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Ghislaine Nags Nathan

After a row between Ghislaine Maxwell and her legal team in court on Thursday, the mucky madam decided not to testify; she also failed to get the eccentric owner of The Nags Head pub across the pond from Belgravia, London in time to support her

Asked to the stand to testify in the case against her on Friday by Judge Alison J. Nathan, alleged sex trafficker and mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell curtly and arrogantly responded: “Your honour, the government has not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt so there is no reason for me to testify.”


Previously, on Thursday evening, Hunting Ghislaine podcaster John Sweeney had tweeted: “Tonight, after jury left, GMax [Ghislaine Maxwell] angry as she argued with her $7m defence team. They’d put up a nice lady who’d not been to Palm Beach, a travel agent, a Prof of BuggsBunnyology. None of it cut the mustard.”


Clearly, such a mistake could have been one of the factors why Miss Maxwell decided to effectively silence her last chance to defend her own reputation on Friday, but equally, it must be remembered, here is a woman whose own pension pot plundering, murderer father once stated: “I have a beautiful daughter and she’s just like me.”


Robert Maxwell
Shortly after he fell, jumped or was pushed off the back of his gin palace on 5th November 1991, Ghislaine Maxwell declared of the dodgy dad she clearly loved more than anyone else before or since in her life: “He wasn’t a crook. A thief to me is someone who steals money. Do I think my father did that? No. I don’t know what he did. Obviously something happened. Did he put it in his pocket? Did he run off with the money? No. And that’s my definition of a crook.” Subsequently, the spoilt socialite replaced this to her God-like monster with another crooked monster in the form of the equally repugnant Jeffrey Epstein (though it is rumoured the pair could have been connected as early as 1988 and it is also rumoured that ‘Monster 1’ could have used ‘Monster 2’ as a money funnel for the still missing £500 million he disgracefully plundered from his company’s poor pensioners).
John Sweeney on court argument tweet
Indicating that all there could be a spanner-in-the-works for #TeamMaxwell, journalist and ‘Hunting Ghislaine’ podcaster John Sweeney tweeted Thursday: “Tonight, after jury left, GMax angry as she argued with her $7m defence team. They’d put up a nice lady who’d not been to Palm Beach, a travel agent, a Prof of BuggsBunnyology. None of it cut the mustard.”

Making no mention of her alleged “frailty” or how she’s been playing “monster moves” and “growling” with prison guards, the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ decidedly deviant daughter’s lawyers also got a stern telling off from Judge Nathan on Friday – a woman with clear associations to President Biden whose patience has been tested by croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s lover-and-bestie on multiple occasions from the very first time they encountered one another.


During the day’s “rocky” sitting, defence attorney Laura Menninger asked for more time to produce her client’s 35 witnesses – some of whom had failed to respond to subpoenas issued two-and-a-half weeks ago even.


Menninger bleated: “We are flying people across the country, across the pond, our client’s life is on the line, and we are given only a half a day to put on a witness,” but this soppy nonsense was deservedly met with a stonewall when the judge responded: “I have a rule, you have your next witness or you rest.”


Judge Nathan then enquired: “Why am I hearing about it for the first time now?” In response, Menninger pleaded: “There’s been a lot got on. To be honest your honour, it’s a lot of work,” but this was bounced back with: “A non-responsive witness is not a little thing.”


Subsequently, following this bang-on-the-nail rebuke, 59-year-old Maxwell’s team were only able to put forward a pathetic 9 out of their 35 proposed witnesses and amongst the excuses offered for non-attendance were that one witness refused to respond to a federal subpoena, another said they would take the fifth and a third was not being called because they have COVID-19.”


The defence team did manage to call a “curt and tense” Eva Dubin – a former Miss Sweden, now wife of hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin and lover of Jeffrey Epstein for eleven years in the 1980s – to give evidence, however. It didn’t exactly go to plan as when questioned about her self-declared “memory issues,” she answered: “It’s very hard for me to remember anything far back. Sometimes I can’t even remember things from last month. My family notices and I notice it. It’s been an issue.”


Going further, of Dubin’s appearance at the court, the MailOnline later declared: “It was not clear if she was willingly giving evidence or after being subpoenaed,” before adding: “As [she] walked into the court Maxwell turned her head around and looked to the door and followed her with her eyes as she walked in and up to the witness box. During Dubin’s evidence Maxwell stared intently at her, sitting up in her chair.” Clearly, it must have been apparent to those present, that there is no love lost between these two women.


Glenn and Eva Dubin
Billionaire hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin and his former Miss Sweden wife are a couple with longstanding connections to both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell on all levels. Mr Dubin supposedly first saw his now wife when she appeared in the ‘New York Post’s’ ‘Page Six’ in a modelling photograph and in August 2019 featured in unsealed documents that included allegations of his involvement in a sex ring. In September 2020, the Attorney General of the British Virgin Islands subpoenaed the Dubins as part of their investigations into the dealings of Jeffrey Epstein whilst in September 2019, ‘Vanity Fair’s’ William D. Cohan revealed: “For billionaire Glenn Dubin, the Epstein saga is far from over.” At that time, he suggested: “Could one of Manhattan’s most prominent power couples know more about the Epstein mystery?”
Celia Dubin on Jeffrey Epstein lap
In February 2021, crusading author of ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography’ Kirby Sommers exclusively shared with ‘The Steeple Times’ her thoughts about a photograph of Jeffrey Epstein on one of his private jets with his hands on the bare flesh of a sleeping girl on his lap. She also shared an image of Celia Dubin, one of Glenn and Eva Dubin’s three children, alongside an image of a girl with a naked bottom that Jeffrey Epstein kept next to his bed. Sommers remarked: “Celia Dubin bears a striking resemblance to the photo of the little girl that hung in Jeffrey Epstein’s home which Virginia Giuffre provided to the FBI over one decade ago.”
Julie Brown tweets Kevin Moran
On Friday, journalist Julie K. Brown tweeted: “The 81-YO witness is/was the owner of the Nags Head pub, watering hole across the st from Maxwell’s former London townhouse. Defense wants him to refute accuser recollection that she met Maxwell at that address during the time period.” Another Twitter user going by the handle @NWOGaction shared a picture of 81-year-old publican Kevin Moran and responded: “’Did you ever take a week, a day or even a few hours off from behind the bar in the many years you have been the landlord?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘No more questions Your Honour.’” Precisely.

Next, another of Maxwell’s lawyers, Christian Everdell announced that they planned to call 81-year-old Kevin Moran, the especially eccentric owner of The Nags Head in Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London – a not-so-ritzy public house opposite the London home Ghislaine Maxwell owned from 1997 until 2020.


Whilst this pub might be considered eccentrically quaint by some, it, for sure, isn’t a place one would imagine Ghislaine Maxwell hanging out with snotty snobs like Jeffrey Epstein and Pizza Express lovers like Prince Andrew. It was surprising, therefore that, Mr Everdell proceeded to argue it a “critical issue” that Mr Moran be called for the defence. In then unhelpfully declaring that “the pub owner could not be there until Monday at the earliest,” what occurred was certainly an example of Maxwell behaving in her late father’s fashion and putting the ‘distraction technique’ into play.


On Friday evening, a reader of The Steeple Times with an especially strong reason to be interested in this case contacted us to say he’d spoken a female Irish employee of The Nags Head earlier in the day. He asked said individual: “Is Kevin [Moran] flying to New York over the weekend?” and got a brusque “no” in response. Said barmaid then slammed down the phone without further ado.


“Unimpressed” by all these shenanigans given Maxwell’s legal team – who’ve already cost her and those close to her multi-million pounds – have had over 500 days to prepare their witnesses, Judge Nathan performed a slam-dunk and declared: “If this cases today [Friday], it closes today [Friday].”


Meanwhile elsewhere, at 10.15pm GMT Friday, Sky News completed a round-up of what’ll happen next. They announced: “[Maxwell’s] legal team has now rested its case after two days of presenting evidence on her behalf, with closing arguments expected on Monday before jurors begin their deliberations.”


It’s now time to let those dice roll, but given how this rollercoaster has run thus far, God only knows where they’ll land.


Pictured top – Convicted-now-croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein cradles his alleged sex trafficker lover Ghislaine Maxwell (left) whilst said mucky madam provocatively poses with mates of them both, temperamental model Naomi Campbell, 45th POTUS Donald Trump and his allegedly trafficked third wife, Melania (right).


44 Kinnerton Street The Nags Head Belgravia Ghislaine Maxwell Kevin Moran
Ghislaine Maxwell’s former home – 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8ES – is situated directly opposite the Kevin Moran independent public house, The Nags Head. The mews house was previously occupied by a harness maker named William Ferguson in 1891 and subsequently rented by an American foreign service officer named Lewis Clark in 1947. It was sold in March 2021 for circa £1.45 million, a sum 400% higher than the £290,000 the alleged sex trafficker paid for it in 1997. The building has since been repainted in an effort to disguise its decidedly dubious past.
Interior of The Nags Head pub in Belgravia
The interior of The Nags Head public house – Could anyone actually imagine a socialite like Ghislaine Maxwell actually hanging out at the bar there with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew and Naomi Campbell? Whilst it was a popular haunt for radio DJ Chris Evans during the drunken days of his car-crash marriage to actress Billie Piper in the early 2000s, it’s hardly got the vibe that Mar-a-Lago loving, cashmere-clad ‘Mucky Maxwell’ apparently likes. Its interior, however, is certainly in need of a bit of a scrub, just like, no doubt, ‘Cap’n Bob’s’ deviant daughter’s filthy Metropolitan Dention Center cell.
The Nags Head Belgravia review Londonist
In a review last updated in April 2018, the ‘Londonist’ was not extremely thrilled with their visit to The Nags Head and declared of it: “Prepare to be admonished. This notoriously fussy pub won’’ tolerate mobile phones, customers sitting at tables that are too large for their group, or curious snoopsters taking a peek down the adjacent private mews. (All three drew a comment on our most recent visit… and we were only there for 45 minutes.) We’d half expect a moany email telling us to take these surreptitiously taken photos down, only we suspect the bar staff have never heard of the internet. So, if you’re sensitive to that ‘we do things our way’ attitude, then avoid at all costs. If, however, you quite like to see a bit of character then the Nag’s Head has plenty going for it. The crooked wooden interior is split onto two levels, with one bar serving both. The staff have been known to leap over the lower bar, which contains no flaps. Publican Kevin Moran (not the Republic of Ireland footballer) is the latest in a short line of landlords – the place only had five between the mid-Victorian period and 1950. Look out for the pump handles – they’re over 150 years old and made from Chelsea pottery. The pub is decorated all around with other unlikely baubles, such as vintage one-arm bandits and a pair of Edwardian ice skates. Despite its fierce independence, it only dispenses ho-hum Adnams brews. Odd. We haven’t tried the food, but reviews on other sites do not paint the most nourishing of pictures. This is a pub in which you will go through all the emotions.”
Prince Andrew Virigina Roberts Ghislaine Maxwell Shaun Attwood 44 Kinnerton Street
The now infamous photograph of Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell in her house opposite The Nags Head at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London in March 2001 (top). It clearly shows the white bannister that also features in Shaun Attwood’s interview with the ‘cleaner’ at the same address in 2019 (below).

The case against Ghislaine Maxwell

The late ‘Cap’n Bob’s’ deviant daughter is on trial before Judge Nathan on counts of:


  • Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts.
  • Enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts.
  • Conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.
  • Transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.
  • Sex trafficking conspiracy.
  • Sex trafficking of a minor.
  • Lying under oath (to be heard separately at a later date).


Some of the key ‘Famous Faces’ whose names have mostly thus far avoided mention at ‘The Trial of The Decade’

  • Alexander Acosta
  • Woody Allen
  • Ehud Barak
  • Tom Barrack
  • Jean-Luc Brunel
  • Naomi Campbell
  • President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Glenn Dubin and his wife Eva
  • Bill Gates
  • Geordie Greig
  • Lord Mandelson
  • Marvin Minsky
  • George J. Mitchell
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Peter Nygård
  • Bill Richardson III
  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Jes Staley
  • Ken Starr
  • President Donald Trump and his potentially trafficked wife Melania
  • Ivana Trump
  • Chris Tucker
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Leslie Wexner
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his live-in ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. This is the worst defense imaginable. Ghislaine has hidden her emptiness behind emptiness. Clearly a luxury junkie and a morally bankrupt opportunist, it is fascinating and horrifying to observe her lonely effort to save herself by spending money that she begged off of dark sources that want nothing to do with her. Her brothers are making fools of themselves babbling about her suffering in the absence of all that plundered luxury


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