interview with the imprisoned noxious nonce Ghislaine Maxwell. In a way, one can suppose, this wicked woman can be surmised an ideal ‘subject,’ but equally one is left questioning how someone who once hung out with presidents and princes has now denigrated herself to such a low-level.


Aired on some 3,000 occasions on ITV between 2005 and 2019, the now deservedly cancelled “dark and dangerous” The Jeremy Kyle Show show featured a braying assembly of hoodlums on a set where guests simply had to be as obnoxious as possible. Kyle, the now 57-year-old son of a personal secretary to the late Queen Mother, egged them on, whilst the studio audience jeered and jostled to join in with what can only be described as a “sh*tshow” of car crash proportions.


Almost anything went on what was also unsurprisingly called out as “the vilest show on the planet.” Aside from lie detectors and DNA and paternity tests, Kyle and his security guards presided over a gathering of what can only be described as the detritous of humanity, but what he will be enquiring of the monstrous menace that is Ghislaine Maxwell has yet to be properly revealed.


Whilst The Jeremy Kyle Show’s supposedly “most hated guest ever,” Dwayne Davison of Nottingham, subsequently claimed participating to have been “the worst thing that has ever happened in my life” and that it had “ruined” his life, Maxwell is clearly banking on trying to get the public she previously treated like the ‘great unwashed’ on her side. We already know this convicted criminal to be cold and calculating, but what benefit she and her and her advisors think will come of this will most certainly be deserving of analysis post-showing.


According to the MailOnline’s chief reporter Martin Robinson, the host – whose ITV show was axed after a guest took his own life following a lie detector test – will use the TalkTV interview on the Rupert Murdoch owned channel to “lift the lid on Epstein, Prince Andrew and even our late Queen.” In an announcement, Kyle added: “This is Ghislaine Maxwell behind bars and in her own words.” He does not, however, add mention of whether he’s got a lie detector or a dose of pontificating PR peddler Brian Basham to go with that.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


Pictured Top – Jeremy Kyle liked to use “double lie detectors” on his show (right); boob bagger Ghislaine Maxwell is in need of being subjected to such as it might force her to admit the truth; she should also finally show some decency and name the names of those she so disgustingly sex trafficked her many, many victims to.


On Saturday morning on Twitter, Matthew Steeples asked: “Is mucky madam sex fiend Ghislaine Maxwell illustrating intelligent strategy by going on Talk TV on Monday with shock jock Jeremy Kyle?” He asked followers to vote as to whether this is a “calculating and clever move” or whether this showed “she’s mental and delusional.” A further two options offered were that this represents a move by her “PR peddlers spinning away” and a suggestion that “she’s being fed to the wolves” to keep those powerful people she associated with – such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew – from having to answer questions. After all, here is a wicked wastrel woman who was convicted of sex trafficking her victims, but here is a case where no one has been convicted of ‘receiving’ these very victims.
How the mighty fall… Ghislaine Maxwell was first incarcerated after being arrested in Bradford, New Hampshire on 2nd July 2020. Kept at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York prior to her trial, the wicked wench is now serving her sentence at FCI Tallahassee in Florida. It is from there that she conducted the interview with Jeremy Kyle that will air on TalkTV on Monday 23rd January 2023.
The Jeremy Kyle Show
“My daughter accused me of stealing and then said she slept with my fiancé!” was a typical staged encounter that occurred on the ITV show. Surely even the audacious pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell wouldn’t have ever lowered himself to appear on such a show, yet his definitely deviant daughter has clearly decided that lowering herself to such a level might actually be a strategy that could help her win over the court of public opinion. Is she deranged or is there method in her madness?
Ghislaine Maxwell Piers Morgan
The main host on TalkTV is Piers Morgan. Pictured here with Ghislaine Maxwell at a launch party for Geordie Greig’s ‘Breakfast with Lucien’ book on 21st October 2013 at a private residence in New York, Morgan now regularly gets called out for having appeared in a number of photographs with the convicted sex offender but continues to claim that he did not actually know her well.
Ghislaine Maxwell Rupert Murdoch
Equally, illustrating another link to TalkTV, the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ grubby groper daughter was happily snapped with the channel’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, at the fifth ‘Important Dinner for Women’ in New York on 20th September 2010. In spite of the intense rivalry between Rupert Murdoch and Robert Maxwell in the years prior to the latter’s death, it is clear that the feud between the two newspapers barons did not continue beyond the grave and that friendly relations developed between Ghislaine Maxwell and the House of Murdoch subsequently.
Royal Ascot
How the mighty fall… In times happier, Ghislaine Maxwell was able to live it up at Royal Ascot with her mate and alleged lover Prince Andrew (left); Piers Morgan meanwhile has been known to turn up there also with Jeremy Kyle also (right).
Living it up parties Mick Jagger Donald Trump
How the mighty fall… In times happier, Ghislaine Maxwell lived it up at parties at palaces and counted Mick Jagger (left) and Donald Trump (right) amongst her social circle. Her and her fat and fearsome father cultivated power and privilege, but that she has now lowered herself to the base of humanity and Jeremy Kyle speaks volumes as to the fact that she’s now a bottom feeding slurry tank dweller.
Yesterday’s ‘MailOnline’ article about the forthcoming interview concluded with a remark from the mucky madam’s “spokesman.” One can only presume this to have been either Brian Basham (most likely) or either her brother Kevin Maxwell or her former British based PR peddler Ross Gow, but that they say: “Her spirits are holding up as you might expect of an innocent woman” simply shows how delusional this deranged woman and those around her truly are.
Jeremy Kyle once said: “Some people will always think I’ve got the eyes of Satan. Others will think I’m a TV God. People have the right to criticise.” Many will say that his forthcoming subject has, like her monstrous father, the eyes of Satan also and many will also criticise his television interview with Jeffrey Epstein’s lover turned girl procurer.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. GM was a fool, she should have made a deal and named the men involved. The government would have given her a great deal if she had cooperated. Thank you for highlighting Piers. The hacker and liar blocks anyone from his Twitter account who shows the pictures you displayed. So what is he afraid of? I don’t think we’ll every get the truth on who was involved. JE is dead and she’s still talking about Andrew as a victim. She’s well educated but a very foolish woman.

  2. One last thing on her, I think when you’re handed everything you take the easy road. Selling young girls and living off JE was easier than working. My grandparents immigrated from Northern Sweden, worked 2 jobs. They never considered breaking the law to make an easy living. I know it’s wrong but it’s very hard to feel sorry for her.

    • Why is it wrong not to feel sorry for her? I have lost all empathy and compassion toward pedos and psychopaths. Get them in a room, put them in stasis and ship off to another planet so we can live in relative peace.

  3. Good grief! Of all the interviews I’ve ever seen in my 66yrs on this planet, this has got to be up there with the most desperately seeking sordid. Kyle is slick, I’ll give him that, he’s made a comeback on GBnews and they’ve obviously saved the “Well I’M not doing that!” Stuff just for him. Ghislaine, meanwhile has been waiting for an opportunity to declare her innocence and will be dressed in the best clothing prison bribes can buy, with her make up, which will be a mixture of boot polish for mascara, biro pen ink for eyeshadow, toothpaste mixed with butter for foundation cream, and a slick of human blood for lipstick. This should be a corker to watch!

    • Omg! Wally, love your descriptions of her makeup\cosmetics. THAT was hilarious & almost made me spit my Dutch bros coffee out.. High ^^^^^ (fives) to you.


    • Highly entertaining YWSQ….I’m so tired of her and her peculiar family. I’m still chortling over her court attire and sophisticated schmoozing( all on a gulag diet of one black banana). Ghislaine isn’t a liar ..she is a lie.

  4. My simplistic mind says that she got 20 years porridge and she should be left to suffer it with no fun (to her) stuff like tv interviews to entertain her. Prison is a PUNISHMENT, nerrmean?
    I felt the same way about Bernie Madoff when so many people interviewed him to try to understand him. Leave him alone in prison to suffer for his sins.
    Also, she has lied all her life. Why would she change now? What would viewers get out of watching her? A chance to fall for some of her sh*t?

    • Well said Margaret. I bet she’s loving all the attention. She is basically, courtesy of the likes of the toady sucker-upper to anyone who might get her a columnn inch Daphne Barak and revolting life destroyer Jeremy Kyle, getting to live her previous life just from within the confines of a fence. As for her teaching etiquette lessons and working in the prison shop, doing yoga, etc. – ENOUGH. Lock her up in a hole and make her suffer; just as she made her many, many victims suffer.

  5. She suits prison. I’d like the decent world to be given the chance to forget about her. That sinister bunch of relatives and associates should all be with her..ahh geez..

  6. The Dailymail is reporting that PA wants to overturn his settlement with VG. They’re reporting that GM said Andrew and VG never met and the famous pic is “a fake.” PA would like to return to full time royal duty. PC is currently paying for his security. The RF is foolish if they go along with this PR stunt by Andrew. This is rubbish. That picture is authentic. Lying Wanker!!

  7. Oh I’m pale with rage 😂at Andrews immense stupidity. The only ceremony suitable to that creepy nobody is the placing of a dunce cap on his head . He has been so thoroughly despised by so many for so long that shamelessness is his only trait. Has Ghislaine contacted him? I’m wondering what has developed this laughable and sad hope in Andrew. Who on earth is advising him? Fergie and the daughters? I can hear him now, bellowing about being ” a prince of the blood” and forcing himself on the world with Ghislaines passionate advice ringing in his ears. What a pudding brain he is…..
    As if Beelzebub would believe anything Ghislaine says. She is so repulsive that my eyes are watering. Someone make her go away. The photo is real . Andrew is an abuser.


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