Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Panagiotis “Taki” Theodoracopulos

A Spectator columnist since 1977, this controversial Greek-born journalist and socialite most definitely enjoys the “High Life.” He’s a judo champion and thinks nothing of criticising the Israeli government and mocking Princess Michael of Kent. Don’t get him started on Libya or Tony Blair. The titles of two of his books give much away about his character: Princes, Playboys & High-Class Tarts (1984) and Nothing to Declare (1992).

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  1. His Spectator column is always witty and bloody cleverly written. If you haven’t already read it, you must.

  2. What I wonder does grumpy ‘Martin’ bring to our general life? He is, of course entitled to his opinion about Taki, who has many detractors; though I believe they are exceeded by those who get pleasure from his scribblings. ‘Martin’s’ sour comment on Taki; this publication and the renowned publication THE SPECTATOR gives no reason for his criticism and is sadly typical of the twisted, mean, truly nasty people who carp without justification and hide behind anonymity. In fact ‘Martin’ reminds me of one frequent visitor to these pages whose vituperative comments and attacks are linked to a history of blustery threats and mendacious libels. He knows who he is. And he is, unlike Taki, a really nasty person.

  3. Sadly, if Taki’s scribblings were his own we might be more in awe of him. But, they are not. In fact, someone who Matthew knows well wrote some of his stuff and had rather a job getting paid.
    He ‘wrote’ a most unpleasant piece about the Worcester girl. I bumped into him in Cadogan Square and told him it was an unfair and unseemly piece. He was surprisingly apologetic and crestfallen….
    Taki enjoyed the company of the ghastly and debauched Goldsmith mob.
    Anyway, he is Greek which explains much……

  4. Peter is rather unfair, he forgets that Telly Savalas was the best Cop on CBS Network ever…..Kojak was epic….Savalas was a Greek God…….Please don’t attack my heroes. Anthony Quinn was awesome in Zorba the Greek….

  5. It would seem that Peter Wayde has stopped takinh his ‘nice’ pills and slipped back ino his ;Mr Grumpy’ mode. Most of his ascerbic comments I enjoy. Especially when they chime with my own prejudices. Occasioanlly they make me chuckle. His comments about Taki and the Goldsmiths did not amuse me though. In fact I was irritated. Taki’s written output is considerable. And he writes as he speaks. Often unkindly. Often outrageously. But to say his writings are not his own but ‘ghosted is libellous piffle. I’ve known him for years and had dinner with him as recent as this last Monday. He was bright, sharp, funny and a complete ‘show off’. He was, as usual, great company. I do not expect Peter Wayde to be in ‘awe’. Just accurate and fair. As to the Goldsmith clan. I know them well. I worked with Jimmy and regularly ate en famille at Ormerley. ‘ghastly’ they are not. ‘Spose now, through my close association with two of Peter’s hates, I shall now be cast into his ‘dreadful’. ‘horrible’. ‘stick pins into’ box!

  6. Not at all….
    I am in a surprisingly cheerful mood. The autumnal sun in the Lot Valley is blazing in that delightfully muted way September brings. The lavender needs cutting: something I have to do with no great relish at this time of the year. And this afternoon my sweet wife will take me to Moissac for tea at my favourite teashop.
    We English can tend to a dreadful habit….
    We are very interested in the rich, though pretend not to be…..
    As to my ‘libellous piffle’….Well, perhaps not ‘ghosted’ but most certainly heavily ‘edited’.
    Of course, you are not and never would be, in my bad books for expressing loyalty. And I am quite sure our shared prejudices stand us in very good stead.


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