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Hacked Off Piers! Piers Morgan’s Twitter Infiltrated

As Piers Morgan gets hacked on Twitter, we remind readers of his ongoing spat with the especially ‘Hacked Off’ actor Hugh Grant

The scourge of the red tops that is the actor Hugh Grant tweets from the handle @HackedOffHugh and ironically last night, one of his favourite targets, Piers Morgan – who formerly worked at papers that most definitely engaged in phone hacking – literally found himself hacked also.


Targeted supposedly by what the’s James Gordon subsequently termed “a foul-mouthed troll” on Twitter, Morgan’s 8.3 million followers witnessed “[his] account sending out expletive-laden messages.”


The hackers, supposedly a group named the “Chuckling Squad” initially demanded the recognition of “the territorial integrity of Somalia” and used hashtags including #HandsOfSomalia [sic]. One can only presume them to have been a little illiterate and probably to have meant to have tweeted suggested “hands off” instead.


According to Mr Gordon: “The group purportedly behind the attack, Chuckling Squad, is a group of hackers who gained notoriety in 2019 for taking over a number of high-profile Twitter accounts, including those belonging to various celebrities and public figures.”


Though Morgan and Grant’s public spats have been longstanding, their pugnacity most definitely peaked in December 2019 when the pressman and the press reform campaigner “traded insults at each other for many hours” on Twitter.


In one missive, at that time, Morgan declared of Grant and fellow actor Steve Coogan sharing their views about the then ongoing general election campaign: “Who gives a flying f**k what Coogan and Grant have to say about this election? Honestly, the stupefying pomposity of these clowns trying to thwart democracy is beyond parody.” In another, he added: “I suggest you put the halo away, ‘Saint’ Hugh.”


Responding, before getting sent back pictures of himself after his 1995 arrest for participating in “lewd conduct” in a public place with Divine Brown near Sunset Boulevard, California, Grant observed: “Your paper caved and paid off millions to hundreds of victims of phone hacking. And issued grovelling apology. Those were the civil cases. As for criminal charges… I refer to my old friends Mr Tick and Mrs Tock. Happy Xmas.”


In January 2020, Morgan – whose full name is actually Piers Pughe-Morgan and whose birth name was Piers O’Meara – went further and branded Grant “a stuck-up arrogant twerp” and “disgusting” after the latter branded the election result “a catastrophe” and claimed “the country is finished.”


Marmite-like Morgan, loved and loathed in equal measure in Britain and beyond, attended a lunch in Mayfair just before Christmas earlier this month where fellow guests included not only his ‘Brenemy’ Jeremy Clarkson, but also the Queen Consort, Camilla. Fans of the mendacious menace formerly known as Meghan Markle subsequently went mental.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


The veteran newsman’s account was targeted supposedly by a group named the Chuckling Squad, but it did also share a picture of someone who accompanied a picture with the hashtags #selfie and #Somalia.
Awkward encounters
Pictured here with monstrous sex offenders Harvey Weinstein, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter and Ghislaine Maxwell, the Marmite-like figure of Morgan is someone whose controversial comments make him a natural target. His decisions to call out the Duchess of Sussex and to repeatedly involve himself with Donald Trump have also attracted ire and praise in equal measure.
National Icon
Some people have gone as far as to laud the former ‘Mirror’ editor a “National Icon” whilst others such as Lord Justice Leveson referenced his testimony under oath on phone hacking at the Leveson Inquiry as “utterly unpersuasive.” In May 2011, the journalist and broadcaster banned Hugh Grant from his shows “in perpetuity” after Grant “spoke out against the need for the tabloid press.”

Twitter users reacts to Piers Morgan’s account being hacked…

Twitter 1
Twitter 3
Twitter 2
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Piers is an utter disgrace: He most definitely lied at the Levison hearings. His testimony labeled “unconvincing.”He has a history of hacking, faking military photos and clout chasing off MM. Independence-April 7,2021- “Piers Morgan claims royal family have reached out to thank him for attacks on Meghan.” No surprise there. JC and Pier lunching with Camilla, two days later Clarkson wrote his article. Coincidence? No invisible contract? GB news, Norman Baker, former writer for the Sun and DM. “I was told that I could say what I wanted about H+M, but I had to lay off W+K. That was the instructions from the editor.” A free press in bed with free loading royal parasites. Current state of the British media. Disgraceful for the media promoting the Coronation during a great economic crisis.

    • Susan/Paula/not sure what your name is: Our readers are getting a bit tired of your conspiracies to be honest. You are entitled to your views, but please can your calm yourself?

  2. How is it a conspiracy theory when I’m directly quoting Piers and Norman Baker? GB news and the Independent are valid media sources. The media has been strongly promoting the Coronation. Not once have they mentioned the costs to the public! You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorists to believe the tabloids are vile and frequently print rubbish.

  3. The Guardian- Sept 2022, You Gov polling showed only 33% of people aged 18-24 support the monarchy. In 2015- they had 61% support in my age group. Huge decline for them.Older people need to stop reading the trash tabloids that promote them.

    • Lottie .maybe you could coax Susan to text you privately as kindness to the rest of have the stamina to help her with her communication needs..,😂 I dont entirely disagree with her …but I’m to old and worn down to support flash in the pan remedies. There are reasons for the status quo that have little to do with money, it just turns out to always be the contentious result of just about everything.
      Lottie did you get caught in the ice storm?

      • Jane, after what those vicious people did to Sadie\Wally, I prefer they not know anything about me. THAT is what gets me irate @ times. No,I didn’t get caught in the ice storm\s. Thanks for asking though. I do try to be conscious for what I post here as everyone has been so nice. 😇

      • Don’t mean to hog the thread. Jane, I totally believe this is ALL about jealousy of the beautiful Catherine,Princess of Wales. You know if ole D list actress was in Princess Catherine’s shoes,the conversation would be entirely different. I admire many in the Brf. Anne,the Princess Royal,Sophie & a few more. They do their jobs without much fanfare & don’t seem get the credit they deserve. Americans are turning on the two rich & spoiled crybabies of ClownTown, California. They keep making enemies in about every continent (yep,continent not country). Wish they would just go away & leave us alone.

  4. Thank you Matthew. Susan are you being paid to throw your coat over the puddle to save Meghan &Harrys’ kid skin slippers? You are making it worse for them. Public relations is a subtle endeavor not an outlet for teenage angst. If I were M.M I would ask you to stop immediately.

  5. Absolutely rubbish to believe there’s a close relationship between the royals and the tabloids. Spectator- Feb 22, “Camilla has been canny. She’s kept the media close and the Dailymail closer.” UK Times-July 22, “Prince Charles and Camilla hire Dailymail executve for top post.” Former Deputy editor for the Dailymail, Tobyn Andreas, oversaw critical articles on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Can a press so close to their subjects be objective, fair and neutral? A look at the public trust polls on the BM may answer that question. Thanks Matthew for allowing both sides, that is what journalists do.

  6. Further, the BM was very critical of the 2.5 million pounds spent on Frogmore Cottage. Where is the same energy for the costs of the Coronation? Where will the money come from? Can the royal afford to pay for it? Where is the money for NHS workers who have real jobs?


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