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Moron of the Moment 2022 – Karren Brady

In not sacking footballer who giggled as he abused his pet cat, Karren Brady has yet again shown her true colours; shame on “overpainted Aunt Sally” Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE

“She reminds me of [the since croaked paedophile] Max Clifford, another supreme self-brander” cuttingly began Simon Hattenstone for The Guardian in his March 2018 profile of The Right Honourable The Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE.


Now, as a result of her reaction to one of the players at the team where she is vice chairman being filmed giggling as he kicked and slapped his pet cat, this ludicrous “overpainted Aunt Sally” has yet again very deservedly come under fire. Here, in defending West Ham’s decision to keep Kurt Zouma, is further proof of a woman whose understanding of right and wrong is most definitely warped.


Writing of Zouma in her weekly column for The Sun on Sunday today, “Poundland muckspreader” Baroness Brady brushed off this vastly overpaid bag of wind kicker’s abhorrent actions by pompously stating:


“He is extremely remorseful. He has said sorry… [There are] those who would like to see Kurt have his livelihood taken away… But I believe we live in a society in which the vast majority of people still value forgiveness and redemption.”


“We as a club will work hard, alongside Kurt, to ensure his genuine remorse leads to a determination to address the situation and turn something negative into long-lasting positives.”


Clearly whilst “try telling that to the abused cat” didn’t come into the pea sized brain of the aide to Lord Sugar on The Apprentice, responding on Twitter, sports presenter Richard Keys slammed Baroness Brady and was subsequently described as “echoing the public view” by quite rightly remarking:


“It is ridiculous for @WestHam & @karren_brady to try to excuse Zouma. No it’s not like a driving offence. There are consequences for that you get banned for a year. Zouma is still playing. He’ll earn another £250,000 in a fortnight. It’s a disgrace. He shouldn’t be playing.”


“This is hilarious. When did you decide this was the case @karren_brady? Was it when you realised a £30m asset might get cancelled? You didn’t feel this way a few years back when you were spreading your nonsense. Looking forward to seeing Paul at the WC.”


Elsewhere yesterday, the MailOnline’s Joe Davies and Isabel Baldwin reported that the RSPCA – who took away two cats from Zouma’s home – has confirmed it has yet to receive any cash from West Ham in spite of the club having claimed donations would be made and that the player would be sent to work there.


Of the situation, they added: “The RSPCA said it has not been offered or accepted a donation from the club and revealed it is still investigating Zouma’s actions.”


“It said there have been no plans to offer the player animal welfare courses while the investigation is underway.”


Sir Philip Green and Lady Brady
Mouthy Poundland muckspreader Lady Brady with her deservedly loathed job destroyer mate Sir Philip Green.
Baroness Brady David Sullivan
Brady with West Ham co-owner David Sullivan in 1993. Mr Sullivan was mocked by fans in September 2017 when they bounced a giant inflatable sex toy around a stadium during a game against Huddersfield.
West Ham dildo David Sullivan
The aforementioned inflatable.

“Overpainted Aunt Sally” Karren Brady on…

Her destroyer of jobs and the high street mate ‘Sir Shifty’ Philip Green

“The most dynamic, the most energetic, the most relentless business-person I have ever come across, a whirlwind of energy and ideas.”


The nearly as controversial businessman Mike Ashley…

“I feel sorry for a guy like Mike Ashley… He tried his best… I feel tremendous sympathy for Ashley.”


Her “precarious work-life balance”…

“[It’s a] balancing act… [I feel] constant guilt over being a working mother.”


“I live day by day. There’s no other way.”


“Dead end jobs” (that she certainly wouldn’t herself consider taking)…

“No one wants a dead end job, but at least it’s a start.”



“I always laugh when I read about sexism cases in the newspaper.”


“It’s rubbish to say you can’t be proper friends with the opposite sex.”


Her own mistakes…

“My greatest mistake? I once took a three-day maternity leave.”



“I am a faithful companion of Jesus.”


Contradicting herself in spite of taking up a position in David Cameron’s government as Small Business Ambassador…

“I have no interest in politics.”


Her being investigated in connection with corruption in football

“I was in a very dark place… It was gut-wrenching… I didn’t want to have to justify myself to people.”


The East End of London…

“A hotbed of racism.”


Meeting the general public…

“I have met people in the street who say: ‘You look like Karren Brady, but she is fat.’ But I don’t care.”


Her nickname at school…

“I was called ‘Fried Eggs’ and all that at school. Size does matter.”


Eating cheese…

“I’m a hard cheese person and I could have it with biscuits for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”


Condoms in the Birmingham City boardroom…

“I found [a condom] floating in the toilet… And it became this big whodunit. I mean, in the boardroom toilet of all places.”


Her “wickedly indiscreet newspaper column”…

“It’s what I leave out that would make your hair curl.”


A desire to look like Sarah, Duchess of York…

“Deep in my soul, I’m secretly a redhead.”


Her dream man…

“I prefer my men slightly overweight. Having said that, my ultimate dream man is Jimmy Nail and he’s skinny.”


Comedian David Walliams…

“Someone needs to tell him to calm down… Creepy.”


Unsurprisingly getting abuse given her own vile tongue…

“The abuse I get is vile. And so much worse now than it’s ever been.”



“At 23, I had skin as thick as a rhino… I don’t have any fears.”


“I dare to put my head above the parapet, to have a mind and a voice of my own and to plough my own furrow.”


“[I am now] one of the most highly sought-after motivational speakers in the world.”


“I look like a demented Rapunzel.”


More modest than the late Mother Theresa, one is simply left asking: “What on earth was it about the very wealthy woman Karren Brady that David Cameron saw fit to elevate her to the House of Lords?”


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. By allowing this footballer to stay on in his job, she has indeed made myself & no doubt others question ‘how’ can she have got that Baroness title? It seems her real skills are about spin &!smoozing.

    To suggest that allowing this oaf to keep his day job, she has ‘forgiveness & redemption’ behind such a decision, is just disingenious To think that people will not see through her veneer of kindness, his supposee, alleged chance to redeem himself, shows her seeming very high regard for her ability to control public opinion.

    The ugliness of his behaviour, his cruelty, was seen by many young fans and as such she has poked a stick in the face of many decent parents of impressional youngsters who are trying to instill values & moral boundaries as to what is ok & what is not.

    A shameful decision on her part, (imho)!

  2. The lazy lips of Karren Brady have been used to support some real scumbags over the years. Her and her dildo flogger mates should be exposed and you are doing a great job in showing her true colours. Disgusting and anything but a role model. She does womankind a huge disservice.

  3. The footballer should be put in the stocks. See how he likes being slapped and then he’ll learn. The teacher who hit the horse got fired, so Karren Brady is completely wrong also. Sack him.

  4. Demented Rapunzel is so bang on! I think she should have at least been excluded from the latest episode of my much loved show The Apprentice. Where’s Alan Sugar on all this?? He’s head honcho. Do something!! I absolutely love cats and they are to be cherished and not kicked in a bag! Hate this. This thug footballer should be strung up and sacked. I do so hope those cats don’t go back to their abuser and he is banned from owning ANY animal in the future. People who buy pets to just abuse them need the most necessary punishment.


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