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Taking The (Brueckner) Biscuit – No Charges Still In Madeleine McCann Case

As it emerges that the Germans are taking the biscuit and the prospect of Christian Brueckner being charged in the Madeleine McCann case has slimmed further, isn’t it time that this pointless £14 million investigation was closed down?

After Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times and Alexis Parr and Richard Eden of the Daily Mail shared an appeal for a missing friend, William Cookson, useful leads poured in that helped lead to his location being identified. Wonderfully, William was subsequently found, but meanwhile the Metropolitan Police – a force rightly currently being analysed for its gross incompetence – continue their charade of ‘investigating’ the ‘disappearance’ of Madeleine McCann.



With £14 million thrown already down the Thomas Crapper by that incompetent set of officers on a search for a child that would have been found given some nefarious sort would have come forward to trade some other nefarious sort in given the rewards on offer, it wasn’t surprising this morning when The Mirror – one of the few papers to report honestly on this case – shared news that the chances of the definitely vile sex offender Christian Brueckner has slimmed further.


In an “exclusive” article about how the German – referenced in many titles just as ‘Christian B’ – likely faces charges of a number of other sex offences, Patrick Hill and Rob Hill for the paper claimed: “There is no end in sight for the Maddie probe itself.”



Hans Christian Wolters, the head of the inquiry into the ‘disappearance’ of the child of Gerry and Kate McCann in Germany, added: “The investigation into Maddie is still ongoing. A conclusion is not insight. I really can’t say how long the investigation will take. It is also not certain whether an indictment can be made in the end.”


Previously and also writing for the red-top, Jerry Lawton and Ryan Merrifield revealed: “There is no evidence that the prime suspect in the Madeleine McCann case was responsible for her disappearance, claims an investigator. Ex-detective Mark Williams-Thomas says the then-toddler’s real abductor will now likely get away with it due to the narrow-minded focus on Christian Brueckner.”


Missing Madeleine – Questions STILL without Answers

Many questions about what happened on the evening of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remain. Some that have been highlighted by the press and discussed online include:

  • Why did Kate McCann refuse to answer 48 questions put to her by the Portuguese police?


  • Why were certain records of phone calls on the evening of the disappearance “whoosh-clunked” from the memories of the phones of Mr and Mrs McCann and the ‘Tapas 7’?

  • Why did a British sniffer dog sense the smell of a corpse in a cupboard in the apartment from which Madeleine McCann disappeared?

  • Why did a sniffer dog also supposedly sense the smell of a corpse in a vehicle hired by the couple a month after the disappearance of their daughter?



Kate McCann – a woman who went running, played tennis and dined on chicken and mushroom risotto and egg and watercress salads washed down with strawberry vodka with the paedophile Sir Clement Freud in the days after her daughter ‘disappeared’ – has a clear touch of the Duchess of Sussex about her. Like ‘MeGain,’ whom banged on that “not many people have asked if I’m OK,” Mrs McCann said in 2011: “Officers walked past us as if we weren’t there. Nobody asked how we were doing, whether we were okay. Our child had been stolen and I felt as if I didn’t exist.”
Living it Large – Gerry McCann enjoying a round of golf (left); Kate McCann at Downing Street, London hobnobbing with Missing People CEO Martin Houghton-Brown, the Duchess of Gloucester and the then Home Secretary Theresa May on 23rd May 2012 (right).
Amongst those to have supported the McCanns have been especially gobby attention seekers including job wrecker Sir Richard Branson, “Chanel-clad” charity begins at home tin banger Baroness (Catherine) Meyer and her pompous arsehole late ex-husband Sir Christopher and job wrecking grabber Sir Philip Green.
In December 2017, when £11 million of British taxpayers’ money had been spent towards the search for ‘missing’ Madeleine McCann, 86% of viewers of ITV1’s ‘Loose Women’ said the public purse should cease to fund the investigation. Now, in September 2022, with that sum now well in excess of £14 million (aside from the millions in private money also), it is time to allocate resources to the search for missing people who actually can be found, we would suggest.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Getting their mortgage paid out of funds donated to find their daughter is perhaps the least important aspect of the whole sorry mess, but WTF? Who authorised this? Were the funds just given to them to put into their personal bank accounts? What? Where was the accountability?

  2. I’ve followed this little girl’s case from.the beginning. Something has always seemed a bit off to me. One would think a couple wealthy Doctors could afford better babysitting arrangements. It’s beginning to look like they found a man to scapegoat. I’m currently following a couple cases in the U S also. A Spanish lady from Illinois from Til Tok &, wealthy heiress from Memphis, Tennessee named Eliza Fletcher. A man is in custody over Eliza’s kidnapping. It appears he has a long rap sheet including another kidnapping. A bit OT but I was thrilled to learn Matthew Steeples friend William Cookson was found safe.

  3. I feel so happy William was found. Please write an update, Matthew. I feel sad the Madeleine McCann still hasn’t received justice, but the circumstances to her disappearance are questionable.

  4. It was Jessica Berry, the daughter of Neil Berry, who told her dad about Madeleine, when she launched herself in to the Atlantic ocean to save Jessica’s straw hat which was blown by the wind during a sailing trip organised by the OC kids club on Thursday morning May 3 2007. Waterfront employees of the Ocean Club rescued Madeleine.
    This is called a near drowning. Several hours later she died of secondary drowning in apartment 5A. It was OJ who wrote about this sailing incident after Neil Berry mentioned this incident when the Netfix documentary was introduced in 2019.
    One can find OJ’s comments on this website.

    He informed the PJ and Operation Grange before Christian Brueckner was made the only suspect in this no body no case in June 2020 by the German BKA/LKA.
    The cause and real time of her death are known to the PJ, OG and the BKA.
    One would expect “don’t shoot the messenger”, but they shoot him by deleting his tweets in March 2020 before Christan Brueckner became their ideal ‘ scapegoat’.
    This secondary drowning scenario has never been investigated but it explains why this simple missing person case is still unsolved.
    Read my tweets to understand what really happened that day.
    on Twitter @Arnold56024791


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