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Co-Collaborators – Bring Maxwell Associates To Justice 2022
Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Call In The Co-Collaborators – Maxwell Associates Including Sarah Kellen Should Face Justice

Matthew Steeples joins those demanding that Ghislaine Maxwell’s henchwoman Sarah Kellen and other co-collaborators face justice for their roles assisting the convicted mucky madam sex fiend

Late last night the Daily Mail’s Stephen Wright and Daniel Bates published a story about Sarah Kellen, also known as Sarah Vickers and Sarah Kensington.


In it, of this 43-year-old wife of 38-year-old Nascar driver turned investor Brian Vickers, the Wright and Bates reported: “While Ghislaine Maxwell awaits her fate, Sarah Kellen – her ex-right-hand-woman and third key figure in Jeffrey Epstein drama – strolls carefree in Manhattan… The contrast in her fortunes… could not be starker.”


Reportedly living between a £4.3 million penthouse in SoHo, New York and a £5.1 million condominium in Miami, Florida, here is a woman “dubbed Epstein’s ‘lieutenant’ for allegedly souricng and booking underage girls for ‘massages’” but who “has has never faced justice over the scandal after becoming one of four women granted immunity from prosecution over Epstein’s abuse. In 2008, his lawyers persuaded the authorities to sign an agreement giving ‘potential co-conspirators’ protection from future charges.”


Of the lack of even an attempt to get justice, victims’ lawyer David Boies told the paper that he hoped that “co-conspirators should be held to account” whilst victims’ attorney Brad Edwards added that the likes of Kellen “should share evidence to those ‘still seeking justice’ or should face prosecution next.”


Unsurprisingly, “Miss Kellen’s lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.”


Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein with Sarah Kellen on Madison Avenue in NYC on 30th January 2012. Of her involvement with the since croaked paedophile, this 43-year-old once stated: “[I am a] victim – not a monster.”
Mr and Mrs Vickers were reported as being “horrible neighbours” to other residents of the building where they primarily live in an article in the ‘New York Post’ on 16th January 2021. Residents of 92 Greene Street – which was “once home to Lindsay Lohan,” another “neighbour from hell” – moaned: “It’s the other homeowners that have to put up with [their] endless apartment renovation.”
Bobbi Sternheim
Elsewhere yesterday in a 68-page document shared on ‘Court Listener,’ defence lawyer Bobbi C. Sternheim raged in support of her client and stated: “Ms. Maxwell’s sentencing proceeding should not a bully pulpit for anyone who was not identified as a victim of the charged federal offenses and does not qualify as such under the CVRA. We urge the Court to undertake its role as gatekeeper to ensure that Ms. Maxwell’s rights are not trampled by individuals who are not statutory victims or by the rights afforded to legitimate victims under the CVRA. To ensure that the appropriate balance of rights is achieved, those who qualify under the CVRA offenses should have the right to be heard but their statements should be in accordance with redactions and rulings made by the Court. Because the Individuals do not meet the definition of ‘crime victims’ under the CVRA, they should not be permitted to give oral testimony or have their written victim impact statements read during sentencing.”
On Twitter this morning, ‘The Prince & The Pervert’ podcast host Lisa Tait shared “five reasons why #GhislaineMaxwell thinks she’s the real victim.” They include that she thinks she’s not to blame, she was emotionally abused father, she is the replacement for the dead paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, conspiracy and that her victims are not actually her victims.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Can anyone explain why Piers blocks anyone on his Twitter feed that dares to tweet that infamous 😃pic of him alongside the Murky Madam? Uncensored?Why would he get so upset when he alleges to have “only met her once?” It’s going to be interesting if she decides to write a book.

    • I have read GM was famous for photo b—ing with many people to make others think she was friends . After her conviction I seriously question her friendship w/ anyone as she was self-centered . I doubt any book by her will ever be done after this because I am sure she is tired of court rooms & rulings and a book by her would just scream lawsuit . She blew her only chance to name names in that courtroom & now anything she say’s will be questionable .

  2. I think so too Greg… I think Sarah Kellen is as guilty as Ghislaine .its an outrage that she tones her unclean person on the streets of NYC..looking rather unattractive and frightened ..shes needing handcuffs.

  3. (UK Sunday Times)Blimey! “Charles accepted £1 million cash in suitcase from Sheikh.” Sounds perfectly normal for a man about to be 👑.

  4. Correction- £3 million pounds stuffed in a suitcase from a “controversial political sheikh. Similar to the recent cash for honours scandal. Watch the BM give him a pass again when he “explains” it away. Nothing shady to see here! How are they better than the working class blokes paying for them?

    • Oh Susan, you are sooo correct, I read your stuff and almost feel I don’t need to make a comment, you cover my thoughts exactly.

  5. WaPo- “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” An independent investigations should be conducted and immediately released to the 🇬🇧 public. The alleged “bullying” report should also be made public. #Royal Family lied trended for two days in 6 countries including UK, US, Australia and Canada. Newsweeks is reporting the allegations may have been use to distract from the Oprah interview.(Newsweek- June 21) PA hasn’t worked in 3 years so where does his income come from? Is he still on the public payroll?Transparency is vital in a parliamentary democracy.

  6. Just like those currently committing crimes against humanity, I’d like to see all the pedos involved with JE and GM held to account. What are the justice systems waiting for??? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

    • Here’s why Verity. Because there are way too many higher ups also involved. As long GM keeps her mouth shut & doesn’t name the names in that little black book, she will be fine. Otherwise she will BE suicided like Epstetein. NOBODY in America believes he killed himself. Not there we’re losing sleep.over it though. It’s a shame though she will be in a country club type prison. THAT is where the privileged criminals go.

  7. Sheikh Hamad, a member of the Qatari RF is suspected of supporting and financing the terrorist group Al Qaeda. This is the man our next King believed it was ok to accept a bag of euros from. Aides from CH counted the money which will fund Charles’ pet projects and “country estate.” James Oh Brian, Radio Inc, “Thank goodness he’s not making programmes with Netflix. That would be truly reprehensible.”

  8. RF should stick to public relations. No reason any of them need to be brokering business deals of any kind. Just step up to that ATM in the basement of Buckingham Palace and let it spit some cash at them for Starbucks and new shoes. A good change would be made by making business off limits to the Royals ..
    Just public relations and disarming dysfunction where possibly possible.
    England’s colonial possessions are an unwieldy fortune to say the least.


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