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Fifth Time Ghislaine

Matthew Steeples suggests, as she seeks bail for a fifth time, mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell has become a real-life Violet-Elizabeth Bott

Ghislaine Maxwell has most definitely become a real-life Violet-Elizabeth Bott. One could argue she was always the equivalent of the “lisping, spoilt daughter of the nouveau riche millionaire, Mr Bott,” but this “pwincess” has now well and truly gone and got herself fully in role.

Just like Richmal Crompton’s frightful fictional character in the Just William series – who “screams and screams and screams until she’s sick because she can” – the definite flight risk mucky madam has yet again thrown a temper tantrum after being denied bail for a fourth time.

“You do like little girls, don’t you?” continued Violet-Elizabeth in one outburst and ironically her modern-day likeness’ decision to involve herself with a monster-not-a-man, Jeffrey Epstein, with a predilection for such will ultimately still be her undoing.

It is now time for Ghislaine Maxwell to stop the sideshow and it is time for her to face the truth. Prince Andrew’s ‘bestie’ is getting nowhere by upsetting The Honorable Judge Alison J. Nathan and she’s not going to be getting bail even with her fifth time attempt. If she had an ounce of decency, she’d instead seek a plea bargain and she’d stop screaming and screaming and jolly well seek it now.

Fifth Time Ghislaine – Crusading author and sex slave survivor Kirby Sommers shared her views on Ghislaine Maxwell’s fifth attempt at bail this morning on Twitter and remarked: “[She] is still seeking BAIL and has appealed Judge Nathan’s decision declining her fourth request. This woman wants to run. So, here we go for the FIFTH time (like I said on Shaun Attwood’s show two weeks ago).”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Don’t send either Down Under as I do not want to crack either over my knee for a birching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Class A scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The entire Maxwell (or to use their real name Hoch) family is built on lies, theft , cheating and a complete myth of faux nouveau riche class , like many of these families such as their banking family friends who had to do the same thing to infiltrate civilised society. These people look like what they pretend to be, but scratch the surface and it’s an empty shell. Look at the two brothers who simply carried on Daddy’s corrupt work after he stole the pension fund from his own employees and carries on spying for a rogue state , which gives him a (rogue) state funeral. Moses would be spinning in his grave. Hoch daughter tried to do the same thing with even less class than big bob and let’s make no mistake this is not some parking offence. This is the lives of children ruined for their twisted power games. There is a large public awakening playing out at the moment and natural law will find these animals guilty of all of their crimes. Her days of swanning around pretending to be anything other than a second generation guttersnipe like the rest of her cheap criminal family are over.

    • On the matter of rogue state,,,you can hardly blame them after what happened to them during the second world war and in other times. The rogue state play dirty fighter,,,i would too. But the consequence of that,,criminal elements do occur,,such as the maxwells and epstein type. I have a feeling the british secret service bumped of robert maxwell. Probably had enough of the senior tripple agent!!!

  3. Oh, Dodge. Lie down in a darkened room till your stop thinking you agree with Rod. You may coincidentally have similar views on a particular subject, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Rod’s obsession is getting people over his knee to birch them, (excuse me while I lose breakfast) not, like yours, caring about current affairs.

  4. Why was stolen pension fund never traced Sickening this family still live aristocrat life ,noses in air looking down on us ordinary people Vile family with equal vile friends .Dig deep enough and find crimes pity justice department hasn’t guts WHY taking a guess it will eventually lead to Buckingham Palace in one way or another .Why are we letting Charles off the hook regarding his pheado friends Savile & Bishop .Coincidence one vile friend ok but more than one hmmmm…

  5. Darren Douglas re Charles friends…… now you know why he’s terrified of what Harry might say next, Harry knows a lot! It will all work it’s way back to the Palace in the end.

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