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A £100k Carrie Cover-Up – Why Was PM’s Wife Considered For Top Job Despite No Relevant Experience?

The BBC, MailOnline and The Times ought to explain why they don’t want to discuss Carrie Johnson and alleged corruption at the heart of government; that the PM thought he could get the state to pay his now wife £100,000 per annum is an outrage and the cover-up over it should be called out as such

BBC News presenter Joanna Gosling was understandably slammed yesterday when she tried to “shut down” journalist Rachel Shabi when she raised a perfectly valid point about The Times removing an article about Carrie Johnson and a £100,000 government job she thankfully didn’t get.


Now trending on Twitter as #CarrieGate, Shabi remarked of the latest scandal to hit the anything-but-morally-minded Johnson clan:


“Boris Johnson [is] using this as a distraction… By the way, since we’re looking at The Sunday Times, it is worth saying that The Times still hasn’t explained why it ‘disappeared’ the story yesterday about Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.”


“He wanted to appoint his future wife, Carrie Symonds, to Chief of Staff. A £100,000 position and was dissuaded. Er, but that tells us something about his, you, you know…”


In spite of then being interrupted by Gosling, who inappropriately interjected to say “let’s just talk about what’s going on in the UK,” Shabi continued:


“I’m happy to do that, but just wanted to say that we are talking about The Times and we’re talking about foreign affairs… He still has to answer that question though.”


Examined further by The Guardian’s Rowena Mason and Jim Waterson and described as being “at first glance… the political scoop of the weekend,” that The Times story by “veteran lobby journalist” Simon Walters was “withdrawn, without explanation or clarification” is indeed both curious and telling. The same article was later rewritten by the MailOnline – and that also was deleted “without explanation or an editor’s note.”


Of it, an as usual unnamed “No. 10 source” suggested it was “untrue” and “sexist” and added: “This is a grubby, discredited story turned down by most reputable media outlets because it isn’t true. The facts speak for themselves.”


Responding, Walters told The Guardian: “I stand by the story. I went to all the relevant people over two days. Nobody offered me an on-the-record denial and Downing Street didn’t deny it off the record either.”


On Twitter, Tony Blair’s former director of communications Alastair Campbell best summed up this cover-up. He remarked: “[This is] further evidence that much of our media is essentially an extension of the press office of a liar and a crook… If a Labour PM had tried to appoint a mistress to a top job, virtually every paper would lead on it… [Jennifer] Arcuri all over again.”


Pictured top – It’d have been drinks all-round if a brazen blonde who’d previously worked for an organisation, Oceana, funded by the convicted sex offender mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell had got herself a £100,000 job in spite of being totally lacking in relevant experience.


The Times
‘The Times’ unsurprisingly filled the space where the clearly contentious original story (left_ had originally run with a PR plug (right) for the bigoted “neighbour from hell” and nastiest Home Secretary in history Priti Patel. It referenced this nasty piece of toerag ludicrously yet predictably claiming “European judges who stopped deportations are racist.”
The parody account @Parody_PM mocked the Prime Minister over this latest scandal and observed: “Just because I shagged Jennifer Arcuri behind my wife’s back and gave her £100k of public money, that’s no reason to believe that I tried to give Carrie a £100k/year job while I was shagging her behind my wife’s back.”
The puppet mistress and latest baby mama of the Prime Minister formerly known as Carrie Symonds is known only as qualified for giving boozy bashes in Downing Street illegally during lockdowns with the mates she nicknames “the gays.” ABBA is more her, Josh Grimstone and Henry Newman’s forte than actual policy matters. It is a disgrace that it was even considered to appoint her to an office of state.
The New European
‘The New European’s ‘Mandrake’ rightly asked: “Why did one of the scoops of the year suddenly disappear from newspapers friendly to the Prime Minister?”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Murdoch saying the quiet part outloud: ” A newspaper… can hide things and be a great power for evil.” Murdoch , the owner of the Times was a huge supporter of BJ and Brexit.
    Brian Cathcart, ” It’s a cover-up of the kind journalists are supposed to detest and it’s a betrayal of the public.” Journalist “should be ashamed when they fail democracy.” But they’re not ashamed. Parasitic PW(with his 4 mansions) saving the homeless is dominating the coverage. Fawning sycophants aren’t journalists.

    • Just had to come to The Steeple Times for my comedy. Susan sounds like ole Bouzy &/or head of the vile & violent SS. Certainly haven’t seen ANYONE from that bunch of unhinged crazies (including Hazzy & Megaliar, condemn anyone wishing death on members of the BRF. Btw Susan, mega liar does NOT deserve respect whereas, Catherine deserves HUGE respect as does PW. The handsome PW & his to die for gorgeous wife PRINCESS Catherine almost make
      me wish America had a monarchy. Both intelligent,gorgeous & HONESTLY care about others..You just keep.babbling on though as it is A daily.FREE comedy show.😅😂🙄

      • “Makes me wish America had a monarchy.” Didn’t your country fight a bloody war to be free of these expensive parasites? July 4th is fast approaching. Celebrate it😃CB has done a tremendous job in stopping hate for profit. Helped to get YW banned from YT and Twitter. Karma took her down.😍😃

  2. Happy to see #Royal family lied trending yesterday in the US, UK, Austrailia, Canada, South Africa and Ghana. Some tweets over 50,000.What do Amber Heard and the Queen have in common? “Queen provides misleading information on £ 10 million Monet painting”-Express, 2015-Camilla Tominey. In 2002, the Q inherited a £ 10 million Monet painting from her mother. After being criticized for not paying inheritance tax, she lied and said she would donate it to a royal charity. The painting is still part of her”private property.” So when she tells us no taxpayer’s funds use for PA, should we believe her? Why has the established. media not investigated her claims?Sycophants.

    • Your clear dislike of the Queen is very apparent, but it is not resonating with me I will admit. We allow freedom of speech here, so your views are as welcome as anyone else’s but they are, in my view, just ridiculous.

      • Or as most people call those views *Unhinged*! You hang in there Matthew as, a vast majority of us are on the side of the BRF. The more they babble,the.more fans & supporters the BRF get! SOME people never learn. 😇😇🙄🤗

  3. Matthew,
    If my claims are ridiculous, please dispute the article I referenced. Is Camilla T a solid journalist? She’s very supportive of the monarchy. Did she fabricate the story? Neither the Q or AH donated. Both greedy women!

    • Camila Tominey has been known to stand around guffawing with Prince Andrew. That speaks volumes I will say.

  4. So why did the Times remove a credible story? Murdoch and BJ have been together in bed for a long time.(Guardian 2012) “BJ accused of covering up another Murdoch meeting.” But he’s not the only one sleeping with our vile tabloids.(The Sunday Times, April 2019)”This sense of embattlement has been entrenched by William’s decision to reach out to senior figures in the media..and the apparent decision of some newspapers to side with the palace over M and H by peddling the most negative coverage.” Unbiased journalism or invisible contract? Briefing against his own brother with the same vile tabloids that harassed his mother. What a great King he will be.Journalists in bed with their subjects are NEVER independent.

  5. Finally, Willileaks is taking some heat. Today’s Express- “William sparks fury after leaking gossip about family fracture with M and H.”Mercury News- ” PW’s friends needlessly attacked H in 40th birthday tribute.” He gave them the nod. His father did the same thing with Diana. Same playbook. He’s no victim of M+ H, he’s been briefing against them years before the Oprah interview. Bland, balding blabbermouth to the press. You sleeps with dogs, you get up with fleas. I hope the gutter tabs turn on him.

  6. Crowing about getting a senior citizen shut down,who did nothing but disagree ie have a different opinion ? Taking sides with a crypto scammer,squatter,alleged child abuser,harassing senior citizens. Haunting sites to merely harass any & all dissenters. What a sad life! YW never name called but,merely gave her opinions..Even you get on here & call people whores & parasites. Seems as if your standard is very low. Have yourself a good day now! YW WILL win in the long run. Perhaps ole scammer CB will receive a nice prison sentence one day& meet his soul mate there😂😅 We will.have a Global party 😇😎😋



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