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Trumped by Ghislaine

As it is revealed Donald Trump nearly pardoned Ghislaine Maxwell, Kirby Sommers’ book about her is released and the screws turn on her connections with the Clintons also

When it rains, it pours for Ghislaine Maxwell and though on 19th January this year – the day before Donald Trump left office – we got panned in some quarters for reporting that the chances of the 45th POTUS pardoning the mucky madam were still high, it now seems that she actually did come closer to getting just such than was earlier imagined.


Whilst the moaning mendacious minx is no doubt slouched in her cell currently contemplating what could have been if ‘The Donald’ had done her a turn, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged procurer of underage girls – who faces trial in November unless she does the sensible thing and pulls a plea bargain – may now be coming to regret not speaking out about what she knows about the deviancy of Trump.


Yesterday, just as sales for Kirby Sommers newly released book Ghislaine Maxwell: The Unauthorized Biography rocketed on Amazon and Kindle, The Hill reported that “former President Trump considered issuing a pardon to Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell shortly before leaving office, according to a new book from author Michael Woolf.”


Going further, they remarked that “Woolf wrote in his new book Landslide that Trump took a ‘sudden interest’ in Maxwell’s case. ‘Has she said anything about me?’ Trump reportedly asked about Maxwell. ‘Is she going to talk? Will she roll on anybody?’”


Elsewhere, adding to the wicked wastrel’s woes, Rolling Stone reported Tuesday that Audible, Inc. have announced a new true-crime podcast series, Chasing Ghislaine, by Vanity Fair journalist Vicky Ward will premiere on 15th July, whilst Joe Miller of Restoring Liberty reported on U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska has ordered that “Ghislaine Maxwell must turn over documents related to her personal affairs, including records that may reveal more about her finances and relationship with the Clintons.”


Perhaps with this this torrential downpour for ‘Bouncing Bob’s’ deviant daughter it’s time for a new section on her website. Alongside her personal reading choice of books by the-should-also-be-incarcerated Boris Johnson, it might be time for a few Prison Island Discs. The mucky madam’s keeper? We’d suggest Rihanna’s Umbrella – the song that made it never stopping raining in Britain and Ireland in the summer of 2007 – as her first choice.


Pictured top: Ghislaine Maxwell with Donald Trump on six separate occasions (in seven images). Others with them number Melania Trump, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Paris Hilton.


To purchase a copy of Kirby Sommers’ newly released book, ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography’ (to be reviewed in ‘The Steeple Times’ shortly’), please click here.


Ghislaine Maxwell Christopher Mason Donald Trump
The now incarcerated mucky madam with Christopher Mason, an Englishman now in New York best known for chirping about Kim Kardashian’s arse, writing filthy poems about Jeffrey Epstein’s penis and singing also about board games about Donald Trump also.
Ghislaine Maxwell Naomi Campbell Donald Trump Melania Trump
At yet another gathering, the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter is pictured flashing her cleavage alongside the model and well-known noxious nuisance Naomi Campbell and the deranged deviants Donald and Melania Trump.

Christopher Mason’s quite frankly repugnant ode to Jeffrey Epstein

With the benefit of hindsight, Christopher Mason’s ‘song’ – penned at the behest of Ghislaine Maxwell for Jeffrey Epstein’s birthday in January 1993 – is decidedly sickening and sordid. Frankly, it should join the archives with the ‘music’ of Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter.


The ‘cappella’ shockingly talks of the later convicted and thankfully now croaked paedophile’s erections and penis and goes as follows:


Poor Jeffrey Epstein is 40, oy vey!

Life must be tough, his hair is already so gray

He sure looks older, but it’s clear from his smile

The older he gets, the more juvenile

Ghislaine is lavishing him with her affections

She claims he has 24-hour erections

Sounds like he’s busy, now ain’t that berserk

How does he find the time to get off to work

He wakes when the cock crows while everyone slumbers

He rivals Einstein when crunching those numbers

He taught at Dalton: The naughty boy blushes

To think of schoolgirls and all of their crushes


Christopher Mason subsequently wrote other poems for Jeffrey Epstein. In one he was described, according to the Daily Mail, as “’Silverado,’ as if he were a grey-haired cowboy… Urban cowboy desperado.”


Classy or creepy? We leave that to you to decide.


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I said at the time, he was worried what she might divulge to save her ass. I think he also considered pardoning himself at the same time. It’s strange world we live in when muppets have so much power, and we never seem to learn from past mistakes.

  2. Reflections upon Robert Maxwell yield a picture that would so very equally fit Trump. Entirely self absorbed, egocentric, vain and completely incapable of processing dissonance head on particularly the internalized variety. They shared also a history of brow-beating the balls off bankers to back whatever commercial flirtation was of the moment usually by also bigging (or making) up that which was convenient. Another similarity is that actually if you look at the assets and debts of them both I do not actually think that you could have ever have got anywhere near a billion and I suspect this holds true for Trump to this day. What Matthew’s article stirred in me today is the unsettling way that a Presidential Pardon can be [it seems] harnessed for entirely personal and convenient reasons. I was pleased of this quirk when Trump pardoned Michael Milken. He was (is) an utter financial (cabal/system) genius and is today a true self-made multi billionaire. I have spoken with him historically and was mightily impressed. He had also personally saved Trumps arse many times when his flirtations with the Kondratieff cycles loomed (appropriately) to swallow him whole. What worries is that a pardon could be effected for someone such as Ghislaine Maxwell simply by the Old Pals Act and the fact that she very likely it seems has the dirty on a naughty President or twain. I am sure that the Founding Fathers were more mindful that it should be used to aid some kind of Natural Justice.


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