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Moron of the Moment – Madeline Grant

“I don’t hack, I just have a great rack” rent-a-gob Madeline Grant’s attack on Gina Miller is uncalled for and below the standard of what one expects from ‘The Telegraph’

The Telegraph’s Madeline Grant uses the nickname ‘Madz’ on Twitter and that moniker definitely reflects her acerbic personality.


Aside from bizarrely describing herself as a “Janeite, cardigan fanatic and James Bond bore. Mastermind semi-finalist” on her handle, this chippy assistant comment editor decided to have a go at Gina Miller this morning and claimed: “I couldn’t care less about [her].”


Mockingly referencing Miller as “(Re)Gina,” Grant – a woman who was disciplined whilst at Oxford for using the slogan: “I don’t hack. I just have a great rack” as part of her campaign to become the Union Librarian (she later was later fined £120) – announced:


“Legal commentators are calling for a statue of (Re)Gina Miller to be erected in Parliament Square. Gloating Remainers cannot see – or prefer to ignore – the blind fury they are stoking among the general public.”


“At a time of political turmoil, I’m not impressed that those tasked with scrutiny are buying into a convenient ‘girl power’ narrative. Miller, an investment fund manager, has often played the plucky underdog, claiming she was moved to action when her 11-year-old son told her: ‘You’re going to do something, mummy, you always do.’ This schmaltz obscures what she really is – the figurehead for a group of super rich backers.”


“Speaking as a woman, I couldn’t care less about her gender. I care that activists are using their wealth and influence to block a democratic outcome.”


On Twitter, this poison pen went further and shared an image of the lady she plainly has little to no understanding of. She accompanied it with a silly message: “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Shania Twain #thatdontimpressmemuch”


Shame on this mouthy millennial minx. “Deeply offensive” and “damaging to women” Madeline Grant ought to go back to where she belongs: The school playground.


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Moron of the Moment – “Racked up” rent-a-gob Madeleine Grant – “Racked up” rent-a-gob Madeleine Grant’s attack on Gina Miller is uncalled for and below the standard of what one expects from ‘The Telegraph’
Madeline Grant’s tweet about Gina Miller.
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  1. Gina is a bastion of democracy. The advisory referendum became some sort of compulsion to leave. It could have become a reason to use powerful supoport to negotiate with the EU to fix what many people saw as problems . Politicians are failing to spell out the awful consequences of a No Deal. Actually the public are bemused by the lack of information and none of the people in charge have spelled out the consequences of the whole matter, either way, and we are all being subjected to a disaster.

    • How can she be a ‘beacon of democracy’….
      Is her head on fire or does she have a flashing light atop?
      Frankly, I feel sorry for Alan….nice chap but getting together with this harridan was not a good move.
      I mean, what funds does she actually manage?

      • I’ve met her myself a couple of times via Matthew and she comes across as a polite nice lady. Her husband is ok too. However I cannot condone what she did going against the entire country and a public vote at that for which she was at one time the most hated woman in the UK. You cannot get to that destination point without doing something quite horrific.

        • Gina Miller did nothing “horrific” other than simply help confirm the correct legal process was in place. Your overexageration in descriptive terms of a decent lady is frankly ludicrous. Please take such nonsensical comments elsewhere Julie Randall. Thank you kindly.

    • Democracy??? Have a word with yourself why don’t you. None of those things that remoaner ville said did come true. No financial catastrophe. No cliff diving 🤣. Nothing. Economy booming. Ditto jobs. Love ❤️ Brexit

  2. You really imagine you have written a properly argued piece?
    Abuse and child-like ad hominem attacks are not legitimate tools.

  3. madeline is awesome, shes smart sensible really likeable, and HOT. miller sucks, shes scum, and you guys are leftist filth and the real morons, along with miller.

  4. Now children, let’s really watch our words. Gina is the only one who has doggedly tried to make this bunch of fascists face some sort of account of their totally unconstitutional acts a la Hitler on the night of the long knives doing in the old guard and turning Conservatism into Brexitism. Thankfully this Hitler is a clown and our assistant comment editor talks about clown country in a recent article and tries to address the problem of Britain’s let down youth in another. The terrible situation with British syrian refugees and why this government is not going to help them would be worthy material for this energetic and rapidly maturing phenomenon.

    • The fact you mention Hitler and Brexit in the same sentence means that you are wrongly wired. Something is wrong. Nobody has been killed and all that propoganda remain camp said: all lies. Do you know they spent double on their campaign peddling lies, slurring the great people of England for daring to vote for what they want, calling them thick little Englanders! Wow. I think I know who are fascists reading the name calling. As for Syrian refugees like that lovely Begum nutter who actually wants to kill you in return for your kindness. You lot want to be seen as do gooders and good ppl while burning underneath like angry wasps.

  5. I think she’s totally nailed Miller who is a privileged and incredibly wealthy woman whose interest in staying in the EU is entirely based on her potential loss of income.
    Mr Salt (quoted above) is quite obviously a fool, a misogynist and a prick for want of a better word. Mr Gallie (also quoted above) has taken the childish route in his argument, reducing it to lowest of comparisons and the last straw of political discussion; the comparison to Hitler. This sort of response is taken by those people that realise their arguments have no basis and have no further grounds for discussion, these people have to resort to comparing their opponents to Hitler and the Nazi Party because they realise they have no way of winning the debate and feel the need to invoke what they see as the ultimate insult.
    The fact is that Brexit is done, we’re out and we’re staying out, this was decided in a democratic vote after years of debate in the two Houses and every form of media. To accuse Brexiteer politicians and members of the public that voted Out, of Fascism is in itself a undemocratic statement and more in the line with the sort of argument a Fascist would put through, the view that regardless of a democratic win it can still be overruled because it doesn’t fit in with one’s own ideology.
    Ms Grant is a excellent reporter with a sense of humour, she lives in a country with a free press and has the right to her own views and opinions. If she can’t criticise a person for attempting to overturn a democratic vote then this sad little online news outlet, The Steeple Times, with its following of misguided socialists, can’t berate her either. You can’t have it both ways you silly lefties.

    • You sound like just the kind of person I’d never wish to sit next to at a dinner party. You are entitled to your view, but my goodness, you clearly have utterly no knowledge of my friend Gina Miller. Next.


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