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Shushing Staley – Jeffrey Epstein’s Fat Cat Barclays Banker Jes Staley Faces Claims He “Personally Observed” Sexual Abuse

As Jeffrey Epstein’s “fat cat” banker Jes Staley faces allegations that he “personally observed” his chum abusing young women, isn’t it time that his shameless shushing simply stopped? Silence is certainly not golden in this sordid saga

Ponzi peddling paedo Jeffrey Epstein and noxious nonce Ghislaine Maxwell went to see Pope John Paul II in 2003, but though they likely sought his blessing, it was always a case of “follow the money” for these two. Far more important in enabling their nefarious activities were big-baller bankers and now one of the most important of that number, former Barclays and JPMorgan head honcho Jes Staley, is facing fresh woes over his connections to the decidedly deviant duo.


“Obviously, I thought I knew him well and I didn’t. For sure, with hindsight with what we know now, I deeply regret having any relationship with Jeffrey” whined Staley in 2020 of his links to the croaked sex fiend abuse. Last night though, the MailOnline shared that the former boss of Barclays is now additionally being accused of ‘personally observing’ Jeffrey Epstein abusing young women, according to a victim’s lawsuit filed against JPMorgan.


The paper’s Jamie Phillips surmised:


“He has now been named in a lawsuit filed by one of Epstein’s victims, a woman known only as Jane Doe 1. She is suing JP Morgan, where Staley was chief executive until 2013 and had Epstein as a client.”


“The lawsuit, filed at Manhattan federal court, alleges that Staley was aware of Epstein trafficking women and witnessed him abusing them… The woman also claims Staley would often visit Epstein at his homes, which included ‘the massage room’ within his townhouse in New York, as well as his private island in the US Virgin Islands and a ‘victim stash house’ in Manhattan.”


Staley – who also took his wife on their 90-foot yacht named Bequia to Epstein’s ‘Paedo Islands’ in 2015 and whom exchanged 1,200 emails with the paedophile from his JPMorgan email account between 2008 and 2012 alone and goodness knows what communications elsewhere – stands accused in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan specifically of:


“[Being] a regular visitor of Epstein’s … and personally observed Jane Doe 1 as a sexual trafficking and abuse victim at times including through his departure from JP Morgan in 2013.”


“To be clear, during his years as a top executive at JP Morgan, Staley was not only one of Epstein’s closest pals, but more importantly, he was a frequent visitor at Epstein’s townhouse, including visiting the massage room; Staley met many of Epstein’s trafficking victims, including Jane Doe 1; Staley visited the Epstein-owned victim stash house apartments at [an address on the Upper East Side], and Staley personally observed the sexual abuse of young women, including Jane Doe 1.”


“These actions were within the scope of Staley’s employment at JP Morgan.”


“As a result of Staley’s direct and actual knowledge of Epstein’s sex-trafficking venture, JP Morgan had direct and actual knowledge of Epstein’s sex-trafficking venture.”


Curiously Barclays had also previously counted Ghislaine Maxwell as a top-drawer client. The firm turfed out the pension pot plunderer’s dodgy daughter unceremoniously in February 2021, a day after the ‘buyer’ of her Kinnerton Street, Belgravia mews house deposited £130,000 there.


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Pictured Top – Croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and incarcerated mucky madam sex trafficking criminal Ghislaine Maxwell with Pope John Paul II in 2003 (left) and disgraced JPMorgan and Barclays banker Jes Staley indicating to someone to shush (right).


Jes Staley, at the time a senior JP Morgan executive (left), with former treasury secretary Lawrence Summers and Jeffrey Epstein in 2011 at the latter’s Lenox Hill, New York mansion.
The mansion – known as the ‘Paedo Palace’ and situated at 9 East 71st Street, Lenox Hill, New York, NY 10021, USA – was sold for about £36 million in March 2021 after being placed for sale for £69 million in September 2020. Epstein got it “free” from his close “chum” Leslie Wexner, but claimed to have paid £14.5 million for it in 1998.
“I was her parents’ worst nightmare” – words said by James Staley his very self – will be ringing in the ears of swivel-eyed Debbie Nitzan Staley in the wake of her husband’s former company’s decision to not yet payout £22 million the couple were expecting. No doubt that’ll mean one less holiday for her and her two daughters on their 90-foot long gin palace ‘Bequia’ in the coming years.
The now left-out-in-the-cold banker was listed in the infamous ‘Little Black Book’ sometimes wrongly accredited to being Jeffrey Epstein’s – but mostly that features the addresses of contacts of ‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ decidedly deviant daughter – and had six contact numbers as well as an email there. He was clearly a very close associate of the dodgy duo, whatever he may next claim.
In times past Labour peer Lord Mandelson – ‘Mandy’ to his dear and always very wealthy muckers – described the former Barclays boss Bob Diamond as “the unacceptable face of banking.” Peter Mandelson, meanwhile, was quite happy to hang out with Jeffrey Epstein, a mutual mate of his successor Jes Staley, at his £10 million Paris paedo pad circa 20th January 2007 in spite of the taxi driver turned sex trafficker having been charged with soliciting a woman for prostitution in August 2006. Lord Mandelson and Jeffrey Epstein are pictured here celebrating the latter’s birthday with wine and a cake presented by a diminutive butler named Valdson Viera Cortin.
Little St James – now quite understandably better known as ‘Paedo Island’ – was not only the scene of meetings between the now former Barclays CEO and the now croaked paedophile in 2015 and likely on other occasions also. It was also allegedly one of the locations where Prince Andrew abused the woman he paid £12 million to in spite of claiming to have never met, Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Since Epstein’s rather suspicious death in 2019, various “garish” items on the island have been removed – amongst them gargoyles and sculptures of cockatoos and a cow. Unsurprisingly, the island remains for sale and currently Margo Lynch of Christie’s International Real Estate is laughably attempting to flog this hellhole and neighbouring Great St James as “an island hopper’s dream” for £91.3 million – down from £94.5 million in March 2022 and prior valuations of £181.8 million. One is simply left asking: “Who’d call places where countless people were abused a ‘dream’? They’re more like a ‘nightmare’!” Margo Lynch must be on either crack, acid, the hooch or all of the aforementioned.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.



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