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Mucky Maxwell’s Murky Mind Games – Ghislaine Maxwell Wants To Be In A British Prison

The latest murky mind games of the mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell – including a demand to be put in a British rather than an American prison – illustrate her to be as warped as her deviant daddy

Mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell was born in France and is also a citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Bizarrely also, when asked: “Are you a citizen of any other land?” during a 2016 deposition, this crackpot’s clearly crazy answer was: “TerraMar.” Those interviewing her, frankly, must have thought this wicked wench nothing but a noxious nutcase.


Now as sentencing approaches on 28th June after her December 2021 conviction, this deviant is again playing games and this morning managed to get her convenient-as-ever unnamed “sources” to peddle piffle to The Mail on Sunday about how she wants to serve jail time in a British prison in spite of having been convicted and brought to justice in America.


Speaking to the paper’s Caroline Graham “in Los Angeles” for a feature article yesterday, the “source” whined of a woman who once barricaded herself in a prison conference with a trolley and who was caught at the ironically named ‘TuckedAway’ with a mobile phone wrapped in tin foil:


“Ghislaine will apply to serve out the remainder of her sentence, whatever that may be, in the UK as soon as she is able.”


“She wants to be in the UK to be closer to her family so she can have family visits. The prisons in Britain are far superior to those in the US and the Brits treat prisoners more humanely. The American system is a disgrace.”


“If she has to spend time in prison she would rather do it in the UK, where people are treated fairly and with a measure of decency.”


Going further the article again referenced Jeffrey Epstein’s co-collaborator in wicked abuse as moaning about being “kept in ‘inhumane’ conditions” and added: “On one day recently she claims to have eaten only a boiled egg and three slices of processed cheese.” We respond: “Diddums for this vegan vagabond.”


Today, we remind readers of The Steeple Times that ‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ daughter has exhibited the same deviancy as her father throughout her until 2019 lush life. Aside from the apparently aborted 1994 Metropolitan Police investigation into her activities in London – which rather oddly led to no charges in spite of clear evidence of odd activities going on at her then home in South Kensington involving young girls – it is apparent that there is much more still to come from this sordid story.


It is also most definitely now time for those who Miss Maxwell trafficked to were also named, shamed and brought to justice as, after all, the conviction of a supplier requires for that supplier to have actually supplied to someone. Bring on the next arrests and meanwhile let this pension pot plunderer’s daughter see out her days in an American clink.


Pictured top – Last seen in London at a bash for the Cash & Rocket rally in the summer of 2019 in the company of the likes of ‘Twit Girls’ including Chloe Green, Paris Hilton and Caroline Stanbury, this mendacious menace has now swapped being a socialite for being a jailbird. No more Krug for this wicked wench, just processed cheese.


Kinnerton Street
Ghislaine Maxwell with her chum Prince Andrew and accuser Virginia Roberts at her then home in Belgravia, London. During the 2016 deposition, Miss Maxwell referred to Miss Roberts, subsequently known as Virginia Giuffre, as a “liar” hundreds of times. Given Prince Andrew’s £12 million payout to this lady, it is now the mucky madam who is confirmed as the actual liar.
Life of luxury
Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover and co-collaborator in the abuse and trafficking of young girls used to live the high life with her late dodgy daddy and the likes of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. She’s now consigned to where she actually belongs – the clink – and though she may moan about the conditions she has to endure, she deserves reminding that if you do bad things, you end up in bad places. Long may this evil piece of toerag rot.
Prince Andrew Order of the Garter service
Elsewhere today, after his “convenient coronavirus” during the Jubilee celebrations, non-sweater Prince Andrew has been sidelined and will NOT be attending today’s Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor Castle. In spite of being stripped of his official royal duties, this delusional national embarrassment supposedly still believes that “he should be included in other royal and state events.”
Brian Basham tweet Jennifer Hopkins CrimeCon 2022
Meanwhile yesterday at CrimeCon 2022 in London, in spite of bombarding Matthew Steeples of ‘The Steeple Times’ with frankly nonsensical, untrue rubbish and claiming he was going to attend to confront him during an interview he was giving, Ghislaine Maxwell’s condescending PR peddler Brian Basham showed himself as a cowardy custard and did a no-show. He was called out by members of the audience and even sent a tweet by co-host of the discussion Jennifer Hopkins asking why he’d chickened out. Known primarily for his links to the ‘Dirty Tricks’ British Airways scandal in the 1990s, Steeples shared with the audience that Basham and others such as the extremist ‘Politicalite’ pontificater Jay Beecher continue to speak out on behalf of a convicted criminal sex trafficker and this speaks heavily of their curious attitudes to victims of vile sexual abuse by those they willingly choose to associate with.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. She is crazy. I was an officer in an American women’s institution so I know for a fact that the living conditions are far from inhumane and awful. Besides, isn’t she in federal custody? The federal prisons are even better than the state prisons so what the heck is she complaining about? Maybe she wants concierge service and a private chef, lol.
    I say don’t let her move to a British prison. She was found guilty here so this is where she needs to stay…for a long time!

  2. I would love a book by Mr. Steeple on the Max clan . I am sure that the year GM was in jail prior to a trial was rough but I agree with Matthew Steeple , she could have fled the states and avoided all of this . One thing for sure she has to live with herself & how terrible that must be .

  3. Of course she wants to go to a British Prison, and as soon as she arrives, she will appeal her harsh sentence. She knows the British never dish out sentences as harsh as the US. With good behavior she will be eligible for parole in a few years.

    • Despite her nefarious activities being under observation by the London Metro Police, they didn’t charge her in 1994, and it all just magically went away. Conveniently hushed up, and what happened next, she just carried on with the same ‘enterprise’. That is why she wants to be back in the UK legal system, so she can buy her way out of the US imposed criminal sentence, using her family money, and leveraging long standing upper society family connections, just like they did back in 1994.

  4. I appreciated Susans post …having worked in a facility it was a new perspective on US detention. I hope they do not allow her to transfer. They wouldnt even follow up on evidence gathered in the UK. I wouldnt trust them to honor the US verdict and sentencing.
    Her family would perhaps manipulate anyone they could in London on her behalf.No, me, I hope they keep her in the States.

  5. She deserves to be set free. She has served her time and the conniving bitches who gave evidence need to be prosecuted for lying under oath

    • Is this view shared by the company you claim (via the given email address this post is submitted from) to work for or be associated with, Cheyne Capital?

    • Maxwell has been formally convicted by a standard jury trial in USA. During which she had access to extensive high end legal, and public relations, representations, that her family money could easily afford her. Maxwell was convicted by jury, simply due to the overwhelming and indisputable evidence against her. She now merely remains to be sentenced for the convicted crimes. Criminals under formal charges, that are an obvious, and in this case extreme, flight risk are routinely held in custody pending their trial and during their trial process. Notably, Maxwell’s (few) apologists are largely her fellow Ashkenazim Jews, who seek to cover up for her, and downplay (read: hide) her blatant and predatory sex trafficking crimes. Crimes, that are steeped in an uppity culture of Jewish ethno-suprematism, and accordingly, primarily targeted poor and underclass Caucasian teenage girls for sexual exploitation and abuse (Maxwell has referred to these girls on public record as ‘trash’, which clearly indicates her mindset). It would appear from your comments you are on board with Maxwell’s predatory criminal enterprise, as an apologist for Maxwell, and her adult choices, to actively pursue a criminal career path in child exploitation.

      • When you say overwhelming evidence that is not true – it is conflated by a herd mob mentality. The evidence at trial by the actual 2 main accusers on the substantive charges was very inconsistent murky and unreliable. The juror said the jury had doubts and there was no proof. But they convicted on juror 50 convincing to believe their ( lack of proof and inconsistent ) stories. The other 2 accusers at trial were additions and above the age of consent at the time of alleged offences that should not have been there anyway

  6. More than reasonable doubt at trial yet we know why she was convicted. A tainted jury among other reasons was based on convincing others to believe and convict when the actual testimony had lots of holes and inconsistencies ( lack of proof).

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