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Dopey Dent Coad Ditched – Kensington Labour Rejects Emma Dent Coad

Matthew Steeples suggests mouthy ex-MP Emma Dent Coad’s latest moan about how Labour have ditched her as a future candidate show her for what she is; a sore loser and a far-left hectoring harridan

Ten days ago, ex-MP for Kensington Emma Dent Coad – a hectoring harridan with a penchant for using the block button on Twitter to anyone who dares calls out her diatribe of drivel – issued a statement after she was excluded from being on Labour’s longlist of prospective candidates for the next election.


At the time, the far-left royal hater whined that she was “devastated” and “angry.” She moaned also that her party had “unjustly” prevented her from “standing for the seat I won just five years ago, the seat I came agonisingly close to holding even in 2019, despite the trade union backing which should have seen me longlisted automatically.” The now 67-year-old had won in 2017 by just 20 votes over Tory Lady ‘Call me Victoria’ Borwick and lost by 150 in 2019 to Felicity ‘Flicka’ Buchan, also a Conservative.


Dent Coad – who was deservedly slammed in 2017 for having used the racist description “token ghetto boy” of the then Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey in 2010 – is now being made into a martyr with Novara Media’s Andrew Fisher describing her exclusion as “factional manouverings” that will be a “self-defeating… slap in the face” for Labour and Sir Keir Starmer. He titled his ridiculous rant: “Labour’s cult of factionalism is going into overdrive. Emma Dent Coad is the latest scalp.”


Speaking to the Communist Morning Star, a Momentum spokesperson added:


“It is a travesty of justice that passionate, popular advocates for their community like Emma are being blocked en-masse by Keir Starmer’s Labour on spurious grounds, so loyalists from outside the area can be parachuted in.”


“This is a deeply damaging episode for the Labour Party in Kensington, and one that local people are unlikely to forget.”


Instead now, if Labour actually want to make headway given Rishi Sunak somewhat steadying the Conservatives in just a few days in office, it is time that the party woke up and smelt the markets. The days of trade unionism and Jeremy Corbyn are dead; Britain needs a centrist opposition that genuinely opposes, but one that actually works with business rather than supports strikes against it.


Pictured top: Jeremy Corbyn apologist Owen Jones and Emma ‘Dense’ Dent Coad – a footnote in history who (along with Jones) has blocked ‘The Steeple Times’ on Twitter; here is a woman who plainly cannot cope with any discussion where she’s not hectoring all others.


Twitter block
Here is a privileged Kensington resident – who was married to Sir Hadley Gregory D’Oyly, 15th Baronet from 1978 to 1972 – who likes to play the card that she’s a woman of the people. She’s incapable of dialogue with anyone who doesn’t totally agree with her and simply blocks that dares question her on Twitter.
One Kensington
The far-left, Corbynite socialist councilor for the Globorne ward of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council since 2006 is proud to be trade union backed and also has a book just out that she clearly wants to promote and profiteer from.

Dent Coad’s statement in full:

I am devastated that the Labour Party has blocked me from standing to once again represent my community in Parliament, the community I have spent the last 20 years of my life fighting for.


At the same time, I am angry that local members and our local community in Kensington have been denied the opportunity to vote in a free and fair contest, which has been sacrificed for the sake of factional intrigue from Labour officials.


This campaign has never been about me. I stood to offer dedicated representation for the people of Kensington in Parliament, from someone who knows and cares for our communities.


From my role as a local councillor and Labour Group leader, to my campaigning efforts as Kensington’s MP on housing issues so dear to our hearts, I have only ever sought the chance to champion our people, whose voices all too often go unheard.


If I have been outspoken in my politics, it is due to my passion and care for Kensington – for my neighbours and friends – and because of my burning desire to stamp out injustice and build a fairer, more equal society.


Upsettingly, unaccountable Labour officials have exploited this outspokenness to unjustly prevent me from standing for the seat I won just five years ago, the seat I came agonisingly close to holding even in 2019, despite the trade union backing which should have seen me longlisted automatically.


It is plain as day that the candidate selection process now being run by the Party is being factionally abused and is not fit for purpose.


I deplore injustice, and through my 16 years on the Council, various reports and my recent book, ‘One Kensington’ I have done my utmost not only to draw attention to the very real inequalities in our community but to actively fight it, from the council chamber to the House of Commons.


Above all, my driving ambition has been to combat the inequality which scars our community, the systematic disregard for working-class people which led to the atrocity of the Grenfell Tower fire, and which has led many to lose faith with the political process.


These people deserve and need representation in Parliament. I hope that Labour’s eventual candidate will gain the respect and trust of all communities in Kensington. It won’t be easy.






The ex-Labour MP for Kensington’s full statement. It clearly illustrates her lack of respect for democracy and how she is instead totally unfit to be a Member of Parliament again. In October 2019 whilst still an MP, she was forced to apologise after liking a Facebook post that claimed: Israel “disgraces all of us Jews worldwide,” according to the ‘Jewish News.’
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Sounds to me like Starmer is reading the mood of the nation and trying to keep his party’s chances alive instead of allowing it to be destroyed from within by a bunch of extremist nut jobs who don’t represent the views of even a fraction of the population. The average working man and woman –yes, WO-MAN with a womb, are fed up with the crazy bullshit. If Labor wants to survive, it needs to stop letting the tail wag the dog.

    • WO-MAN with a womb! Good one. In America many far left pols think.the latter ie man can get pregnant & birth a baby! More & more in our LGBTQ+ community are turning on said pols. Changing a little plumbing here & there doesn’t change much else! 🤓

      • FINALLY! Elon Musk officially owns @Twitter. Now shut the hell up Barry & Michelle Obozo. You both think your God like having @Twitter ban people for life. You’re both phony as hell. You do not believe in free speech,are anti American as hell! How the hell did & do you intend to change our history big mich? You’re for sanctuary cities but keep those poor illegal immigrants away huh?


  2. As a local councillor she was responsible for the following in Kensington and Chelsea

    As a councillor, she has held the following committee and group memberships:

    Kensington and Chelsea TMO, the tenant management organisation which manages the council’s housing stock, from 27 June 2008 to 31 October 2012 — which was scrapped after Grenfell for its appalling disregard for its tenants
    Housing and Property Scrutiny Committee in 2013/14
    Planning Applications Committee from May 2013 to June 2017
    Planning Committee since June 2014 to June 2017
    London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

    Admitted she had never been in a block of flats until after Grenfell. No one round here has much desire to see her back. Don’t get me started on her predecessor though, Victoria Borwick

  3. I am often impressed by the originality of the Steeple Times but you are way off on a couple of points that you make on this somewhat stale thread.
    a) It was the Tory Leader of the Council ( Elizabeth Campbell ) & not Emma Dent Coad who admitted that she had never been in a Tower Block before the fire.
    b) No idea why you think that “the Days of Trades Unionism are dead”. The Labour Party is proud to be the child of the Trades Union Movement and the Party remains close to the Union Movement (who still generously , democratically and openly fund us).
    c) Starmer’s Labour Party is also pleased to work closely with Business & I would go so far as to say that Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves is much more respected by business than any of the ever changing Tory Chancellors who have brought us to the current impasse.


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