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God & Ghislaine – Mucky Madam Maxwell Lauded As “A God”

As Ghislaine Maxwell is laughably lauded as “a God,” we examine the mucky madam’s previous references to those she perceived ‘higher beings’ including Prince Andrew and Paris Hilton

Alongside her silly, soppy siblings, internationally disgraced mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell counts pugnacious PR peddlers Brian Basham, Jay Beecher, Ross Gow and Lady Victoria Hervey as amongst those who’ve publicly made prats of themselves by defending and lauding her. Now, some complete nutter has gone further and ludicrously elevated her to the status of “a God.” You, quite frankly, simply just couldn’t make it up.

Whilst surely, being a woman – admittedly a very wicked and definitely devil-like one – she’d actually be “a Goddess” rather than “a God,” a person going by the name of Hyde Evans yesterday wrote to The Steeple Times via Twitter to express their rather ridiculous ‘reasoning.’

Possibly sent from a trolling account linked to one of the aforementioned delusional public relations spinners, the message read: “Your [sic] blocked, Ghislaine Maxwell is a god, she is innocent, you have no right to judge her, there’s [sic] women are not victims, there [sic] liars.”

Previously, aside from sitting on the Queen’s throne with her now charged with sexual offences mate Kevin Spacey in Buckingham Palace in 2002, the daughter of the late pension pot plunderer told a masseuse she’d be sending her to “someone more famous God” in June 2000. That person? The royal ratbag and payer out of £12 million to a victim of abuse he previously claimed never to have met, Prince Andrew.

On another occasion in the early 2000s in New York, whilst with the penner of a poem that disgustingly praised Jeffrey Epstein’s “24-hour erections,” Christopher Mason – a giddy gadabout who has since turned on his now “former friend” – the now-in-the-clink one-time socialite is said to have remarked: “Oh my God, who is that? Ohhhh, she’d be perfect for Jeffrey. Can you introduce us?” The person she supposedly had been looking at? The made famous by a sex tape bimbo, Paris Hilton.

Pictured top – The now estranged wife of Scott Borgerson with the accused sex offender Kevin Spacey on thrones at Buckingham Palace in 2000. Yesterday, it was confirmed that the Metropolitan Police had charged the actor with four counts of sexual assault against three men between 2005 and 2013 and that he is due at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday at 10am.

Today on Twitter, Matthew Steeples put up a poll – “After being told Ghislaine Maxwell is “a God” on here, I ask: “What else might she be considered?” – that has thus far had a majority favouring the answer of “evil to her core.”
Hyde Evans
A troll going by the likely fake name of Hyde Evans expressed their frankly ridiculous views before blocking @M_Steeples and @SteepleTimes on Twitter on Monday 13th June 2022. There clearly are still crackpots who actually believe in the innocence of somebody who could have used their life for good, but who, like their equally repugnant father, chose a path of dodgy and deviant behaviour. Rightly now, that person will rot for the rest of their rotten life in the clink.
Prince Andrew
“I am going to introduce you to someone more famous than God” was the observation of the convicted sex trafficker and mucky madam when she told a masseuse named Monique Giannelloni that she’d booked her to give Prince Andrew a naked massage at Buckingham Palace in June 2000.
Paris Hilton
On seeing Paris Hilton at a party in the early 2000s whilst with her creepy poem writing chum Christopher Mason, the deviant daughter of ‘The Bouncing Czech’ supposedly remarked: “Oh my God, who is that? Ohhhh, she’d be perfect for Jeffrey. Can you introduce us?”
“See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed at you” was the mantra Maxwell and Epstein expected those ‘working’ for them to live by.
“Should Christians judge Ghislaine Maxwell? (God will REVEAL)” is an 0:59-minute video uploaded to YouTube. Of her, the unnamed presenter comments: “Obviously her sins have caught up with her… Ultimately, at the end of the day, your sins are going to catch up to you… If it’s not in this life, definitely in the life to come… Be very aware of what you do and how you live your life.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Hi Matthew, are the police interested in the bordello she ran in Knightsbridge some time ago or is that just water under the bridge?
    A cocky little woman she was!
    Keep up the good work.

      • Grubby Ghislaine proves that money and upper society connections can get “inconvenient” things, like sordid underage brothel criminality quietly smoothed away. Not really so surprising, given the overtly corrupt, and long term massive scale white collar thieving of the Czech-Jewish patriarch that the current”Maxwell” family clan owe all their connections and ill gotten wealth from).

  2. PA was simply continuing the RF’s long history of brazen and amoral behavior: “Lord of Darkness-The disturbing life of Charles’ favourite uncle.”(HeraldScotland- Nov 2021) LM was “A paedophile with a penchant for boys in uniforms.”Queen’s Uncle Edward was a “Nazi” and vile anti-Semitic. (DM, July 2015) Her father taught her the Nazi salute at age 7. Princess Anne was a 2 time adulterous-Peter Cross and TL.”Princess Anne not ashamedof her extramarital affair.”(Express Feb 2021.)The future Queen consort was a homewrecker and bed-hopping adulterous. A brazen hussy who befriended Diana as she slept with her husband. The future King maintained a close friendship with Saville from 1986-2006. PA didn’t fall far from the family tree!

    • Yes it says it all doesn’t it, it’s just a den of self entitled wasters, who truly believe their above everyone and everything, yet the blind still worship them.

    • King Edward was a complete liability, but none too clever, and so the PM Baldwin was able to outmaneuvere him. It was a soft political and constitutional coup. The government of the day simply excised the overt Nazi sympathizer Edward. Who identified as a German and spoke German fluently, and likewise enthusiastically traveled to meet with the Third Reich hierarchy, despite the obvious signs of imminent European conflict. The Nazi’s had a vague plan to reinstall Edward as UK monarch should they have successfully invaded, or subjugated, Britain during the second world war. This is the real story of Edward, not the great love story/Mrs Simpson guff the state used to cover up its ‘executive actions’. It is also certainly why the current reigning Queen notably distanced herself from any associations with her uncle for the remainder of his life, as exiled in France.

  3. Of course the Met police failed to investigate. Can you imagine them investigating PA or any member of the RF?
    When Kate M showed up for the illegal vigil to honor Sarah Everard, they waited for her to leave before arresting other women. PA had sex with underage girls in the UK(2011, DM) ” Prince Andrew and the girl his sex offender friend flew to Britain to meet him.” The Queen is also complicit in enabling his behavior: allowing him to accompany her to church the day after Epstein’s suicide. She’s head of the Church of England. It wasn’t a good look. Poor parenting is part of the problem.

  4. Well well Susan,you certainly despise the entire BRF or so it would appear. They certainly loved ole duchess copycat until she called Oprah & cried boo hoo. Apparently she didn’t realize that we Americans didn’t fall for it. This is my personal opinion only, I truly believe Megs is the actual racist. You should tell her to donate a few more rotten tomatoes & perhaps eggs from her so called rescue chickens for the less fortunate. After all she does claim to be humanitarian. 🤔😂😃

  5. Lottie,
    I don’t hate the RF, I despise the current economic state of the UK. I think there are other things we can spend over £85 million pounds on. Brits are now having to choose between food and fuel. One in 10 children in the UK suffer from food shortages. We have elderly pensioners living in cardboard boxes on filthy streets. W+K are now about to move into their 4th home: AH,BE,KP and new home in Windsor. Two are state owned, two are state subsidised. When you have 280,000 Brits homeless, how can they justify a 4th home? It makes no sense. (Metro UK, 12/16/20) ” UNICEF is helping to feed hungry children in the UK for the FIRST time in its 70 year history.” Embarrassing? The Sun- April 2020, “Queen to tell Brits ‘we’re in this together’ Is that true??? The Queen lives in 6 royal and private mansions.Apartment 1a, KP was renovated at taxpayer’s cost of £12 million (Express, Sept 1, 2021)and now they want another home? The Mirror- Prince William and Kate ‘moving to new Windsor home to be closer to Queen’ Unbiased and objective journalism?

  6. Well Susan, this is one of the more dubious posts you’ve ever made. How do you know what all the BRF have or have not done to help homeless people? Ever since ole MeGAIN married hazzy, those two & their ilk have been trying to bring down the British monarchy. This is exactly how we Americans see it. We see how megsy uses other people’s children & how she makes sure there are photos there & OH YES Net Flix. We don’t have or want a monarchy but we have HUGE love & respect for the BRF. We understan how the media follows the Royals all over. We also see hoe the vile megain seems to HAVE to alert them.to follow her & haz.. Good for William & Catherine for moving closer to the Queen. So ya see she does have the right people around her. So ole hazzy can rest assured now😇😃

  7. Lottie,
    You missed the point. This has nothing to do with “vile Megain” vs Saint Catherine. (Tabloid clickbait)W+C can clearly afford to pay for their 4th home, private helicopter, servants and other expenses. Forbes 2021 estimates the RF’s net worth at $28 billion. According to the ONS, the average salary in the UK for 2021 was £25,971. Why should the poor pay £86.3 million to billionaires in the same year? And why would a billionaire try to steal from the poor? “Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat home.” (Independent. co uk, Sept 2010) Lottie, how is attempting to use funds earmarked for low-income families “helping the poor? This year 17,000 people in the UK died due to cold housing.(Londontimes) The red herring that is H+M doesn’t change this bleak reality. Today’s Daily Express- ” Shock as food prices to soar 15%.” BBC- “Our lives (Brits)are at risk because of energy costs.” And it’s “good” they get a 4th home!

    • You clearly fail to understand that the royal family’s existence brings in more to the UK than any costs. As for “vile Megain,” she brings nothing but bloody trouble.

      • Exactly Matthew! THAT is the point. The BRF not only sell in Britain, but all over the world! Excellent come back there Sir😇😇

  8. “Hyde Evans” who trolled Mr Steeple on Twitter, evidently cannot spell or use grammar correctly, the last line of the Evans text reading as:

    there’s women are not victims there liars , (sic)

    Yikes, this rare species of Greasy Ghislaine Maxwell defender seem to be rather inept and stupid.

    • Well ya know, these trolls do NOT seem too bright. BuzzARD feed likes to troll too or so I heard😂😂😅😅

      Thanks TruthMachine
      You’re my hero of the day! 😇😇


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