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Bankrupt BJ – Shame On PM For Taking PJs

It is an outrage that BJ enjoyer Boris Johnson flew from Cornwall to London in a government private jet after a holiday with his family at a time when there are now more food banks than McDonald’s outlets in bankrupt Britain

Blithering buffoon Boris Johnson – whose initials now seem rather apt given his liking for Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky style sexual antics with his latest baby mama in his Downing Street offices – has again disgraced himself by using a government private jet to fly home from a weekend with his puppet mistress and sprogs in Cornwall.


At a time when there are outrageously now more food banks than McDonald’s outlets in Britain and consumers’ energy bills are rocketing through the roof, that a publicly funded public servant is prepared to waste public resources in such a decadent manner when he could quite easily have taken the train is just beyond the pale.


Called out quite rightly by The Guardian’s deputy political editor Rowena Mason as “staggering hypocrisy,” Johnson’s use of ‘PJs’ was slammed further by the Sunday Mirror’s Whitehall correspondent Mikey Smith. Of this  using government aircraft for “a seaside jaunt” with his family, Smith reported that Labour MP Emily Thornberry (AKA Lady Nugee), for once, rightly added:


“While the rest of Britain is struggling to pay the bills, Boris Johnson keeps living the high life at public expense.”


“Once again, he’s been caught treating the government’s official plane as his personal taxi service, regardless of what it costs the environment or the taxpayer.”


“It’s the act of a man drunk on power, who needs to be told he’s had enough.”


Clearly, just like the coffin dodger apologist for Vladimir Putin, Bernie Ecclestone, here we have a leader of once-great Britain who has been on the Kool Aid. It is now finally time for the off his not-so-merry rocker worst Prime Minister of Britain to finally do the decent thing. It is time for this conman, crook and condescending creep to just get on a PJ for yet another BJ with his hideous wife and disappear off into the sunset Jeffrey Epstein style. It is time for Britain to rid itself of both Boris Johnson and the ‘beergate’ bore Sir Keir Starmer also.


Pictured top – The worst Prime Minister in British history with his deviant and clearly deranged £800 a roll wallpaper loving deviant and clearly deranged wife.


Ghislaine Maxwell Carrie Johnson Oceana
Carrie Johnson – then Carrie Symonds – previously worked for the ‘charity’ Oceana. It had close links to the now quite rightly incarcerated sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell. Though both the Prime Minister’s puppet mistress and the mucky madam nonce like the oceans, their links to private jets and gin palaces are as murky as their personally profiteering personas.
Liz Truss private jet
Previously, in January, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was slammed after “splashing at least £500,000 of taxpayers’ money on a private plane to Australia. She was accused of “exuding shocking privilege by riding an outrageous source of carbon emissions.” Her journey on the Airbus A321 – which would have cost just £7,700 for an equivalent business class ticket – was catalogued by a taxpayer-funded PR photographer.
Royal Yacht Britannia replacement
Of plans for an equally overtly extravagant state funded new royal yacht in May last year, Dame Esther Rantzen rightly observed: “This is to me a crazy idea at a time when our economy has been obviously dealt something of a death blow by COVID, when we have no plans for social care, when food banks are thriving. Do we really think that the taxpayer, let alone the royal family, want £200 million spent on a royal yacht? I think it’s an example of a newspaper starting a campaign which is so out of touch. However, perhaps, I have the solution: Sir Philip Green, do you remember him? He has a knighthood – which some people have questioned. He lives in Monaco, where there’s plenty of other people with yachts. Why doesn’t he donate his boat to the royal family? If he’s got monograms with the words ‘Philip’ on it, that would be suitable for those who feel that the yacht should be named after Philip, Duke of Edinburgh… Prince Philip, you could just add a few, a few, you know…” Shame on the Prime Minister for even coming up with such a Marie Antoinette like idea.
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Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. “BJ enjoyer Boris Johnson” 😂. Finally, someone in journalism to speak openly about what’s happening. Without fear or Favour! This is what journalism is supposed to do, NOT cover-up for this disgraceful PM. He was getting a BJ in the HOC when he was getting paid by taxpayers. Where is the outrage!! Come on Piers, DM, DW, and the Sun write about this!!!

  2. I was calm and placid but having read the above my mood has completely changed.
    Who the fuck does Boris Johnson think he is?
    I could happily slap him hard right now………….and I am never violent.

  3. BJ can take a page from the RF by distracting and deflecting. Quickly release a bogus story on MM and we will all forget you’re a nonce.

  4. Yes! Yes! BJ is gone. He’s resigned. The end of a long nightmare, no more BJs at taxpayer’s expense. Update on SM’s case: Judge Honeywell has slapped her with an “order to show cause” why her case shouldn’t be immediately dismissed. She failed to meet the filing deadline to reply which is mandatory under Florida law. “Failure to respond will result in the court dismissing this action without further notice.” It’s a shame she doesn’t have an unethical RR ruling on this case. On BJ 😊 😊. Food banks, no fuel, poverty, homelessness,and lack of morals is his lasting legacy to the 🇬🇧. Bug off BJ!!

    • Honeywell is NOT unbiased. She was appointed by Barack Hussein Obama. Ya know, the President who hates everything about America. So SM needs to find an actual UNBIASED judge. Obama was the most anti American President in history. So, Honeywell is about as unbiased as well, BuzzARD feed & BhO ie JoeBama. 😏🙄

      • Lottie,
        Trump was the most anti-American president. Trump is accused of trying to overthrow your country, and trying to overturn a fair election. Mr. Obama never did that.

        • Oh please. Dream on. Trump was the best President ever. Obama gave billions to Iran a designated TERRORIST state, refusing help to our soldiers in Ben Ghazi, gun running, selling our AMERICAN Russia (with Hilda beast Clintonista’s help). Started a race war that started in Ferguson,Missouri & ruined the life of a decent.Police officer. HE is the one who actually tried to overthrow the American government with help from a complicit American Marxist media. They are an arm.of the DIMoCrap party. People in other countries are pissed because Trump.made their fair share. Why should America have to pay tariffs & other countries pay nothing. So yes, Trump is the most pro American President ever. Btw, Obama is the one who put those Gates on our southern border to put children in NOT Trump. Obama is the worst President ever &, is nothing but an anti American race baiter like Al.Shrpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright & that ilk.. If he decides to run in 2024 he will probably win.


        • NO, Trump was NOT anti amerucan, that was obozo. Trump was the most Pro American President EVER. I’m sure you believe everything the mockingbird media says. You are completely wrong. CNN the clown. network, NY slimes,NY compost & the entire man are rather incompetent the last 10-15 years.


  5. *SM should take notice: She’s now dealing with an objective, unbiased 🇺🇸 judge willing to hear both sides. This is no longer the realm of the one sided, subjective and biased 🇬🇧 media so willing to accept her “facts.”

    • Honeywell is NOT unbiased. She was appointed by Barack Hussein Obama. Ya know, the President who hates everything about America. So SM needs to find an actual UNBIASED judge. Obama was the most anti American President in history. So, Honeywell is about as unbiased as well, BuzzARD feed & BhO ie JoeBama. So NO BOTH sides. A radical far left Marxist judge. 😏🙄

  6. Oh!! Bloody hell! BJ is still hanging on, now says he’ll stay on until new PM is on board. He should go NOW. Scottish charity regulators are investigating one of moneybags financial donations. Nothing will come of it. The parasites are exempted from some of the laws the average bloke must follow. For example, you can’t arrest anyone in the presence of the monarch(Betty) and in a royal castle. Remember when her nonce son was hiding behind mummy and VG’s barristers couldn’t serve him legal paper. An archaic law that should be done away with.

  7. Breaking news from Sky news. A UK judge and court has ruled that the Dailymail’s article on PA was “defamatory.” He’s entitled to damages. Score 3 wins for M+H and 0 for Dailyfail. Karma.Expect a flood of bogus articles on M from this rag. Much of what the fail prints isn’t journalism but gossip, innuendo and fake news.

  8. So, looks like the EX Royal are trying to LIVE on lawsuits. Obviously their merry band of thugs are right behind them. What a way to.make a living! Perhaps ad REA job could help. 🙄😫😓

  9. Looks like the Ex royals are trying to live off lawsuits. I’m sure its better than NOT actually having a REAL job. Not sure anyone would hire them at a real job. It’s quite hilarious watching their sycophants & their merry band of thugs being giddy like teeny bopper fans.😏🙄🤑

  10. Lottie,
    Mirror UK-June 30. ” Harry and Meghan financially independent and should be congratulated on millions.” PH is the CIO of Better-Up, a multi-million dollar company in the US. He’s the founder of the IG and the cofounder of Vax -Live.Meghan is the author of The Bench, a NY Times best seller for picture books. She is an investor in Clevr, a latte company in the US.The couple have contracts with Netflix and Spotify, her first podcast is scheduled for the end of summer. PH’s book is scheduled for the fall. Unlike our welfare royals, they earn their money and pay their own mortgage. The parasite royals spent over £100 million of money from poor working class people. Our streets are littered with food banks and the homeless. W+K are two lazy leeches who live in 4 homes at taxpayer’s expense. They spent over £30,000 for an 8 minute trip to watch a Bond movie. Disgraceful!

    • Wow! Still insanely jealous of the beautitul. Princess Catherine. Boy, she was drop dead gorgeous in that gold gown, WOW! No way could duchess copycat EVER come close to Catherine’s beauty. Btw, how many actual copies of “The Bench” were sold in book stores? I don’t rely on the New York.Slimes RAGazine. Could someone please tell her to stop using our American dead children & our military for her VERY CHEAP. photo ops. We are SICK of it. She even handed out rotten tomatoes to a school in New York. The parents were none too happy either. What a joke those 2 are. We in America are getting mighty sick of it!

      • Lottie,
        You’re missing the point, it’s not about how “beautiful” Kate is in her expensive “gold gown.” One of her charities recently closed and another she hadn’t visited in 8 years. Our economy is collapsing: 1 in 10 children are hungry, elderly pensioners are dying on our streets. The area I was born in has long food lines and people are homeless. No, I don’t care about how good she looks. She should’ve donated the dress to her charity that went bankrupt. Lottie, NO other president in 🇺🇸 long history has ever been impeached twice by the HOR. Please don’t blame Marxist, members of his own party voted to impeach him in your Senate. He is now accused of trying to overthrow a fair election.Hands down the worse president in the 🇺🇸. He’s also accused of sexual assault by over 20 women. He’s far worse than BJ and he’s completely amoral.

        • Completely amoral. Lmao.We vote for a President not a religious leader. Just an fyi, , the rinos such as Liz Cheney are bitter because Jeb Bushwacker lost. Another fyi & I could care less what you think, the election was stolen. A reporter Kari Lake has seen evidence & I believe HER. Ya might want to take it up with her. SHE actually HAS a couple collegiate degrees. Many pols have affairs. Kennedy,Bush Sr,Clinton etc. Clinton had his law license revoked Anywho,you obviously haven’t a clue or you’re shilling. We still love Trump, the most PRO American President EVER.


          • Lol Lottie,
            You better make sure he’s not in prison before you vote! 7/13/22 The Hill- “Georgia case could send Donald Trump to prison.”

      • Newsweek-7/11/22. “Americans ‘insulted and shocked’ by Meghan Markle treatment-Stella Parton.” Her posts supporting MM received over 4000 likes. Not sure most 🇺🇸 agrees with you. I know most older Brits don’t agree with me. In fact, my parents and grandparents strongly support the monarchy.

        • Stella is a nobody. I can assure you, the vast majority of Americans are completely fed up with her AND Harry. We see them as a coupled entitled whiners & spoiled brats. The majority of us still have great affection for the BRF. So ya see we have no use for the 2 monteshitshow whiners & their vile & violent sychophants.

        • President DJT will never see a jail cell. The swamp criminals have been trying it for 6 years. Ya might check with a British spy named Christopher Steele who had a hand in it all..HE admitted the phony dossier that Hillary Clinton & the dnc paid for was NEVER verified. ALL the things they were accusing DJT of is what. Hillary, the Obamas, the dnc et al.WERE guilty of.
          SO, dream on an sunshine. We noe actually have an international crime ie the Biden aka. Driven family in the wh. Ole sleepy creepy Joe the installed Potus. SO, dream on!

  11. Lottie,
    PH isn’t classified as an ex royal. He still retains the HRH the Duke of Sussex title but agreed not to use the HRH in business. He’s a blood born prince from a male line. The son of the next monarich. It would take an act of parliament to make him an ex royal.

    • Perhaps we could call him.”Bunker Harry”?
      “King of nothing but the bunker. Poor low IQ bum & Duchess CopyCat. Why is she called mattress actress? We do know one thing for sure,the d lister would stil be nothing with out his title. We in America don’t recognize royalty..Well except Catherine, future Princess of Wales &, OH yes future QUEEN! The BRF is in great & capable hands.

      #BooTheHellOutOfThem NewYork!!

  12. A lot of talk about Sunak replacing BJ, I don’t support this. He has been a strong supporter of Tory policies which have been devastating for the working class. His wife is a bloody tax dodger. He stood by and supported BJ and like a coward ran when the end was near. Nothing noble about him and Patel. Loved to see the back of her.

  13. The 🇬🇧 can never be a true democracy until we abolish the inequalities which the royals represent. Like most I grew up indoctrinated with the beliefs the royals were special and above the “peasants.” The greatest support for them comes from older Brits, people from 40-80. Young people like me are more critical and can’t relate to them. It’s ridiculous to believe that they’re better than the masses and are divinely entitled to be tax supported by us. Things are changing, the media is now more willing to be critical of them so there is hope. I dream of a 🇬🇧 where no one will bow or curtsy to another. One day!!

    • Very well said Susan, I couldn’t agree more re the Royals.
      It’s an absolute joke to think people bow and curtsy to another human being. They just happen to be born into their situation, the problem is, as time goes by, they actually believe they are special human beings, quite simply because they have been put on some stupid pedestal by a ridiculous out dated tradition. I’m sick and tired of reading about a Royal who, because she’s worn a 10 grand frock twice, is supposed to be a thrifty person, give me a break. As for Andy Pandy and his live in ex, she knows what side her bread is buttered on, she’s been keeping a very low profile of late, probably been told to keep quiet in case she puts her foot in another mouth.

  14. At the University I attend, many students question the viability of the monarchy. PC is greatly flawed, his greed has no bounds. Taking money from a sheikh who supports a terrorist group. Willileaks is his twin. I’m only 19 so I’ve a lot of hope that I’ll see an end to this inequality in my lifetime. And it’ll be a glorious day for the 🇬🇧.

  15. Update on the “In my mind and eyes I see myself as the Dutchess, “-SM’s case. Her attorneys finally replied to the request for dismissal. They contend that MM is the legal publisher of FF and is responsible for the alleged falsehoods. The actual book list the publisher as Dey Street books . They also maintain the two had a very close relationship,but they also agree the two haven’t met in 16 years. They agree that SM left the home when MM was two. They alleged they have prove the two were close. 😆 Lol! They were actually estranged 10 year prior to M meeting Harry. None of it makes sense. Who knows how a judge will see it? She could dismiss it all or let some of it stand.

  16. * Forgot to add: SM is also alleging that she wasn’t paid for the interviews where she slagged off MM. This contradicts statements that she made on GMB, and Pier’s statement that he paid her for interviews. There are many tweets where she admits to being paid. “Life is about cashing in.” Everybody has bills to pay.” She wrote her book to cash in.

  17. PH has been selected has the UN’s keynote speaker for Nelson Mandela day. Meghan will join him in NY on Monday. An excellent choice. Yesterday #King Harry, #Dutchess Meghan, and #Prince Harry were trending in the 🇺🇸. I’m glad there are many 🇺🇸 who ignore our toxic media, and the vile hatred of some in the 🇬🇧. He’s proof that you can be financially independent and still support charities. Many rich people freely support charities without living off benefits from poor people. The RF should do the same. H+M didn’t receive a pound from the sovereign grant, the RF used over £100 million.

  18. *Betty’s estimated wealth is over £1 billion pounds, Moneybags’is over £500 million and Willileaks’ is over £40 million. Does anyone believe they can’t afford to pay their own bills?


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