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Emperor Misinformation – “Let Them Eat Cheese”

Nikolay Kalinin on Boris Johnson’s refusal to apologise for the slur on Sir Keir Starmer about the paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile and his “let them eat cheese” attitude towards the public

By now, the majority of people in Britain with at least two brain cells are aware of the fact that Boris Johnson is an expert at misinforming the public – a skill which is only rivalled by his former colleagues who worked at Vote Leave.


Not only has ‘Boris The Buffoon’ misled the public about the 10 Downing Street parties that happened during the time when social gatherings were banned (firstly by claiming that “there were no parties” and then by saying that all COVID guidelines were followed), but now he has misled the public about Sir Keir Starmer’s role in the Sir Jimmy Savile case. In doing so, he put the latter into danger when a crazed mob attacked the Labour leader on Monday on a public highway.


Answering a question in the House of Commons about Sue Gray’s report into 10 Downing Street parties, Johnson said that during his time as director of public prosecutions, Sir Keir “spent more time prosecuting journalists and failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile,” despite the fact that Starmer was not in control of the case revolving around the paedophile presenter.


Spurned on by Johnson’s utter waffle, a mob surrounded Starmer and shadow foreign secretary David Lammy during a protest on Monday, accusing him of protecting Savile and calling him a “traitor,” with one of the protesters even holding up a noose. As a result, Sir Keir and Lammy had to take refuge in a police car.


The situation – recorded, shared widely on social media and seen by millions – was so abhorrent, that several Conservative MPs have quite rightly called for Johnson to take accountability for his misleading words. Of the slur, Rob Largan MP remarked: “Words matter. What we say and how we say it echoes out far beyond parliament. It can have serious real world consequences. Elected representatives have a responsibility to lower the temperature of debate, not add fuel to the fire.”


Johnson responded by commending the police officers for their actions, but did not take any responsibility for his words in spite of them having been praised by several far-right extremist organisations including the English Defence League and the Traditional Britain Group. On Tuesday, a minister confirmed that Johnson wouldn’t apologise.


I never thought I’d say this, but in recent weeks Boris Johnson has made George III seem by comparison sane. His trajectory path also proves that in spite of all the evidence of his clear incompetence, this self-serving man simply thinks he remains entitled to remain with his puppet mistress in their £840 a roll Lulu Lytle clad crib and that the entire nation and not just Guto Harri should take the knee before him. Misquoting a phrase Marie Antoinette supposedly never actually said, the Prime Minister’s view is: “Let them eat cheese… I Will Survive.” (whilst Gloria Gaynor plays on).


Boris Johnson cheese
Boris Johnson, asked in January 2020, replied: “I take my hat off to vegans who can handle it, who can manage to avoid all the non-vegan products, but… you can’t eat cheese can you, if you’re a vegan? It’s just a crime against cheese lovers.” He then proceeded throughout the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns to eat lots of it, whilst his boozed up wife noshed on Daylesford Organic and gyrated to Abba with her besties Josh Grimstone and Henry Newman.
Sir Keir Starmer mob
Boris Johnson is quite rightly being blamed for a crazed mob attacking Sir Keir Starmer in Westminster on Monday. He ought to do the decent thing and admit that his words incited this very mob and then he ought to follow the correct course of action and apologise. If he wanted to do things 100% right, he’d actually now just realise his time is up and resign, but there is, as of yet, no sign of any realisation of that.
Jimmy Savile Peter Sutcliffe
Boris Johnson’s refusal to apologise for the slur on Sir Keir Starmer in which he suggested the former head of the Crown Prosecution Service failed to prosecute Sir Jimmy Savile brings shame on no one other than himself. Pictured here: The late ‘entertainer’ with a penchant for anything with a pulse – be it a girl, boy, man, woman or dead body even – with his late serial killer mate Peter Sutcliffe at Broadmoor. Given they both resided in Yorkshire at the same time, in November 2020, ‘Yorkshire Live’ went as far as to suggest: “There are even suspicions among some that paedophile Savile may have been The [Yorkshire] Ripper’s’ killing accomplice.”
The arrogance of Boris Johnson and the former Carrie Symonds has widely been mocked online. That they continue to think the ‘Court of Carrie’ can carry on regardless simply shows how out of touch they are with reality. It is time for this dodgy duo to take a holiday; a permanent holiday far, far away from 10 Downing Street.
The arrogance of Boris Johnson and the former Carrie Symonds has widely been mocked online. That they continue to think the ‘Court of Carrie’ can carry on regardless simply shows how out of touch they are with reality. It is time for this dodgy duo to take a holiday; a permanent holiday far, far away from 10 Downing Street.
Nikolay Kalinin
Nikolay Kalinin
Nikolay Kalinin is a blogger who has been writing articles published on the automotive site ‘DriveTribe’ since July 2020. Previously, he ran his own blog about politics and culture in Russia.


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