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Who REALLY is Henry Newman?

Whilst only a few newspapers have delved into his political past, we today ask: “Who REALLY is the bestie of Carrie Symonds and alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ Henry Newman?”

In 2019, ‘Carrie Symonds’ bestie’ and supposed clatterfart Henry Newman described Dominic Cummings as “one of only a few political advisers who understands the importance of, and is truly committed to, reforming the Whitehall machine.” In April 2020, Cummings responded by branding Newman a leaker.


Now, as the media delve into the scandal of Boris Johnson’s hole riddled ship and he seeks to dissipate the disgrace of his decorating debacle, with Cummings’ intervention on Friday, elements of the media have begun to examine exactly who Henry Newman is.


Whilst widely referenced for dancing to ABBA with his longstanding chum Symonds and for being the go-to mouthpiece in support of Brexit during Theresa May’s “Brexit means Brexit” era, Newman should also go down in history for banging on about a need for fortnightly bin collections in Hampstead and Kilburn and for his somewhat bizarre Facebook ramblings.


On his wall on the social media site, former special adviser (SPAD) to Francis Maude and Michael Gove, Newman – a graduate of ritzy institutions including the University of Oxford, Harvard University and the London School of Economics – has shared posts about being drunk. He has remarked that he was once “discreetly charmed by the bourgeoisie” and bragged that he even listened “to the Stones as the economy [collapsed].”


Tellingly also, this one-time “rising star” and “Goveite” also declared he was “drowning in honey, stingless” and, most appropriately, providing illustration of why Daylesford addict ‘Costly Carrie’ counts him as “one of her four favourite people,” once announced: “[I’m] opening an organic box.”


‘Henry The Bin Boy’ Newman’s words of wisdom on Facebook…

“Is drunk.”


“Is opening an organic box.”


“Is discreetly charmed by the bourgeoisie.”


“Is drowning in honey, stingless.”


“Once you kill a cow you gotta make a burger.”


“Wondering if he is really a top concern for US immigration.”


“Waiting for Jacqui Smith to resign.”


“Is dancing, dancing, dancing… Is listening to rumba in W. Hartford… Is dancing in the dark… Is missing dancing.”


“Is listening to the Stones while the economy collapses.”


“Is watching his tan fall off.”


“Hates people who don’t know how to use a rowing machine.”


“Is thinking what this country needs is a new taskforce.”


Who REALLY is Henry Newman? Alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ with a liking for organic boxes – Whilst a few newspapers have delved into his political past, we ask: “Who REALLY is the bestie of Carrie Symonds and alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ Henry Newman?” Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings, Francis Maude, Conservative, Tory, Vote Leave.
Who is Henry Newman? Facebook posts by him give a clue to his personality.

Descriptions of Henry Newman by…

Boris Johnson:

“One of my three musketeers.”


Carrie Symonds:

“One of my four favourite people.”


Toby Young:

“He is new role model… If you were a [politics show] booker who had to find someone… Newman was the only name on your Rolodex.”


“As the oxygen went out of Theresa May’s premiership, and her withdrawal agreement began to breathe its last, the great balloon of his career became more and more inflated.”


Dominic Cummings:

“All the evidence [regarding the second lockdown leak] definitely leads to Henry Newman… I’m just trying to get the communications data to prove it.”


An unnamed “senior government source”:

“The allegations against Henry Newman are entirely false. He wouldn’t be working in Downing Street if he was suspected of leaking information.”


Follow Henry Newman on his now somewhat secretive social media (if he lets you) at @henryjohnnewman on Facebook, @henryjohnnewman on Instagram and @HenryNewman on Twitter.


Who REALLY is Henry Newman? Alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ with a liking for organic boxes – Whilst a few newspapers have delved into his political past, we ask: “Who REALLY is the bestie of Carrie Symonds and alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ Henry Newman?” Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings, Francis Maude, Conservative, Tory, Vote Leave.
Who is Henry Newman? A fan of wearing beanie hats that declare: “Let’s get Brexit done,” here is a young man who taught politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), after studying at the University of Oxford, Harvard University and the London School of Economics. He reportedly then “cut his teeth” working in the Cabinet Office during the coalition government years and then joined Michael Gove’s entourage in the Ministry of Justice after he was appointed as the Lord Chancellor in 2015.
Who REALLY is Henry Newman? Alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ with a liking for organic boxes – Whilst a few newspapers have delved into his political past, we ask: “Who REALLY is the bestie of Carrie Symonds and alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ Henry Newman?” Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings, Francis Maude, Conservative, Tory, Vote Leave.
Who is Henry Newman? Aside from having travelled to Russia in his youth, Newman joined the Vote Leave campaign during the 2016 referendum campaign and, according to ‘The Telegraph’ “was among a close circle of Mr Gove’s friends who were said to have helped to convince him to ‘knife’ Mr Johnson and torpedo his bid for the Tory leadership by deciding to run himself.” Later, a director of the pro-Brexit Open Europe think-tank, Newman was then rewarded for being “loyal” to Carrie Symonds when Boris Johnson came to power.
Who REALLY is Henry Newman? Alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ with a liking for organic boxes – Whilst a few newspapers have delved into his political past, we ask: “Who REALLY is the bestie of Carrie Symonds and alleged ‘Chatty Rat’ Henry Newman?” Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings, Francis Maude, Conservative, Tory, Vote Leave.
Who is Henry Newman? Let’s not forget that this young man’s best friend Carrie Symonds was previously dating a man, Oliver Haiste (sometimes spelt ‘Haste’), exposed by the BBC in October 2016 for a Russian fake news scandal and for his friendship with Henry Hopwood-Phillips, an individual involved in the far-right, racist Traditional Britain Group. Miss Symonds must be noted also for her having been employed by Oceana, an oceanic charity that Ghislaine Maxwell – the now incarcerated alleged mucky madam to Jeffrey Epstein – was also a tin banger for.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. What is shameful if that the fate of nation is in the hands of such frivilous and inconsequential people: they seem to find government an extension of a hobby

  2. Henry Newman looks like a proper arselicker… Francis Maude, Michael Gove, Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings… Who is next on his arselick agenda?

  3. I’d happily share an organic box and a dance with Henry. He looks like a lovely boy who needs rescuing from angry, deranged wine throwing Carrie Symonds.

  4. His visit to Russia in his youth intrigues me… Seems a lot of Vote Leave people have connections there. No wonder Gove liked the boy.

  5. Shocking to hear of yet another youngster behaving badly. His disloyalty is clear and though I dislike Dominic Cummings he was right to call this child out for his naughty behaviour.

  6. Do NOT send Henry Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!! He sounds like he could corrupt a fair few Sheilas with his organic boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot imagine he’s into tinnies of Castlemaine —- looks more like someone who’d be on the Bailey’s or the Tia Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Newman wants to climb the greasy pole and he plainly will do anything to get to the top……… No wonder he’s obsessed with Carrie Symonds the girl who worked for the charity that Ghislaine Maxwell was a tin banger for, Oceana.

  8. Another Westminster warbler. I wonder if he ever had any connections with mouthy Nigel Evans and judo thrower William Hague and the nudist Bernard Jenkin.

  9. Henry Newman plainly has been sucked in by Carrie Symonds and like all men she goes after she’ll spit him out and disown him

  10. I wonder if there is a romantic link to be exposed. Seem to be plenty with this lot. They are worse than doggers when it comes to bed hopping what with the Tory peer, the TBG one, the deceased journalist’s daughter, the BBC woman, the American floozy, the Russians, etc

  11. This is a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!! You should be focusing on dear Gerry and Kate McCann and their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine as her 18th birthday approaches. Instead, you pile misery on poor Henry Newman and the lovely new mother of Wilfred the beautiful Carrie Symonds Johnson and pick on her husband to be Boris — even though he’s saved the nation with the vaccine when the EU failed us. What is wrong with you? Make recompense and support Find Madeleine, find her NOW! P.S. This blog is a disgrace.

    • MM is bones Gillian Twatt. Dead, killed, One way ticket, never coming back. The dogs told the truth. The so called fund has no income. But “that lot” want suckers to promote a myth-suckers like you. At 18, MM is not going to appear suddenly. That means she is murdered. Murdered on Day 1, as discovered by the great detective Goncalo Amaral. Their mistake was thinking that the PJ was a “third world “force,

  12. I have reliably heard that Henry Newman is incompetent and the evidence speaks for itself. First he defended wheat field woman Theresa May and her crappy deal and then he jumped into bed with Boris Johnson when the fag hag Carrie told him to do so. He clearly and most apparently is lacking in any kind of extent ant common sense and his Italian dog and Portuguese boyfriend (whichever way round that is) should tell him off resultantly. No bones for Henry and a dog house for him instead.

  13. He seems to have a lot of enemies from all the comments attacking his persona. Upset a lot of people down at Heaven did you over the years Henry whilst dancing to ABBA?

  14. Carrie was lonely and desperate and now she seems dim and blind. Shagging a scarecrow and hanging around with a gossiping gay gigolo – Poor girl. She needs to find the Sisterhood.

  15. If he’s a friend of Carrie Symonds he has to be mad, bad and dangerous to know. I’ve seen pictures of the pair of them with her dog Dilyn (who calls a dog Dilyn? shows she must be cruel and mentally unstable) and the red faced boozing MP ‘Flicka’ Felicity Buchan too. How have we got to a state where these dreadful people control our country?

  16. Unethical, foolish, illegal… These people have no moral compasses. Questions need to be answered and the Prime Minister must say if he got finance or a loan to pay for the flat renovation activities. Undue influence for whoever paid must be declared and the culprit for allowing this to occur (Boris Johnson) must be punished. He should stop hiding behind silly little girls and their gay best friends.

  17. What did these tittle tattling people expect to happen behaving as they do? BoJo might not give a monkeys but a tipping point has been reached.

  18. Justice will not be done in this matter as the corruption is so rife now that it make the House of Cards series look like a ride in the park. Cummings will be the scapegoat though the stench is actually above him in the form of Johnson, Jenrick, Hancock, etc.

  19. Henry is actually a diligent local councillor and he does a lot of good highlighting the problems with bins. It is a shame that he is too pro cyclists however as they are a big danger to us older people. He should reassess his views on that but this storm will blow over and he can get back to sorting out the rubbish!

  20. The conduct of Henry Newman, Dominic Cummings and Carrie Symonds illustrates why the rules are not strict enough. These appendages are distracting from the public interest in a need for a formal investigation to ELECTED OFFICIALS such as Boris Johnson. Labour is proving too weak to formally call this out and there will be another whitewash.

  21. They’re fighting like rats in a sack and I bet the sideshow has caused Henry to cry and cry and cry like Violet Elizabeth Bott

  22. Boris Johnson is a buffoon and he rocks from one crisis to the next. He would do better to go back to being a comic journalist.

  23. Boris would rather see bodies pile high than lock the country down again and Cummings is helping him with this distraction. Henry Newman and Carrie Symonds are simpletons and being used as collateral.

  24. Defending the Prime Minister is defending the indefensible. There’s no gossip here, there is substance to this messy web and though the ministers want to dismiss this scandal it is apparent that the inquiries are required. This matter is far from over and Chatty Rat Henry Newman and Chatty Rat Dominic Cummings are as bad as one another and Carrie Symonds is a liability with a temper and vanity issues. Enough is enough. Time for the non-elected pests to be sidelined and the elected ones to be sanctioned.

  25. Henry Newman is a good person and is being smeared by the arch manipulator Dominic Cummings. I always thought The Steeple Times would back the underdog, but this time you’ve chosen the wrong horse.

  26. Newman chose the public arena so he better not start blubbering now… I bet he’ll give an interview ultimately. £££ too tempting.

  27. Newman should fess up before it is too late as Symonds will turn on him like she did with Oliver Haiste and others before. Her temper tantrums are notorious.

  28. Henry Newman is one of those pompous asses who talks as if he’s got a rod rammed up his bottom. He is an irrelevance and should not be given air space.

  29. I notice the MSM have stopped mentioning him by name. Carrie Symonds must have been on the blower. I am sure she blows a lot.


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