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Bringing Beecher To Book

Nikolay Kalinin urges readers to support journalist and screenwriter Peter Jukes’ crowdfunder as he commences legal action against mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s moronic mouthpiece Jay Beecher

Far-right twerp Jay Beecher went somewhat silent after The Steeple Times published an article in April about him joining the hellish circle of utterly delusional individuals hell-bent on defending mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell.


Several days ago, however, this noxious nitwit emerged out of the dark hole that is the Phantom Zone in order to shockingly and without any evidence accuse the talented screenwriter and Byline Times editor Peter Jukes of child abuse in an article for the far-right Politicalite website. According to Beecher, the accuser he wrote of once starred in one of Jukes’ plays after joining an amateur acting group.


Jukes responded on Twitter and announced that he was setting up a legal crowdfunder against Beecher and his associates Jordan Kendall, James Bembridge and James Melville. In another post featuring a screenshot of an email sent to Beecher’s representative, Jukes has denied the clearly nonsensical accusations and stated that if he “actually believed these allegations he should inform the police.”


In another tweet, Jukes stated: “Beecher and James came up with this on the back of a naff Google search on me, having already declared they were going to take Byline Times ‘down,’” which demonstrates that Beecher’s actions are motivated by a desire to bring down a man calling out clear crackpots like him.


Jukes’ complaints against Bembridge and Melville were based on them retweeting the article published on Politicalite – where Beecher is a regular contributor – which reiterated the appalling accusation that Jukes committed child abuse.


Today, I urge readers to support Jukes’ campaign to tackle Beecher’s lies, because his work as editor of Byline Times has allowed people to gain a new perspective on our country, which is important in these divisive times. It is important also that the harmful tosh being spewed by people like Jay Beecher is not allowed to harm anyone else’s lives and it is important also that such individuals are brought to book for their reprehensible conduct.


To contribute to Peter Jukes’ crowdfunder, click here. All donations will be used only to fund the costs of specialist defamation solicitors, Bindmans LLP.


Peter Jukes to Jay Beecher
Prior to publication of the ‘Politicalite’ smear, Peter Jukes responded in writing to Jay Beecher’s nonsense with a comment. It read: “These allegations are completely untrue and I believe Mr Beecher to be making them maliciously. Rather than publishing a libelous and contemptible smear – if Mr Beecher actually believed these allegations he should inform the police. I would happily talk to them and prove this is a malicious allegation for which Mr Beecher will be able to provide no proper details or supporting witnesses, because none exist.
Jay Beecher Twitter
After ‘The Steeple Times’ highlighted Jay Beecher as an attention seeking desperado devoted to supporting the deviant daughter of the pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, in April, the cowardly cretin blocked our Twitter account. Today, we remind readers that what we are dealing with here is an ignoramus with an especially nasty tongue.
Desperate for attention Jay Beecher has pinned himself to a whole array of crackpot ‘causes’ over the years. Aside from having been involved in UKIP (from which he was ultimately and unsurprisingly suspended) and the Tory Party, he more recently created a weird wack job website named ‘The Maxwell Files.’ Here, in June 2021, he published a rambling rant in support of the deservedly incarcerated Ghislaine Maxwell. In it, he quoted the mucky madam’s brother as saying: “One of our favourite games when she was very young was to teach Ghislaine bad words (which of course she did not know the meaning of) and then encourage her to use them in front of our parents when they had guests over which got us into trouble but made Kevin and I hoot with laughter as when Ghislaine, around 4, told a former Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford  to ‘piss off’ when he asked her how old she was. We had told Ghislaine that was a form of greeting!” With friends like Beecher, who needs…
Nikolay Kalinin
Nikolay Kalinin
Nikolay Kalinin is a blogger who has been writing articles published on the automotive site ‘DriveTribe’ since July 2020. Previously, he ran his own blog about politics and culture in Russia.


  1. Beecher clearly is especially challenged intellectually and he plainly is desperate for social elevation. What a sad little twerp.


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