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Questioning Barrymore

As Michael Barrymore is deservedly dragged in for questioning again, it is time that this friend of the late paedo Sir Jimmy Savile explained what REALLY went on when Stuart Lubbock was murdered at his then home in 2001

It’s been 20 years since Stuart Lubbock was murdered in the most gruesome fashion at the home of Michael Barrymore (born Michael Parker), but now, finally, last week the deservedly disgraced entertainer has again been dragged in for questioning by Essex Police.



Revealed last night by The Sun just after the victim’s terminally ill father, Terry Lubbock, tragically shared that he has just days to live, Barrymore’s return for another quizzing comes as the 50-year-old previously arrested in Cheshire in connection with the unsolved case remains a subject of interest.


Speaking of the interrogation of his one-time client, Barrymore’s former agent, Mike Browne, continued the ‘wall of silence’ that went up the morning after the murder and remarked:



“The police asked us if we had anything new that might have come to mind in the last 20 years but we don’t. We both just want this to be resolved for everyone’s sake.”


Responding somewhat more positively of the prospects of the killer finally being caught and convicted, Sue Homan, Stuart Lubbock’s ex-wife, commented:


“Terry is still positive we will get justice. The police have good evidence. I think things are going to go further.”


#justice4stuart #justiceforstuartlubbock


Pictured top: Michael Barrymore outrageously pretending to be Adolf Hitler whilst shamelessly trying to revive his career whilst in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in January 2006; father of murder victim at Barrymore’s Essex bungalow Terry Lubbock with a plaque reading: “Michael Barrymore – Career Ended: 31.03.2001, Stuart Lubbock, Murdered, Roydon.”


Questioning Barrymore 2021 – Michael Barrymore questioned again – As Michael Barrymore is deservedly dragged in for questioning, it is time that this friend of the late paedo Sir Jimmy Savile explained what REALLY went on when Stuart Lubbock was murdered at his then home in 2001.
Questioning Barrymore – Michael Barrymore pictured ‘worshiping’ Sir Jimmy Savile in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in January 2006. Of the late paedophile, at the time, the self-centred ex ‘Strike It Lucky’ host disgustingly declared: “When he came in I was blown away because it’s him and he never lets you down. I didn’t think seeing Jim and hearing Jim talking and being so personal and kind to me. I started to well up in there and thought here we go.”
Questioning Barrymore 2021 – Michael Barrymore questioned again – As Michael Barrymore is deservedly dragged in for questioning, it is time that this friend of the late paedo Sir Jimmy Savile explained what REALLY went on when Stuart Lubbock was murdered at his then home in 2001.
Questioning Barrymore – Quite rightly, on several occasions in the years since the murder at his Roydon, Essex bungalow, Michael Barrymore’s attempts to revive his career have been cancelled. He should now finally tell the truth about what went on at his house and explain the reality about why he fled the crime scene soon after the discovery of the body of innocent victim Stuart Lubbock.
Questioning Barrymore 2021 – Michael Barrymore questioned again – As Michael Barrymore is deservedly dragged in for questioning, it is time that this friend of the late paedo Sir Jimmy Savile explained what REALLY went on when Stuart Lubbock was murdered at his then home in 2001.
Questioning Barrymore – Essex Police and CrimeStoppers have quite rightly upped the reward for information leading to the conviction of Stuart Lubbock’s murderer to £40,000. Their lead officer in the case, DCI Stephen Jennings, states: “Nine people went to the party at Michael Barrymore’s house, but only one of them – Stuart – ended up being violently sexually assaulted and murdered. We know not everyone at the party was responsible for what happened, but someone was. We also know that not everyone at that party may know what happened, but someone does… 19 years – still no justice: Help us get answers for Stuart. Someone knows.”
Questioning Barrymore – In March, Superintendent Lucy Morris of Essex Police announced news of the arrest of a 50-year-old in the connection with the 31st March 2001 murder of Stuart Lubbock at 4 Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5HB. Previously in 2019, Barrymore was paid to appear on Piers Morgan’s ‘Life Stories’ and shamelessly stated of the murder: “I had nothing to do with what happened to Stuart. I am innocent. I am not 99.9% innocent. I am 100% innocent” whilst shockingly failing to explain why he fled his home instead of staying to assist police with enquiries into the slaying.
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. The truth is clear: One of those present committed murder and given the house is on a small plot and L-shaped around the pool, whatever went on would have been seen by several of those present. Two people committed the killing by the injuries so that leaves 6 others who potentially saw or heard something… And that’s before we get to the screams at 5am but no calling the emergency services until 5.46am. Keep up your good work in exposing this rotten bunch of scumbags. All of them are guilty of one thing: Silently protecting a murderer.

  2. Barrymore’s rolling around on the floor drunk with the deranged convicted racist Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben and grabbing at the bums of others at a black tie event many years ago have always haunted me. He is sick and twisted and I guess that explains why his tortured late ex-wife Cheryl called him out overs his lies over being unable to swim. If you can’t swim, why construct a pool in your garden?

  3. Terry and Sue have worked so tirelessly for justice whilst Michael Barrymore has just claimed falsely he’s the victim in all this. It’s beyond wrong and enough is enough. The police should charge all of those that were listed as present for the actions of perverting the course of justice.

  4. I have never seen the pictures of Michael Barrymore with Jimmy Savile before nor the one of him pretending to be Hitler? I remember your article about when he went to work in a garden centre and posed with weedkiller and that was sickening enough but as a Jewish lady I find this reprehensible and utterly wrong. Please keep helping the campaign to get justice for a 31-year-old boy taken from his family too soon at the hands of deviants who included drug users, a bin man and a drag queen estate agent.

  5. It sickens me every time I read about this case here as in all the time you’ve covered it justice seems to continue to slip away. Please Barrymore tell the truth and help the police uncover the truth of the brutality that went on in that swimming pool.

  6. Do not send this BANDIT Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’d leave our Sheilas alone thankfully but now I know he has pretended to be Hitler and praised the anything goes padderass Jimmy Saville I’d be very scared of him being in my vicinity!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evil personified………. LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Michael Barrymore has been victimised for quite long enough. Leave him alone. He did nothing wrong. He let people party at his house and probably went to bed and he cannot be blamed for the accident that followed.

    • Terry, you need to pull you head out of the sand, victimised, are you bloody joking? I don’t think Barrymore just went home and went to bed, particularly when he was heard to say in the taxi on the way back to his pad “I need a good fuck tonight. The guy is a sleeeeze bag and a bloody liar. He hasn’t had the decency to speak to Terry. I think all the guests at that party should be charged with being an accessory to his murder. For you to call what happened to Stuart, an accident, you should be bloody well ashamed of yourself you pompous dick head. Your obviously a friend of Barrymore, and probably shagging him as well.

    • Are you shitting us Terry? Seriously, you must be a friend of this vile man, otherwise, I can’t understand why you’d say such stupid things! Were you at his property that night? Do you know what really happened? If so, man up and tell the truth.

  8. Stuart Lubbock was murdered with the aid of a long since disappeared door handle and swimming pool thermometer. Why hasn’t Barrymore come clean about what happened to those items?

    • It’s quite simple John, the guy is covering up what happened that night, and had plenty of chances to get rid of evidence before the cops arrived. He is a disgusting human being, and an utter liar. To try and make out he is the one being victimised in all this leaves me gob smacked. I just hope there is some way that all the people that were there that night can be charged with being an accessory to murder, then let’s see who starts talking.


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