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Give Up Ghislaine

After her attempt to get a retrial was rightly rejected and the BBC’s ‘House of Maxwell’ reveals that she used to make ‘miaow’ noises at her late father, it is now time for the mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell to give up and to also do the right thing – name names and finally tell the truth

In response to her conviction, Prince Andrew’s ‘bestie’ and supposed sometime lover Ghislaine Maxwell continues to show only audacity and arrogance. She clearly is yet to accept it, but thankfully yesterday Judge Alison J. Nathan decided otherwise.


Now with news that she won’t be getting a retrial in spite of the antics of the juror Scotty David, it is time that this French born 60-year-old convicted sex offender fessed up the identities of her clearly many co-conspirators.


Whilst the powerful and the privileged no doubt connected to her currently sit worrying in the mansions in case ‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter does decide to get a reduced sentence on the basis of finally being cooperative, for now still, it seems that this course of action remains unlikely.


In Oxford educated Ghislaine – and one can most definitely see that from the Westchester Summit Talk she gave in 2014 – there is most definitely a very intelligent woman, but there is also a monster with a moral compass that has been completely stir fried.


Some, amongst them the late Lord Hartwell’s beyond bonkers daughter Eleanor Berry, might say that Miss Maxwell was abused by her father before becoming an abuser herself. Some might add that this explains why she turned to the dark side and linked up with warped paedophiles like Jean-Luc Brunel and Jeffrey Epstein.


Others, however, rightly point to the pension pot plunderer’s favourite child being motivated by money and having used these cretinous individuals as her own personal money funnel and them having used her to get to her address book.


On Monday, BBC Two air the first episode of their new House of Maxwell three-part documentary series. Featuring previously unseen footage of Robert Maxwell on his yacht before his death, the corporation have teased of the programme:


“Secret recordings. Criminal trials. Mystery deaths. Like father. Like daughter. One family. 50 years of scandal.”


“Never-heard-before secret recordings of executives within his businesses show the rising panic as they start to realise there are huge holes in Robert’s company finances. We see the beginnings of a scandal which will change the lives of all of the Maxwells forever.”


“Told through intimate testimony and exclusive never-before-seen sources of the archive, House Of Maxwell is a story woven through British and American society and culture and will offer a unique window into a world of money, sex, privacy and power across half a century.”


The programme’s producer, Colin Barr of Expectation, added:


“It’s hard to imagine a story with a more dramatic rise or disastrous fall than the story of the Maxwell family. It’s a story that is both intimate and epic and one which speaks to half a century of business, politics and celebrity. This is a true-life family drama on an extraordinary scale, and we’re incredibly privileged to be producing it for BBC Two.”


In clips of the show available on the programme’s official site prior to it airing, the chirping crooner Christopher Mason is heard to turn on a woman he used to describe as a “friend” and remarks that the way in which she and Epstein lived to be “profoundly weird.”


Other snippets feature the Serious Fraud Office raids on the Mirror Group offices and the company’s secretary Carol Bragoli complaining about “great big brutes of guys with screwdrivers levering open filing cabinets.” Of the raid, Bragoli adds: “They were thugs. They were awful. I hated them. The whole thing turned really nasty after that.”


Central Park interview
In a clip from the BBC series, the TerraMar Project founder sits in a New York’s Central Park in the 1990s and is filmed telling a blonde presenter: “You know, other peoples’ lives are very interesting too. I like to have the opportunity to ask them questions. I don’t like to be the one people are asking questions of… I don’t feel any smaller or lesser than I was before. I am me.” Clearly, this now convicted sex offender now has many questions still to answer; whether she ever actually does answer them remains to be seen.
Carol Bragoli
In another clip, the pension pot plunderer’s secretary Carol Bragoli recounts a telephone conversation between Robert Maxwell and his daughter Ghislaine during which they kept making “miaow, miaow” noises to one another. She adds: “He definitely had a different relationship with Ghislaine than the others.”
Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein taxi abuse
Jeffrey Epstein and his one-time lover turned coconspirator will forever be remembered in history as evil sex offenders. Their grubbiness truly knew no bounds and their evil treatment of their victims speaks volumes as to their psycho personalities.
Matthew Steeples tweet
Matthew Steeples remarked on Twitter of the retrial denial this morning: “[If she] had any decency, she would now name names. She is, however, just like her late father – deviant to her core – and thus remains as arrogant as ever. May this wicked, evil woman rot in the clink to the end of her days.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


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