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Monster of the Moment – Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC

Barrister Rebecca Sabben-Clare’s attempt to muzzle the media by citing the Cliff Richard case rather than muzzling her snarling dog shows her to be an utter disgrace

Those close to the seemingly supposedly “exceptionally bright” yet plainly actually just irresponsible barrister Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC ludicrously claimed Toby, her “snarling” terrier-cross, to be “sweet” and a “friendly pet” in the wake of it savagely causing the death of a “defenceless” seal nicknamed ‘Freddie Mercury.’


Just like giraffe slayer Merelize van der Merwe, who attempted to justify being gifted the “opportunity” to mercilessly slay an innocent giraffe by her husband for Valentine’s Day, wealthy and “fearless” Sabben-Clare opted to try to silence those outraged in the wake of the incident rather than taking responsibility for what the beast she owns had done.


A selfish self-preservationist rather than a seal conservationist, Sabben-Clare – who lives in a £6 million ‘mansion’ near the scene of her dastardly dog’s sick savagery – didn’t stick around for long to help at the scene of the mauling and later pompously declared: “I left for my own safety and that of my dog… There was nothing that I could do.”


Meanwhile, immediately concerned for her own reputation, Sabben-Clare “instructed lawyers Schillings to bully the media into not naming her.” Of this anything but selfless course of action, Guido Fawkes remarked: “She cited the Cliff Richard case to invoke a supposed right-to-privacy in an attempt to keep her name out of the story.”


Going further, Guido Fawkes continued:


“Rebecca Sabben-Clare set legal dogs Schillings on the press yesterday afternoon to try and cover-up her name, when that didn’t work after the Mail Online named her, Rebecca Sabben-Clare switched tactics and cooperated with a soft-soap PR puff piece telling the Standard:”


“I am heartbroken by this terrible accident. As an animal lover, I fully understand the dismay that has been expressed. I apologise unreservedly for what happened. In hindsight I wish, of course, that the dog had been on a lead but at the time that did not seem necessary.”


“Yet another example of the rich and powerful trying it on with lawyers to muzzle the press. Shame Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC didn’t muzzle her dog. Didn’t work and Schillings have lost again…”


Continuing further of this rotten ratbag, Roll On Friday yesterday reported that Sabben-Clare’s chambers, 7 King’s Bench Walk, had issued a statement about the totally avoidable yet utterly sick incident involving a dangerous dog that should now be put down. Their unnamed spokesman attempted to distance themselves and remarked:


“7 King’s Bench Walk is deeply saddened by the death of a seal by the side of the Thames following an incident involving a self-employed member of Chambers. This was a tragic accident which unfortunately resulted in the death of a lovely wild animal… Please be aware that Rebecca took her own advice in relation to this matter.”


One clear point arises out of this debacle that need never have happened: If Rebecca Sabben-Clare had kept her dog on a lead and controlled it in an area where there were supposedly notices about the seal’s presence, this incident would not have occurred. She should now face the consequences and her dog ought, at the very, be least taken away from her before it harms another animal or a child even.


#NameAndShame #RebeccaSabbenClare #Freddie #JusticeForFreddie


To join the 44,400 people who’ve already supported our petition seeking to get the giraffe slayer Merelize van der Merwe banned from Facebook, please click here.


Monster of the Moment – Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC – Barrister Rebecca Sabben-Clare’s attempt to muzzle the media by citing the Cliff Richard case rather than muzzling her snarling dog shows her to be an utter disgrace.
Responding on Twitter, editor of ‘The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples remarked: “Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC, whose dog savaged an innocent seal because she let it run wild, should hand herself in at her nearest police station and she should hand her bloody dog in also. Shame on her for thinking she can PR her way out of this. The woman is a disgrace.”
Monster of the Moment – Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC – Barrister Rebecca Sabben-Clare’s attempt to muzzle the media by citing the Cliff Richard case rather than muzzling her snarling dog shows her to be an utter disgrace.
Furthering her PR campaign, one of Rebecca Sabben-Clare’s neighbours later arrogantly blubbed: “He has no history of this and is super sweet with our dogs. I don’t know the breed. But she (Rebecca) is a nice person. It could happen to anyone.” The injuries to the now tragically deceased seal, Freddie Mercury, prove quite to the contrary.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Barristers are a strange breed. I suppose after a career defending the indefensible their moral values become skewed. It is clear that her chambers are engaged in a blunt distancing exercise.
    The dog looks like its mistress- an ugly, bad tempered piece of work.
    What is even more concerning is that a bad charactered dog like this could quite easily have attacked a baby or child.

  2. This Sheila is ugly in all senses of the word!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT send Down Under!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want her over my knee as she’d squeal like porky pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should be branded and banished from her Chambers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock her up and euthanise the killer dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I will take up the task Rod doesn’t want and I’ll birch her willingly. This woman is twisted and deranged and sick and her dog needs putting down before it kills a child. Now it’s had blood, it will get worse. Kill it.

  4. Why are you being so unkind? The seal should have moved away. The dog was only doing what came naturally to it. You should be ashamed of yourselves and poor Rebecca is being victimised for no good reason. Apologise to her immediately.

    • Jackie, you clearly have an ugly mind. We need a pic of you to see if your ugliness is more tangible: I imagine it is

    • You are ridiculous! What’s the matter with your pathetic little brain. Are you really that simple that you can not see this that this dog is violent. Would you be saying the same thing if it had attacked you or someone you love. This Rebecca is a disgrace of a human and all she was concerned about was herself in this situation. I’m a dog lover but if my dog was to do this as hard as it would be I would do the right thing. Her dog will one day attack a child and if that child loses its life it will be partly the fault of people like you.

    • Suck my dick you clueless asshole! Shows how much you actually know — nothing — about how easily seals can “move away” on dry land versus how fast a blood-crazed dog can run on dry land. In an ideal world should have gotten back into the Thames with the dog still attached and drowned its worthless ass!

  5. Jackie, you are trying to wind us all up, right? I don’t doubt that the dog is usually very sweet, but it is a dog and should have been on a lead, and they will default to instinct if opportunity arises such as sheep or, in this case, seal. In the countryside a farmer would have been quite within his rights to have shot the dog dead on sight, if off lead and on his land. So what is the difference here? Because its wild it doesn’t count? Martin Palmer(above) is right. The dog has tasted the hunt now. The only answer is to have it humanely destroyed. It may very well be a small child next time.

  6. 7 King’s Bench Walk should distance themselves before she damages them further. As for Jackie, you are plainly trying to provoke and you should be ashamed of yourself. Go to the nearest mental asylum as you belong there.

  7. She should be arrested and prosecuted and then put in the stocks. I would pay £50 to pelt Rebecca Sabben-Clare with rotten eggs.

  8. This poor innocent defenceless seal had to be euthanased because she would not follow the rules and keep her vicious and out of control dog on a lead. The RSPCA should be prosecuting her and the dog should be euthanased, too many people are damaged by irresponsible people like this. Adults and children are left with terrible scars after these sort of attacks, people lose their lives. There is no excuse fo her lack of responsibility.

  9. Both her and her dog should be put down.
    I wonder what her excuse would have been if the seal had been a small child.
    I get sick and tired of hearing dog owners say, He’s okay, he won’t hurt you, after their animal rushes at you snarling.

  10. Her statement was poorly worded, insincere and almost patronising. It exhibited self preservation at its worst.
    I hope that she has self reported to the Bar Council.
    Her actions were highly questionable and misguided in my opinion; she has made me ashamed to be a member of the legal profession quite frankly.

  11. This was a distressing episode.

    Certainly according to reports, Sabben-Clare seems quite unpleasant – her initial attempts to suppress the story rather than take responsibility, the fact she almost certainly spent more money on Schillings to protect herself than on any donation to the wildlife charity, the fact she didn’t have the dog on a lead in the first place despite all the signs telling her to do so, the fact she stood back to allow others to get the dog off the seal while she simply observed slack-jawed, the fact that initial reports said she left the scene etc.

    Her subsequent half-baked apology only arose once someone (presumably Schillings) told her to try to salvage the narrative once her digital footprint turned into a trash fire. Unreal to think her job involves advising others on “negligence”, for vast sums of money…

    If nothing else, perhaps this will open up a broader conversation about more responsible dog ownership. No doubt Sabben-Clare will suffer no real consequences though, aside from the initial few days’ embarrassment and presumably irritation that Schillings didn’t deliver much of an outcome for their fee. The whole affair highlights so clearly that the law is not applied equally.

  12. This vile ‘woman’ is typical of her class/breed unfortunately there are lots of these vile creatures out there, as proved with her near neighbours comment that we should be feeling sorry for her, not the seal. That is the attitude of these ‘people’, one of Boris’s cronies no doubt, vile ‘people’. It’s no wonder the dog is like that with an owner like this creature. It has her attitude, no doubt she thought the poor young seal was in ‘her’ way!! It shouldn’t have been there. If it’s right there were signs up, then she should be arrested & prosecuted, and lose her job, of course we all know nothing will happen to her at all. It never does to creatures like that, it’s a class thing lol. One rule for us, another rule for us, you know the score by now.


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