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‘Lady Whistledown’ Lays Into ‘Cheshire Cat’ Ferne McCann

As smugger-than-smug “grinning” Cheshire Cat Ferne McCann parades around as if she’s done nowt wrong, her nemesis ‘Lady Whistledown’ again quite rightly calls out this apologist for an acid thrower as the toxic toerag that this wicked wastrel truly is

Feckless freak Ferne McCann is undoubtedly a piece of trailer trash capable only of spouting tripe.


Here is a wastrel-not-even-a-woman with a brain so clearly stir-fried that it wouldn’t even have interested Jeffrey Dahmer to experiment with. Here also is a monster whose wicked words about the sixteen, yes sixteen, innocent victims the father of her child mercilessly hurled acid all over in 2017 in a London nightclub illustrates her as nothing but a noxious narcissistic.



Now, yesterday, thinking that the scandal of her vicious voice notes – featured in The Steeple Times last week and to which one victim of her evil ex-lover Arthur Collins responded: “Thank you for showing her for what she truly is; evil” – ‘Cheshire Cat-like’ Miss McCann was pictured in the MailOnline in what someone named Kenzi Devine pathetically promoted as a “picture exclusive.”



Of a “victim shaming” disgrace who shockingly called out one of Collins’ victims simply as a “silly b*tch,” Devine enthused that McCann “appeared in high spirits” as “she enjoyed a stroll around Essex.” Going further, this supposed ‘showbiz reporter’ toadily observed: “The former TOWIE [‘The Only Way Is Essex’] star, 32, flashed a grin while wrapping an arm around her other half’s neck and giving him a loving gaze, opting for a bare-faced look while heading to her local shops.”


Instead of calling out these clearly planned and posed for pictures of someone who excused an acid attack that wrecked the lives of sixteen innocent people, Devine turned her ‘feature’ into a fashion parade and continued:


“Heading out this weekend, Ferne kept comfortable in a pair of dark brown leggings and a light grey, quarter-zip sweater. She added a pair of colourful trainers with white crew socks over the athleisure, which had the word ‘ugh’ stitched into the ankle in black.”


“Ferne kept close to Lorri, who showed off his large collection of leg tattoos with a pair of black sport shorts, a long-sleeved black top and grey Nike gilet.”


“They appeared to be enjoying the trip out, sharing a laugh as the former TOWIE star leaned in close to her man and wrapped around his neck.”


Frankly, Kenzi Devine should be ashamed of herself for writing what should only be referenced as ‘dire drivel’ and rightly last night, the nemesis of Ferne McCann that is ‘Lady Whistledown’ came back at the TV twerp and told her Instagram followers:


“I think everyone should email a complaint to ITV about [Ferne McCann’s] behaviour. This woman has been given a huge platform influencing the younger generation and by the looks of it ITV are condoning this woman fat shaming and now using derogatry words to a poor, innocent victim who has been through enough.”


Today, we echo these sentiments and urge readers to email [email protected] to offer condemnation of this sicker-than-sick shameless piece of toxic toerag. Ferne McCann should be cancelled and she should be taken off the air for once and for all. There is no room in Britain for this kind of cretin; in fact, there’s no room for her anywhere at all.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


Ferne McCann and Lorri Haines
The smugger-than-smug friend of the creepy Christian crooner Sir Cliff Richard and the queue jumper Philip Schofield pictured with her latest foolish fiancé Lorri Haines – who obnoxiously declares himself as a “family man, on a journey, quantum thinker, introvert geek, health is wealth, grateful to be alive and for everything I have” to his 170,000 followers on Instagram – in pictures so clearly planned and posed. Does this hapless harridan have no sympathy for the victims she so clearly insulted? Clearly, the answer to that is only: “NO, NO AND BLOODY WELL NO.”
Kenzi Devine
The ‘MailOnline’s’ Kenzi Devine clearly thinks it correct to write about the fashion of Ferne McCann and Lorri Haynes rather than actually focusing on victims. Her “picture exclusive” deserves calling out for the tripe that it truly was. The pictures included are clearly posed and were clearly planned and she ought to acknowledge that these images did not come about by chance.
Instagram post Gemma Collins row
The Instagram account @ladywhistledown195 quite rightly told its 68,900 followers to email ITV to demand the taking down of a woman who has so viciously attacked 16 victims of a vile acid attack (left) whilst in another image taken previously Ferne McCann’s vicious behaviour to others was shown when she launched into a tirade against fellow ‘TOWIE’ participant Gemma Collins. It is time that this wicked woman was cancelled for once and for all.

Twitter users take a view on the shameless self-publicist Ferne McCann…

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


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