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Moron of the Moment 2022 – Disgusting Queen Baiting Owen Jones

After rightly being crucified for baiting after the death of the Queen, rabid ranter Owen Jones today deservedly comes under fire from the gay community also

Last week just prior to the death of Her Majesty The Queen, the pesky Poundland poison pen that is Owen Jones took to Twitter to brag: “OK, so something very big is about to happen.”


Two hours later, this intentionally irksome journalist and author added: “It turns out the Queen is alive so stand down.” Subsequently, when the monarch passed this self-attention seeking scumbag added decided to make a fuss about the “mass cancellation of events” causing a “sudden loss of income for many people who are low-paid in insecure work” and demanded a “compensation further.”


Going further against the national mood of mourning, he complained of “these mass cancellations” not being “even in accordance with government guidance” and “completely unnecessary.” Deservedly “crucified” by the Twitterati, this boring berk then ludicrously added:


“Actually, no. I am going to post this. The Daily Mail et al are now going to scour the timelines of everyone and anyone that can construe as leftwing for content they can outrage their readers. If you are on the receiving end of this you, cannot imagine what will hit you.”


“You could lose your job, be plastered across the Internet forever, and you could be subjected to very extreme threats of violence and death – and there are people in this country who may try and act on these. Don’t make yourself Daily Mail fodder! This might even be just for being a bit sarcastic or flippant, rather than something really OTT. It isn’t worth it!”


Unsurprisingly, just as occurred with this ‘angry man’ and Waitrose hating rent-a-gob in July, was slammed as “insensitive” and “out-of-touch,” but again he’s ranting and raving on Twitter at it again.


Turning his vicious tongue to the LGBTQ community despite being openly gay himself, Jones condemned an Australian gay man as a “bigot” and “anti-trans activist.” He described @Danfromsydney as being from a “cult” of “pariahs” and a “weirdo.”


Who on earth will this cretinous creep go for next? Equally, before anyone forgets this gobby grifter was deservedly called out previously by Guido Fawkes for his hypocrisy over his income in 2015 – when it was suggested he’d earnt well over £500,000 in just 12 short months – and more recently was outed for “bullying colleagues and showing a lack of professionalism” and “stoking up internal disputes” in April this year.


Owen Jones – whom tennis legend Martina Navratilova once called “truly despicable” – is a total disgrace and it is now time that this tittle-tattling twerp was simply turned ‘orf for once and for all.


The wacky and worst words of the author of ‘Chavs’ and ‘The Establishment: And how they get away with it’

On capitalism – “Based on a myth: that thriving private entrepreneurs generate wealth through their own hard work, innovation and get-up-and-go.”

Of changing his mind – “Everyone is entitled to change their mind when the facts.”

Of the much ridiculed ‘comedian’ Russell Brand – “Our generation’s [George] Orwell.”

Of the much-loved war hero Sir Winston Churchill – “[It’s a] fact… [He] oversaw the death of three million people.”

On the class system – “Chav-bashing draws on a long, ignoble tradition of class hatred. But it cannot be understood without looking at more recent events. Above all, it is the bastard child of a very British class war.”

On Jeremy Corbyn and Corbynism – “[People] had been waiting for a long time for something like Corbynism to happen. They felt something had to give. There were so many people who wanted a genuine radical alternative. Against that, there were many diehard opponents of Corbynism, many of them within the Labour party, who thought, and still think, that it was a moral outrage and an aberration and that anyone involved in it should just go and die in a ditch.”

On Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed support for those the rational majority would consider terrorists – “No one has [been] killed by a wreath.”

On the establishment – One day, this Establishment will fall… For those of us who want a different sort of society, it is surely time to get our act together.”

On free markets – “A creed that stirs up near religious devotion among its believers. It is in fact a con, a myth, a great deception.”

On the late reality television ‘star’ Jade Goody – “What does the case of Jade Goody show us, other than the capacity of the British media for crassness and cruelty? Above all it demonstrated that it is possible to say practically anything about people from Jade’s background. They are fair game.”

On himself – “People might think I am overconfident. I look petulant when I stand my ground.”

Of the Labour party (he supposedly once loved) – “The parliamentary Labour party meetings were just brutal and gruesome. A lot of those people in the parliamentary Labour party – I’m just going to say it – are jumped-up thugs. Vicious, horrible people. They would sanctimoniously stand up and talk about the authoritarianism of Corbynism as they screeched like disturbed teenagers, spraying spittle at anyone with the temerity to support the elected leadership of the party of which they were members. I really don’t know what they are driven by.”

On his life thus far – “It was bloody hard, but it would have been far worse to wallo.”

On millennials – “Better to be seen as victim than the aggressor [in the] brutal battleground of the culture war.”

On politics in general – “A brutal business… The last few years have been like a Quentin Tarantino movie.”

On far-left politics in the 2020s – “The idea… is viable.”

Of his politics and writing – “I am a man of the left and I will always write from that perspective.”

Of political reporting – “Too often trivialised, treated as a soap opera based in Westminster.”

Of private education – “Private schools do confer other advantages, of course: whether be it networks, or a sense of confidence that can shade into a poisonous sense of social superiority.”

On sneering sorts – “A sneer can often reveal far more about the sneerer than the object of their derision.”

Of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer MP – “A professional political conman… [who is] not someone anyone can trust.”

On his own “wants” (in 2019) – “For much-loved pop stars to stop being inadvertent propogandists for mass-murdering dictatorships.”

On those of wealthy parentage – “If you are dim but have rich parents, a life of comfort, affluence and power is almost inevitable – while the bright but poor are systematically robbed of their potential.”

What others think of the “Witchfinder General” Owen Jones…

Olympian Sharon Davies MBE – “No victim.”

According to Fox News – “A braying jackal.”

Colleagues at The Guardian – “Lacking professionalism… [Stoked up] internal disputes.”

Author and journalist Douglas Murray – “[Like] a young child in a classroom letting off a stink bomb.”

Tennis superstar Martina Navratilova – “Truly despicable.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer – “I’m not focused on Owen. I’m sorry Owen. I know Owen.”

And finally, the thoughts of some on Twitter… “He needs to stop doing the blow” and “an absolute helmet.”

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. My first thought was…. Does the Moran warrant an article about his perpetual studentish ramblings? The boy/man is not a mover and shaker, and is somewhat – a has been but then I noticed he has 1 million followers on Twitter and that depressed me more than the drivel he spouts. How, Why? Am I missing something?


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