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A Thigh Too Far – Latest Twist In £14m Madeleine McCann Saga

‘Missing’ Madeleine McCann £14 million investigation takes a bizarre new twist with still not charged supposed suspect Christian Brueckner set to have his thighs examined

It has been more than 15 years since Madeleine McCann was last seen alive in Praia da Luz, Portugal and in that time over £14 million of British taxpayers’ hard-earned cash has been lavished on an investigation that has led to, quite frankly, Sweet Fanny Adams, zilch, zero and utterly nothing.


That a child unusual in that she had a colomba of the iris that would make her stand out from any crowd literally vanished into thin air is beyond curious, but what is worse is that unlike with other missing person cases, the powers that be think it appropriate to continue their investigations is beyond acceptable.


Whilst the families of others who have disappeared – such as Martin Allen, Luke Durbin and Ben Needham – get little to no assistance in terms of resources and financing, that Gerry and Kate McCann, a couple who after all left their children unattended, continue to get such high levels of support and media attention is frankly wrong.


Now, at a time when the only remaining ‘live’ suspect in the case, German rapist Christian Brueckner, still has not been charged it is high time to end this charade and time also to reallocate resources to the search for missing people who could actually be found. That he is about to have his legs examined after in a development in an unrelated rape case is neither here nor there and if there was a prospect of him actually being convicted in the 2007 ‘disappearance,’ why haven’t the powers that be  already charged him?


Pictured top – Angry-to-his-core man Gerry McCann and his supposedly ‘missing’ since 3rd May 2007 daughter, Madeleine.


Missing Madeleine – Questions STILL without Answers

Many questions about what happened on the evening of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remain. Some that have been highlighted by the press and discussed online include:


  • Why did Kate McCann refuse to answer 48 questions put to her by the Portuguese police?


  • Why were certain records of phone calls on the evening of the disappearance “whoosh-clunked” from the memories of the phones of Mr and Mrs McCann and the ‘Tapas 7’?


  • Why did a British sniffer dog sense the smell of a corpse in a cupboard in the apartment from which Madeleine McCann disappeared?


  • Why did a sniffer dog also supposedly sense the smell of a corpse in a vehicle hired by the couple a month after the disappearance of their daughter?




Christian Brueckner Tweet 1
The latest twist in the investigation into whether the undoubtedly evil Christian Brueckner actually has any links to what occurred on 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz in the Algarve region of Portugal has attracted much commentary on social media and in the international press. It relates to another case involving the German and an accuser who is alleged to have been attacked by someone with “a cross-shaped scar on his right thigh” – something Brueckner’s lawyer, Friedrich Fuelscher, claims him not to have. Of this development, one Twitter user, @Karma_Kiss1, remarked: “It just gets more bizzare, examine his thighs to look for a scar. The victim stated the rapist had. Should rule CB out once and for all. How many more cases will they try to pin on him? #mccann #Madeleinemccann.” Mr Brueckner maintains he had no involvement in the 2007 ‘disappearance.’
Tweet 2
Another user, @maddiesvoice1, returned to an old theme and linked to an article about the Home Office keeping secret files on the case to avoid a diplomatic incident with Portugal and observed: “Files kept secret. An institution labelled as institutionally corrupt housing rapists abusers and murderers. Entrusted with the case of a missing/dead child spending £14 million and 15 years later proving nor finding a single thing. Cover up anyone? #McCann.”
Gerry and Kate McCann running Sir Clement Freud
Kate McCann – a woman who went running, played tennis and dined on chicken and mushroom risotto and egg and watercress salads washed down with strawberry vodka with the paedophile Sir Clement Freud in the days after her daughter ‘disappeared’ – has a clear touch of the former Meghan Markle about her. Like ‘MeGain,’ whom banged on that “not many people have asked if I’m OK,” Mrs McCann said in 2011: “Officers walked past us as if we weren’t there. Nobody asked how we were doing, whether we were okay. Our child had been stolen and I felt as if I didn’t exist.”
Gerry and Kate McCann Theresa May
Living it Large – Gerry MccCann enjoying a round of golf (left); Kate McCann at Downing Street, London hobnobbing with Missing People CEO Martin Houghton-Brown, the Duchess of Gloucester and the then Home Secretary Theresa May on 23rd May 2012 (right).
Sir Richard Branson Sir Christopher Meyer Baroness Catherine Meyer Sir Philip Green
Amongst those to have supported the McCanns have been especially gobby attention seekers including job wrecker Sir Richard Branson, “Chanel-clad” charity begins at home tin banger Baroness (Catherine) Meyer and her pompous arsehole husband Sir Christopher and job wrecking grabber Sir Philip Green.
In December 2017, when £11 million of British taxpayers’ money had been spent towards the search for ‘missing’ Madeleine McCann, 86% of viewers of ITV1’s ‘Loose Women’ said the public purse should cease to fund the investigation. Now, in June 2022, with that sum now in excess of £14 million (aside from the millions in private money also), it is time to allocate resources to the search for missing people who actually can be found, we would suggest.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Very good questions – other ‘evidence’ sent for forensic to the UK went missing I understand.
    And why did the British govt get so involved so early???
    A mystery
    One day somebody will crack

  2. Its hard to believe that all of ‘The Tapas Seven’ have kept this secret.
    It must be a really explosive topic which incriminates all of them.

  3. Thank you Peter mac I have read your comment. Poor little Maddie xx Gordon Brown was piminister at the time, he was friends with Gerry’s brothe. If only Colin Sutton was allowed to carry on with the investigation, but he was informed by the hirarchy to stay clear of that case, I wonder why!!! Goncalo Amaral was the only one that really cared about little Madie. Sadly he was pulled off the case as it all became too political.
    £14m of tax payers’ money to hide this big secret. All those years the Tapas 7 have never let the cat out of the bag. What about all the other little children Benn Needham etc.


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