Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Disgraceful Drips

Nikolay Kalinin on the disgraceful drips that are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex meddling in world politics and humanitarian crises

Pointless personalities are the last people in whole world who should have the right to comment on situations such as humanitarian crises, especially ones like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, because such gestures are obviously fake.


Nevertheless, the two decided to respond to both the fall of Afghanistan to Taliban and the Haiti earthquake through a statement on the Archewell website.


In their missive, the couple wrote: “As we all feel the many layers of pain due to the situation in Afghanistan, we are left speechless…though we are not meant to live in a state of suffering, we, as a people, are being conditioned to accept it. It’s easy to find ourselves feeling powerless, but we can put our values into action – together.”


The couple also encouraged the readers to “join (them) in supporting a number of organisations doing critical work” and called on people in positions of power “to rapidly advance the humanitarian dialogues that are expected to take place this fall at multilateral gatherings such as the UN General Assembly and the G20 leaders’ summit.”


The royal rotters surprisingly, however, made no mention of Joe Biden, of whom they have been supportive in the past, and who has been seen as widely responsible for the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan due to the withdrawal of US troops.


GB News presenter Simon McCoy perfectly responded to the couple’s announcement by stating: “It’s a bit rich from the Duke and Duchess of Montecito to be telling us the world is in a mess.”


He then continued: “Sorry, only they would break their silence to tell us they are speechless… Do we need to talk about this? I get myself into trouble every time. What was I, ‘bitter and twisted,’ yesterday? I wonder what I’ll be today.”


I will have to admit however that Prince Harry has some say in this matter, since he himself served in Afghanistan twice and has provided support for British veterans. Still, we have to keep in mind that we’re talking about a person who’s living an extremely comfortable life in California and who previously stated that he and his wife were moving there to enjoy a more private existence.


If narcissistic ‘MeGain’ and her dopey drip of a husband truly do care about helping others less fortunate than them, why don’t they instead lobby the US Government into evacuating more Afghans – in particular women – fleeing from Taliban persecution? It is time also that these disgraceful drips stop trying to be like the Kardashians by constantly talking about their family drama and start behaving like decent public figures.


Prince Harry Afghanistan
Prince Harry pictured in Afghanistan in 2013. On Wednesday, of the couple’s statement ‘The Mirror’s’ Liam Gulliver remarked: “Once again Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have whipped up a frenzy with the simple act of opening their mouths… Needless to say, the statement was ripped to shreds within hours of being published, with reports branding it a ‘woke word salad’ that was completely ‘irrelevant.’”
The couple’s soppy statement was slammed also because it contained so many “Americanisms” – indicating it was written by ‘MeGain’ alone rather than her jointly with Prince Harry. Of it, the ‘Mirror’ observed: “Social media users claimed the use of American spelling throughout the statement suggested it was largely penned by the Duchess. Words such as ‘fall’ as opposed to ‘autumn,’ and the spelling of ‘organizations’ and ‘realize,’ were overtly American in the text. One person wrote: ‘If nothing else, the way ‘realise’ has been spelt shows this was certainly not written by Prince Harry,’ while a second noted: ‘And fall not autumn.’”
Nikolay Kalinin
Nikolay Kalinin is a blogger who has been writing articles published on the automotive site ‘DriveTribe’ since July 2020. Previously, he ran his own blog about politics and culture in Russia.


  1. They have both shown perfectly clearly that they cannot handle a none too complicated responsible job and position, in fact they have gone 180 from common faithfulness and sense. Why oh why then would any simpleton want, nay indeed dote, on their pronouncements. I would rather take in the counsel of The Milkybar Kid or the Ahh Bisto lady. Your point is good Nikolay if the posturing was not vacuous they would tilt the comments directly at Biden whose ear they would get and who signed off on the abandonment.

  2. Time they put a sock in it,egotistacal priveleged BORES!!!The Duke of Edinburgh must be spinning and feel so sorry for Her Majesty!!!

  3. Oh please….. enough already. I am, like many, wholeheartedly sick to death, with the nonstop drip, drip, splurt model that is used to disseminate their word slop in their desperate attempt to render them relevant. They are a disgusting self serving pair intent only on promoting themselves while cosying up to anyone or anything that could help them shine.

  4. These two twits do a great job of leading the quiet life, and staying out of the limelight, ever since they took off to Disney Land.

  5. I’m agreement with you all..Further more…
    Please. American news is not good..
    Listen to Beck..Bongino..good authentic true news
    The Bidens Obama including M..
    Clintons own this mess..!!
    Sky news is great tells the truth
    From America..


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