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The Marchioness of Bath

Anna Thynn, Marchioness of Bath (stage and pen name: Anna Gael, AKA “Lady Bass”)Born in Hungary and raised in France, the Marchioness of Bath has been described as a “soft porn actress” as well as a war correspondent and a journalist. In September 2015, she told The Sunday Times’ Camilla Long that she tolerates her husband’s “wifelets” (she termed them “girlfriends”) but believes her son to be a “misguided… poor little rich boy [who has] slurred [his own parents]”. She went on to add of her husband: “He’s like Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. I don’t mean [he] is an idiot. Dostoevsky’s idiot is not an idiot, just a very good man easily taken by people and advised the wrong way, giving things when he shouldn’t have given things. Naïve”. Of her, her husband once commented: “[She’s a] fantasist”. Bring on the happy family.



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    Douglas Durst

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    1. They’re are f***ing nuts!!!!!! Inbreeding must be the cause!!!!!! Good on the son for doing his own thing!!!!! His parents should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!

    2. I agree with the previous comment, they are nuts. But ‘Lady’ Bath is a shrewed former pron actress who picked up Bath in a Parisian cinema when he was a naive student driving around France.

      She stuck her claws in and managed to get pregnant asap ensuring a title and an estate. She never loved the old fool, she has had a French lover and lived there for the past 35 years. What kind of marriage is this
      You can take the whore out of Hungary, but you cannot take Hungary out of the whore.

      She has played Bath for over 35 years. Turned a blind eye to all of his so called ‘wifelets’, kept the title into the process and managed to manouver her son to claim the estate two years ago.
      Bath is also a cunning tight fisted smelly old codger in serious need of a bath. Whenever a guest brought a decent bottle of wine to a lunch at Longleat the cunning old codger would stash it into the ‘Lady Bath’ cupboard along with all of the other bottles of decent plonk while the piss poor migrane inducing Euro1 a barrel piss would be served to his guests.

      The Bath twosome are a vile tight fisted pair who are not loved by their children and live a lonely miserable existence despite their mutual wealth considered to be £500 million.

      Good riddance to this vile pair. They deserve all the misery and bad luck coming their way.

      Karma has a way of returning to bite you on your fat arse.

    3. Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What have the parents done that was so wrong???????????????
      The son is a waste of space and seeing as his parents in law have been family friends for years I cannot quite see where racism comes in.
      I am pretty sure a Nigerian family of impoartance would NOT like a white addition to their bloodline

    4. I met Lord Bath in Monte Carlo in 1991, he was a guest and friend of my host ,whose name without his permission I will not reveal…went to Longleat many times and I have known Alexander ever since.

      Over the years he wanted me to become a “wifflet” may I say as a woman who only has relationships with great minds, I could never belittle myself to be a part of such a set-up unless I were to inherit his entire Estate!!!

      I could never be the mistress of a man who sleeps with such cheap women there is no glory in such endeavour…and no self respect in the process as a lady.

      Bienvenida Countess Sokolow

      • Wekkm you’re a saucy one. What life in the circles of yours must be like… It is indeed, a different world entirely.

    5. I totally agree with Countess Sokolow. As a painter I was interested in seeing Lord Bath’s murals. Not too impressed I have to say. The Longleat guide was non too impressed also. She said that many observers had likened them to work created by a ‘psychzophrenic mind’.

      Needless to say Bath barged in and chatted me up, invited me to one of his infamous Sunday lunches. All kind of incredibly dull very boring people were present. Snobs the lot of them. Hangers on such as the old boy who organises ‘Operation Raleigh’ who managed to get lost in the Longleat Maze, so much for being an ‘Adventurer’. He was tapping up guests for money to ‘fund his latest adventure’.

      ***** is not short of money. He was living in a grace and favour mansion flat in Dolphin , Square, alongside all of the grandees from the House of Lords who were paying peppercorn rent and fiddling their expenses.

      Guests were told to help themselves. **** elbowed his way to the counter leaving barely enough for the guests who were present. The last two at the buffet were left without. Bath seemed to ignore this charade. Two or three of his low life ‘wifelets’ were present. One, who was clearly on drugs, hard drugs. She kept receiving calls from an ‘arab friend’.

      This vile creature who lives on an Islington council estate and in receipt of state benefits was the most hostile agressive individual I have ever had the misfortune to encounter at a meal. I read recently that she broke ****’s nose in a nasty assault last year, the police were yet again called out. No charges were pressed, once again Bath did not want the adverse publicity.

      This sick sadistic old man clearly enjoys seeing women fight, and the crazy thing is not one of them is fighting over him, they are equally as sociopathic as he is.

      A Hammer House of Horrors!.

      She stank, even worse than Bath and was obsessively jealous. She lashed out at an elderly woman called ****, who seemed to be Sri Lankan or Mauritian, in her 60’s and who appeared to be one of the long standing wifelets.

      Another crazy wifelet – **** seemed to be having a nervous breakdown and was on tranquilisers, was clearly annoyed at not being invited. All alone in her little cottage on the estate, she barged in and went for **** tearing her hair and scratching her face. Doyle lashed back swearing kicking and spitting. A guest tried to call the police but Bath roared at him grabbing his phone.

      One kindly female guest offered the remains of the lamb, a bone to the dog – Toya. Bath nearly had a heart attack. Grabbed the bone from the poor dog’s mouth, all covered in doggie spittle handing it to the butler instructing him toi make soup with

      ‘How f….ing dare you’ ! he roared at the poor woman. How dare you give my supper to the dog’?

      He then, much to the annoyance of the wifelets, made a move on me.

      I made my excuses and that point and left.

      It was like one of the worst film noirs your could imagine. Never again I said to my friends as we drove back to London as fast as we could leaving this house of horrors and comedy or errors behind us.

      We felt incredibly sorry for Bath’s children Lenka and Caewlin and knew they had put up with a lifetime of misery being raised by this crazy man. Lenka told us that only a week before he had gatecrashed her birthday party held in a hall on the estate. All of her friends and Caewlin’s had brought their own booze. Bath gatecrashed the party making a beeline for the prettiest girl.

      ‘Fu,,,ck Off’ Dad Caewlin told him, physically ejecting him.

      Clearly no love lost there…



    6. Oh do go away, you pretentious old bore! And someone should tell you that it is frightfully bad form to use a ‘foreign’ title in this country….especially, one of a family no one has ever heard of

    7. William! Lord Bath wasn’t that naive! He married one of the best blow-jobs in the Parisian cinema pick-up trade. What prize to win! The Marchioness is a wife you have at your side all the time just in case you need a hand 🙂

    8. Peter what on earth are you talking about? Who is using a ‘foreign title’? What I witnessed at Longleat is true, and I have many many pictures to prove it. Also a collleague of mine has written extensively about the evil happenings at Longleat as many guests can attest to.

      A Hammer House of Horrors!.

      Peter you are right about his father being enamoured with Hitler and Nazi memorabilia.

      Some colleagues of mine who stayed the night in the children’s nursery which was previously a shrine to Hitler, could not sleep a wink. They felt a cold evil presence.

      They left at 3am unable to sleep and headed back to London.

      Next day Bath informed them that the nursery had been converted from a room used as a shrine to Nazi memoribilia and to Hitler.

      In fact Hitler spent months at his summer house sitting in a darkened room at Ramatuelle watching replays of the vile acts inflicted on Jewish prisoners.

      He is an evil old Sadist. which is why he has been tormenting and playing multiple vulnerable women for that past 40 years.

      The acts of a sociopathic Sadist.!

    9. Correction:….

      Bath (not Hitler) spent months locked away in his dark delapidated dirty living room in Ramatuelle with torn beat up old sofas in the South of France watching replays of the torture carried out by the Nazis on some nasty racist tv channel.

      The man gets off on torture and loves seeing others suffer, especially the truly vulnerable, such as Jewish prisoners and also the low class ‘wifelets’ whom he loves to denegrade and set them off against each other.

      Bath is a smelly old Sadist. He loves seeing uneducated very low self esteem women ‘fight’ over him. Like the true **** he is at heart he got a kick out of it.

      A Sadist. And a Smelly one at that!.

      Somewhat similar to the Roman Emperors and how they gloated at seeing the lions maul the peasant slaves.

      Evil dirty smelly old man.


    10. Well, I certainly seemed to have loosed off something interesting: goodness knows what it was MS had to edit out. We should be told!!

    11. A little bit of checking shows that the Thynne family were utter nobodies until the first one became a servant to the great Seymour family. After that, it was onwards and upwards as the family stole land during the Dissolution.
      Clearly, the 470 year bloodline was based on very common blood which manifests itself generation after generation.
      And Arabella….No…one should not use a spurious foreign title: especially, if you are an old bag like Mrs Buck

    12. Peter,

      You appear to be confused. I am not the ‘Countess’ or Mrs. Buck who wrote the comment above. Not the same person.,And ‘no spurious foreign title’, just a humble commoner.

      Bath loves to brag that he Henry V111 was an ancestor, not sure how true this is. He is a self-obsessed narcissist and sociopath, hence the mess he has made of his life. The man should have been treated for his mental disorders.

      Had he admitted to having mental issues and received treatment he might have been taken more seriously for his art work and writing.

    13. A staircase at Longleat is haunted and Bath loves to regale guests room with tales of the ‘Grey Lady’ who has been spotted walking along the landing scaring the living daylights out of guests, if the piss poor plonk does not make them ill sightings of the Grey Lady most certainly will.

      Searching for her lover apparently – he was a footman who was bumped off by the Thynn family who did not approve of one of their women consorting with staff so he was disposed of, thrown down the stairs and died instantly broken neck, poor bloke.

      His remains were discovered a few years ago when Lady Bath’s cafe was being constructed and they were excavating a basement where the skeleton of the footman had been hidden.

      .Shows the extent of the cruelty which this family had a penchant for.

      Did’nt they realize they originated from the serving class themselves?. Bath has clearly inherited the evil Thynn gene and their propensity for violence and inflicting cruelty.

    14. The Grey Lady is the most famous of Longleat’s ghosts is that of Lady Louisa Carteret, who married the 2nd Viscount of Weymouth – Thomas Thynne in 1733.

      He agreed to allow her to bring her own serving staff to Longleat as part of their wedding arrangements. One of her entourage was a young footman who’s adoration to his Lady seemed to go beyond what was expected of his post, at least that is how it appeared to a few of Longleat’s household staff.

      They grew jealous of what seemed to be favouritism by Lady Louisa towards this young man. Rumours and suspicions grew as to the likelihood of there being extramarital liaisons between the two. These rumours were quite untrue as it turned out but word got back to Thomas that his wife was having an affair. Thomas, well known for his quick temper confronted the fellow at his earliest opportunity in a passageway outside the old library on the first floor beside a spiral staircase. An altercation took place whereby Thomas accused the footman of indiscretions toward his wife, which he flatly denied. In a fit of rage, Thomas lost his temper and pushed the footman down the stairs breaking his neck in the fall.

      Thomas, fearful of being implicated in his murder, quickly had the body buried in the cellar and made up a story for Lady Louisa that the footman had left without word. She did not believe him, fully aware of his distrust for her servant. She suspected her husband had imprisoned him somewhere inside the enormous house. She spent many days and nights frantically searching every room, those that were locked she demanded be opened. Her search however proved fruitless, for she never found him. It was on one of her nightly searches in the bitter cold that she caught a chill which developed into pneumonia. Lady Louisa, much weakened and distressed by her husbands deceit succumbed to her illness during childbirth and died in 1736 at the age of 22. She had been married just three years.

      Shortly after her death, reports from staff claimed they had seen Lady Louisa prowling the passageway where the incident had taken place, later to be called the “Grey Lady’s Walk.” Even today she is heard banging on doors in a desperate and endless search to locate the whereabouts of her footman. She was a beautiful young woman in life and it is said by those who claim to have seen her, that she retains her beauty in death. The Grey Lady is the most frequently seen of the Longlet’s ghosts,

    15. He’s a nut case and a sadist.

      There have been several stories in the press about ‘wifelets’ being assaulted police being called and Bath standing back doing nothing to assist.

      Refusing to help the victims, or to talk to the police and leaving women with broken noses covered in blood.

      When he had the house in France the police were called each summer and women had to be taken to hospital. All of them assaulted viciously by one woman who is as violently psychotic as him – ******.

      Definitely a sick sad sadistic old man who enjoys seeing others suffer.


    16. He appears to have a peculiar taste in women. Most of them look like drag queens.

      Could he be a closet homosexualy? He has written about his flings with other boys while at Eaton.

    17. The fact that the ‘Marchioness’ remained in what clearly is a loveless marriage for 50 years says a lot about the tenacity of this Hungarian ‘soft porn model’.

      How could any ‘wife’ tolerate her husband having 70 or more mistresses?. Clearly she had a lover and could not care less about this sociopathic old fool, and there was no love lost between this ghastly pair.

      Having observed the Marquess over the years and spoken to him at various events and witnessed the violent behaviour of some of his ‘wifelets’ I can confirm that this man is a sociopath.

      If you read the many sordid stories which appear in the media on a regular basis, they always feature unattractive low self esteem women who have become ‘victims’ of this sociopath

      . A woman of self esteem and decent background and education would not give this smelly old fool the time of day

      He seems to have a game plan, procure a working class woman usually of some ethnic origin other than England. Target her, charm her then subject her to the violence of the more crazy psychopatic ‘wifelet’ which he keeps on standby ( despite her numerous arrests for violence) in order to satisfy his sadistic nature.

      Sadists gloat seeing victims suffer. One of the long standing crazier psychopathic ‘wifelets’ is constantly referred to in the media – a deluded wanna be ‘singer’ but who is actualy a prostitute and has a murky background involving many Arabian clients.

      This is the cruel father who allowed his own daughter Lenka to be subjected to violence and abuse from the nanny hired by Bath.. A cruel sadistic woman whom he employed in the absence of her mother the ‘Marchioness’ who was living with her French lover in Paris.

      The nanny abused the child for years, and Bath did absolutely nothing about. Clearly the character of a sociopath. He did in fact refer to Nanny Marks and Lenka’s broken arm in his first book..

      Having observed Bath and his cruel manouvers over the years at events and at his estate Longleat, I have come to the conclusion that this many far from being a doddery old codger, is in fact a cold cruel psychopathic sociopath who enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on his victims, usually women of a certain age, ethnic background and very low self esteem.

      Sociopaths understand human weakness and exploit it maximally. Once determined, they can manipulate individuals to do just about anything.

      Sociopaths prey on weak people and often stay away from equally strong people; they look for people who are sad, insecure, or looking for a meaning in life because they know that these people are soft targets. In other words, a person with unmet needs, is a person that can be more easily manipulated through those unmet needs. Check to see if the person is great at getting other people to do what he or she wants.

      True sociopaths will slowly gain dominance and control over a person without the person realizing it. They like to be in control of every situation and are uncomfortable being around other strong people. They are always worried about being exposed. When strong people are around, they are afraid to get caught. They will keep distance, and from a distance, make small contact with the ‘strong’ person, to see if they are noticed. However, Sociopaths like to prey on the strongest people they can deceive, remain unseen, or exposed from. Once they feel exposed, they will play their trump cards, or get out… always on an excuse that doesn’t make sense. Much of their dominance they gain through psychological warfare, creating dependency of the other person upon themselves. Like a venom, their game plan is to weaken people over time. They figure If they can remain unseen, they can stay out of harms way.

      A sociopathis trait is lying and deception. Bath is completely comfortable deceiving people, bullying to get his own way and blatantly telling lies to get what he or she wants. In the same way they have little to no empathy, they have low or deficient integrity.


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