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Saluting Yankee Wally

Crusading ‘Yankee Wally’ Sadie Quinlan responds to our article with another video missive on her deservedly popular YouTube channel

Responding to our feature on Wednesday, Sadie Quinlan – better known as ‘Yankee Wally’ on social media channels – posted a 21:36-minute video missive last night to her YouTube channel’s nigh on 41,000 subscribers. It has already been watched by almost 13,000 viewers.


In it aside from discussing the ugly state unveiled yesterday of the late Diana, Princess of Wales and her pet hates the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Quinlan referenced our article about how the pointless and pathetic PR peddler for the Duchess of the Sussex Omid Scobie had got her banned from Twitter and remarked:


“I want you to follow The Steeple Times… They did an article on me and Scobie.”


“I didn’t like that they put my real name, mind, but, you know, I have got a name and that’s it.”


“It’s quite unusual. I’ve never had this before. I’m reading an article that somebody’s written about my video. That’s cool isn’t it? No, really, isn’t it?”


“You know, you make a video and somebody has the time and the energy to actually listen to what you think… I suppose it’s because I do it a lot, I feel like I am talking to myself to be honest, I don’t talk with an audience in mind. I always talk as if I’m talking to my sister or Beryl, my mother’s friend, Beryl.”


“I always got an eye, this is how we’re going to talk when we get together. I don’t want to sound like a show-off, erm, but you can’t make people like you and you know, Scobie, mind, isn’t very nice in his heart.”


“Thank you very much Steeple. Isn’t that great? That really is great. I’m so honoured. It’s amazing.”


“So, whoever it is and I don’t know who it is, whoever it is obviously thinks the same way as us and that’s a good thing because we’ve got to stick together, so I’d like to suggest you go and look at The Steeple Times.”


“It’s been all go today since that article came out, it’s all gone a bit crazy… My nephew came down today and we had a bit of a party. Now, cheerio!”


Pictured top: The snarling former Meghan Markle sinks champagne as her dopey drip of a husband, Prince Harry, sips onside whilst looking totally terrified of his wicked, wastrel, wench of a wife.


Sadie Quinlan’s 21:36-minute video, uploaded last night to YouTube, in response to ‘The Steeple Times’ article about PR peddler for the Duchess of Sussex and all-round prick Omid Scobie’s attempts to get her shut down and cancelled. We respond again: “Shame on you Omid Scobie. Grow up.”
Omid Scobie
Omid Scobie’s attempts to “cancel” Sadie Quinlan are a disgrace. This pathetic specimen is the one that should be silenced as all he has proven himself to be thus far is a spreader of fake news for the deviant Duchess of Sussex and her drip of a husband.
Scobie, himself, meanwhile, appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ yesterday and in a ‘pally fashion’ cringeworthily remarked: “Yeah, the relationship between Harry and William is still extremely complicated, but despite very inflamed reporting in the UK, from what I understand from sources it is just a case of distance between the brothers. There has been small communication leading up to this point through their relevant teams, but this is the first time where they have a proper opportunity to chat to each other and maybe, being here in the presence of the memory of their mother will be a reminder of the importance of love.” Our response to this strange sycophant: “Please, Omid, pass the sick bucket.”
Yankee Wally responses
Amongst the 975 comments thus far on Sadie Quinlan’s video response to ‘The Steeple Times article were a number in support of our position. Today, we urge our readers to watch and follow ‘Yankee Wally’ and support her.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. The inappropriately named Omid Scobie is a bully. We love you Yankee Wally!!!! And for those of you calling us haters, I will call you haters for backing a person who bullies, lies, and tries to silence free speech.

  2. Why is it that self obsessed clueless Presidents and Great Leaders, successful Royalty targeting baggers and more than very oddly deprived yet criminally neglectful parents attract myopic sycophants?

    • I love Yankee Wally and am really looking forward to her return to Twitter. Twitter made a big mistake when it deleted her profile. Omid Scobie is not local, dishonest, limited. He calls himself a royal reporter, but all his texts are only an insult to the Royal Family and an excuse for the cruelty, lies and racism of Harry and his wife.

  3. Im from NY – found Yankee Wally through Taz. She is an original in a space occupied by sycophants. I watch/listen to her every day while I work, and really miss her when she doesnt post. (But no pressure, Wally – everyone deserves a break.) Thank you Steeple Times for bringing her out to more people. She is a real Brit, and Im happy to support her!

  4. Have loved watching and reading Yankee Wally for years. She simply put is spot on and makes my heart sing. Oh, and keeps me sane in this cray world.

  5. Yanky is a down to earth woman, who tells it how it is and I have enormous respect for her in this current climate of obliteration of anyone who isn’t brain washed by the Woke brigade.

  6. Found YW through Daily Mail comments, someone tipped people off, and I live in Canada. I can hardly believe I’m following news on this pair of wannabe A-lister untalented bores, but there it is.

  7. Yankee Wally is alright with me. She is entitled to her opinion, or as Meagain would say “her truth”. I’m an American, but I have respect for the Royal family. I certainly wish Harry was treating his family better, but since he has chosen to follow Meagain, he is treating his family with disdain, as she has taught him to do. Wake up Harry, and get away from this evil she-devil.

  8. I’m visiting your site because of Yankee Wally’s recommending it. It is a good site. If you will continue to expose the criminal and morally bankrupt stunts of Meghan Markle and her hapless husband – then I will always come back.

  9. I’m following you now for YANKEE WALLY Thank you for supporting her and our FREEDOM OF SPEECH FROM CALIFORNIA 🍻

  10. I love Yankee Wally and am really looking forward to her return to Twitter. Twitter made a big mistake when it deleted her profile. Omid Scobie is not local, dishonest, limited. He calls himself a royal reporter, but all his texts are only an insult to the Royal Family and an excuse for the cruelty, lies and racism of Harry and his wife.


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