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Ghislaine Maxwell – Master Manipulator

Apple podcast featuring Matthew Steeples being interviewed by the Irish ‘Sunday World’s’ Nicola Tallant on her ‘Crime World’ channel about whether Ghislaine Maxwell was an innocent servant or a master manipulator goes live

Earlier this week, after first meeting at CrimeCon UK in London in June 2022, The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples was invited onto the award-winning investigative journalist Nicola Tallant’s ‘Crime World’ podcast to discuss whether Ghislaine Maxwell should be considered as “Jeffrey Epstein’s innocent servant” or the reverse, his “master manipulator.”


In a 37-minute interview with Tallant – who has been deservedly lauded for her investigations into Irish crimes for the Sunday World and Irish Daily Mirror – Steeples told of “his own views on Maxwell and how he believes she was the one who wore the trousers in the relationship with Epstein. We talk hidden cameras, a secret address book and a money trail right into the heart of their twisted world.”


Commenting afterwards, Steeples remarked: “Nicola is clearly a lady with an ability to get to the heart of a story and I enjoyed chatting with her about how Ghislaine Maxwell was, in my humble opinion, actually the master in the relationship. She was, I would say, the controller and connector and Jeffrey Epstein was her money funnel.”


“She was certainly a woman abused by her own father, but that doesn’t mean she should have gone on to abuse others and help others abuse others. As many comment on Twitter, she has been convicted of sex trafficking women but nobody has joined her yet who received those victims in being prosecuted. It is time that justice was served on her powerful associates – powerful associates who featured in the address book that was hers and hers long before she met the very man she now vilifies.”


To listen to the ‘Crime World’ podcast on Apple, click here.


Follow Nicola Tallant on Twitter at @CrimeNicola.


Pictured top – Convicted sex offender and mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell, renowned journalist Nicola Tallant and Matthew Steeples.


Nicola Tallant has produced over 125 episodes of her ‘Crime World’ podcast series in conjunction with producer Ian Maleney.
Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell
On the show, which is the 126th edition of Tallant’s ‘Crime World’ series, Matthew Steeples discusses the power play between the croaked taxi driver turned conman turned paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the incarcerated mucky madam sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell. He suggests the common belief that the former was in charge to be a misplaced conception and that the latter was the especially wicked power mistress. It was, after all, the contacts in her address book to whom their victims were supplied.
Robert Maxwell
Prior to moving to New York – supposedly penniless – after the death of her pension pot plundering father, ‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ favourite child considered him the most important man in her life. Once settled there, quite likely with the help of the Ponzi scheming paedophile Epstein, she turned him into a money funnel to draw out the £500 million stolen from the Mirror’s retired workers.
House manual
The house manual of Epstein’s Palm Beach residence clearly was written with the input of the clearly socially more adept Ghislaine Maxwell than the rougher Jeffrey Epstein. It is of the style of someone who grew up with privileges rather than someone from the wrong side of the tracks, but it also indicates how very controlling the former truly can be in her demands.
Ghislaine Maxwell
Here is an arrogant and entitled woman who used to have access to it all – be it power, parties, privileges, royalty, mansions, islands and yachts. She has now quite deservedly exchanged this for 20 years in a prison cell and also faces further legal suits and eternal shame and disgrace.
116 East 65th Street, New York Sheldon Barr
Earlier this month – just after her former home at 116 East 65th Street, New York was sold for £13.3 million ($16 million, €15.7 million or درهم58.8 million) by real estate investor Frederick Rudd and his wife Kim Greenberg on 20th May – it was revealed that the convicted mucky madam sex offender faces further woes relating to that property after an art dealer, Sheldon Barr (pictured), has filed a lawsuit against her claiming he suffered “life changing injuries” outside the property caused by her lack of maintenance in 2015. Maxwell sold the 7,000 square foot Lenox Hill townhouse for £12.5 million ($15 million, €14.7 million or درهم55.1 million) in 2015.
When Maxwell gave a speech about the oceans to TedX in Charlottesville, she was accompanied by the caption: “The ocean, the biggest threat.” It turns out that instead she was the biggest threat to young people and a liar and deceiver.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Very interesting Matthew ..I olso feel Ghislaine to be the plan developer. Epstein was childish and Ghislaine was wicked…she was the architect and maintenance engine.
    A natural born Madame!! What it is she is actually made of remains a mystery.
    Oooo .I would like to see Leon Black testifying before a court. Sarah Kellen should be in jail along with Ghislaine. And, the saga of the Queens favorite son is remarkably entertaining.

  2. GM was a fool for not turning in her associates for lesser time. Evening Standard “PW + K and family jet off for summer holiday in private jet.” Perfectly normal visual image as the 🇬🇧 rapidly slides into a major recession. Let our starving children eat cake, and when winter comes, let our elderly and disabled die in cold council homes. But we must never question their divine right to unearned wealth.Cry the beloved country!

  3. Emily Andrews, “The invisible contract is real.” PW lectures us constantly on saving the environment and is the head of EarthShot. Why hasn’t one print, radio or broadcast media in the. entire 🇬🇧labeled him a hypocrite for his private use of helicopters? This is the 3rd time he used one in the same week. Why no outcry from Piers, the Fail and the Sun? Is this journalism without fear or favour? The Express has a sad tale on the “significant changes” for the Cambridges. They’re talking about the changes when they move into the Berkshire cottage, their 4th tax funded home. Oh, the trauma! Fawning sycophants masquerading has legitimate journalists.

    • Congrats Mr Steeples!
      Also Susan,could you just give it a break please? All for an over the hill.d list mattress actress that wouldn’t give you the time of day. I think you have some intelligence but are,way too obsessed with ginger & cringe. Forget them & worry about yourself.


      • This one is just for you Mr Steeples.
        Congratulations!. I think it can be said that EVERYONE on this site is very proud of you!

  4. Sunak is in the lead to replace BJ, the DailyHeil and other conservative papers are actively promoting him. I would love to see someone like Mick Lynch for PM. He’s tough and would fight for the rights of working class Brits.


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