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Shady Brady

Lady Brady yet again proves herself to be nothing but a disgrace with no moral compass


Lady Brady – a vile woman with an acid tongue whose attack on James Stunt was nothing but pathetic – has yet again shown herself to be nothing but a hapless harridan.


In claiming she’ll not be “walking away” from her role as chairman of Arcadia, a company owned by Sir ‘Shifty’ Philip Green, in spite of the substantial accusations against him, ‘Lazy Brady’ has yet again shown herself to be a woman entirely lacking in a moral compass.


In a statement, Brady bleated on about her “real sense of duty” and even mentioned that her daughter, Sophia, works for the company. Contradicting herself given she has previously criticised other alleged abusers such as Kevin Spacey “because they have a fundamental lack of respect for others,” that this ghastly woman described Sir Philip as: “The most dynamic, the most energetic, the most relentless business-person I have ever come across, a whirlwind of energy and ideas” about sums it up.


This hideous duo belong together. May they suffer the fate they deserve.


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1 comment on “Shady Brady”

  1. Is her daughter a so called “model” beacuse she looks like nothing special, to me ? Is she a” Star”- due to a modest Instagram following where most may not even spend 2p which isn’t going to rack up the dosh? I suspect a touch of “paid content” in the Daily Manure story.

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