Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Keep Pitchfork in Prison

Nikolay Kalinin slams Priti Patel and the Parole Board for allowing double child killer and rapist Colin Pitchfork to go free to potentially kill again

“I want criminals to feel terror” – This is what Priti Patel said in her first interview after becoming Home Secretary. It seems however that this policy does not apply to all criminals, because it has been announced that the monstrous child killer Colin Pitchfork is set to be released from prison.


If you don’t know who Pitchfork – who now calls himself David Thorpe – is, he was the first person to be convicted of murder on the basis of DNA, after raping and murdering two 15-year-olds in Leicestershire. Now, having served 33 years in prison, he is on the verge of becoming a free man.


Colin Pitchfork wedding day
The double child killer and rapist on his wedding day in 1981. In April 2009, a sculpture created by him depicting a choir and orchestra was exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall after having been purchased by them for £600. After much public and media outrage, it was subsequently removed from display.
Colin Pitchfork victims
“Moody” Pitchfork was married with two sons and aged 22 at the time of the first murder. Before his marriage, he had been convicted of indecent exposure. His victims were both aged 15 and named Lynda Mann (raped and strangled on the 21st November 1983) and Dawn Ashworth (beaten, savagely raped and strangled on the 31st July 1986).

The Parole Board announced back in June that it was considering releasing Pitchfork, and despite former Justice Secretary Robert Buckland asking the board to reconsider the decision and calling it “irrational,” the board has stated that because Pitchfork’s behaviour had been “positive and had included extensive efforts to help others,” he shall be released.


The families of the victims have rightfully condemned the board’s decision, with one of the girl’s uncles stating that the decision is “an affront to natural justice.” He further stated: “There are some crimes so horrendous that a reprieve is not appropriate”.


A spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice also expressed disappointment with the outcome. They sent condolences to the families of the victims and added that the government will change the law “so that child murderers such as Pitchfork face life in prison without the possibility of parole as the default sentence.”


Under the Criminal Justice Act 2003, people who commit child abduction and murder for sadistic/sexual purposes will face life imprisonment.


I stand with the families of the victims and I agree that this monstrous man should stay in prison for life. It doesn’t matter if he was a good prisoner, because one can never undo the rape and murder of two innocent girls and the damage that this has inflicted on their families.


By releasing this inhuman swine, the Parole Board is demonstrating very little decency towards justice and towards the families. Pitchfork should stay in prison for life because that is the only way we can stop such deviants such as him from again doing harm to innocent families. Period.


Pictured top: A recent image of the child killer Colin Pitchfork on day release from prison. ‘The Sun’ recently reported he “has already been freed to roam the streets during un-monitored days out to look for a job and home” whilst in 2017, the paper reported “he was seen eating a pulled pork sandwich and giggled as he pored over ‘Great British Bake Off’ books.”


An initial suspect, a 17-year-old with learning difficulties named Richard Buckland, was eventually cleared of the crimes. Of this Alec Jeffreys, a genetics researcher at the University of Leicester who developed DNA profiling along with two others, remarked: “I have no doubt whatsoever that he [Buckland] would have been found guilty had it not been for DNA evidence. That was a remarkable occurrence.”
Pitchfork was caught after 5,500 local men were asked to volunteer blood or saliva samples. This took six months and whilst the double child killer and rapist got someone else to take the blood test for him, that individual bragged about in a pub and was overheard by a woman who reported what she had heard to the police.
Nikolay Kalinin
Nikolay Kalinin
Nikolay Kalinin is a blogger who has been writing articles published on the automotive site ‘DriveTribe’ since July 2020. Previously, he ran his own blog about politics and culture in Russia.


  1. I can’t help but wonder that there may be someone waiting in the wings to serve moral justice to Mr Pitchfork. And if that happens… who the f*** cares.

  2. this situation reminds me of the myra hindley case. the parole board in her situation wanted to let her out but the royal courts of justice gave an unaminous no. has it swung back now to the parole board having the power?

  3. It’s not a question, if he will kill again, he should never ever be released for it to even be a question. After raping and killing two innocent children, he forfeited his right to any chance of parole, and life should bloody well mean life.
    The crime itself was beyond belief, but he also would have let another innocent man take the rap for him if it hadn’t been for DNA, even then he got somebody else to give a sample for him. He was and is a cunning rapist murderer, and should spend the rest of his days behind bars, and when he dies, should have a paupers grave and nothing else.
    I have never believed in the death penalty, but if this had been my child, he would be, Dead man walking.

  4. Pitchfork should not. Have. Been imprisoned, he should have been. Executed. Life in prison is a meaningless. Existence., And a waste of resources. I assume this opinion is now considered. Barbaric, unfortuneately

    • Sorry Pat, I disagree, it is barbaric and far to quick, it’s all over in less than 10 seconds. Life should mean life especially if they have taken two innocent lives.
      They can spend the next 40 odd years in prison pondering what they have done, and also looking over their shoulder, wondering if they are going to get a knife in the back.


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