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Punting The Paedo Islands

Croaked Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘paedo islands’ go up for sale for ‘just’ £95 million in spite of supposedly being worth £182 million; we ask: “Who on earth would want to live in a place where such hellish abuse occurred?”

The two decidedly creepy Caribbean islands where the late taxi driver turned sexual abuser Jeffrey Epstein abused girls as young as just 11 years old have finally been put up for sale for £95 million through Bespoke Real Estate.


Promoted in a 3:15-minute video shared on YouTube and in an online listing, ‘The Jameses’ – as the realty firm term what they laughably call “exceptional private islands,” but which are more widely known as the ‘Padeophile Islands,’ ‘Orgy Islands’ and ‘Islands of Sin’ – are being sold with a view to resolving the deceased paedophile’s “outstanding lawsuits and costs of estate operations.”


The first of the two islands is the larger of the pair, but the lesser developed. Named Great Saint James, it extends to 161.3-acres and is marketed as having “significant subdivision possibilities.” It is lauded as surrounded by “turquoise waters” and aside from supposedly having “charming islets” comes with its own “marine preserve,” Christmas Cove.


Smaller Little Saint James – somewhat ironically nicknamed ‘Little Saint Jeff’s’ by its late owner in view of his allegedly very strangely shaped ‘member’ – is 71.6-acres in size. It comes with a main compound – in which the late paedophile used and abused young women and boys allegedly also – and four guest villas and has what Bespoke Real Estate bizarrely terms a “comprehensive, discreetly located, infrastructure support system.” No mention is made of its supposed submarine docking station or the “abuse temple” with tunnels that may or may not have been demolished.


In addition, other features include “palm tree lined beaches” – which Ghislaine Maxwell’s sometime lover planted without seeking the correct permissions – and a “helipad, private dock, gas station, high-capacity water filtration, 2 pools… 3 private beaches, gym, tiki hut, and additional maintenance and viewing structures.” According to The New York Post, it took seventy staff to maintain Little Saint James.


Purchased separately in 1998 and 2016, Epstein paid a total of £23.02 million for both islands and spent millions more on crackpot crazy constructions and landscaping. When on bail in 2019, his lawyers valued them both at just £65.5 million though others have said their worth to be as high as £181.8 million.


Illustrating how dreadful a place the two islands were, one victim of multiple rapes there as many as three times per day over five months, a South African named Sarah Ransome, remarked: “A shark would have been my best friend at that point. I didn’t even think about it – it was just, get me away.”


Going further, the Attorney General of the United States Virgin Islands concluded: “[The Epstein islands are] the perfect hideaway and haven for trafficking young women and underage girls for sexual servitude, child abuse and sexual assault” whilst today we conclude by asking: “Who on earth in their right mind would want to live in a sordid place like that?” Only total toerags like Sir Richard Branson, Bernie Ecclestone, Sir Philip Green and the Duke of York ought to apply.


Pictured top – Pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell associate before he took up with his equally deviant daughter Jeffrey Epstein pictured chatting on the telephone as his assistant Sarah Kellen massages his shoulders (left) and an aerial shot of the main compound accommodation on Little St. James (right).


Little Saint James Great Saint James plan
An annotated aerial shot of both Great Saint James and Little Saint James showing the locations of key features.
The selling agents neglect to mention ‘The Jameses’s’ former paedophile owner Jeffrey Epstein, but they do point to a map that highlights that the islands are 8.5 hours from London, 2.5 hours from Miami, 3.5 hours from New York and 10 hours from San Francisco.
No trespassing
Epstein was most certainly not someone who welcomed visits from his neighbours.

The Names & Numbers – ‘The Jameses’ (Great Saint James and Little Saint James islands), United States Virgin Islands (USVI)

March 2022 – Listed for sale through Bespoke Real Estate for £94.5 million ($125 million, €113.8 million or درهم459.1 million) with “subdivision capabilities.” Listed as “two exceptional private Caribbean islands with 230 acres, 6 beaches and 5.8 miles of coastline.”


Media reports have previously estimated the islands to be worth a combined sum of £181.8 million ($240 million, €218.4 million or درهم881.4 million), a figure 92% higher than the current listing price and 178% higher than the July 2019 valuation.


10th August 2019 – Jeffrey Epstein dies by supposed suicide in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York. He had previously supposedly attempted suicide on 23rd July 2019 whilst sharing a cell with alleged quadruple killer cop Nicholas Tartaglione.


July 2019 – Forbes reports Little St. James to have been valued at £48.4 million ($63.9 million, €58.2 million or درهم234.7 million) and Great St. James at £17 million ($22.5 million, €20.5 million or درهم82.6 million) – or a total sum of £65.5 million ($86.4 million, €78.7 million or درهم317.3 million) – in documents filed by Epstein’s legal team when he applied for bail.


6th July 2019 – Jeffrey Epstein is arrested after his private jet lands at Teterboro Airport, New Jersey.


April 2016 – Epstein begins to clear Great St. James without seeking permission and is fined by the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DNPR). Court cases have continued about this matter beyond the paedophile’s death.


January 2016 – Epstein purchases the 161.3-acre Great St. James for a total sum of £17 million ($22.5 million, €20.5 million or درهم82.6 million) through various shell companies and with the help of Dubai businessman Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem as a “beneficial owner” as the then owner, a Danish politician named Christian Kjær, had been “begged” not to sell to the paedophile due to rumours about his “sexual preferences.”


According to the BBC, Epstein “had drawn up plans to develop the 161-acre island by building homes, an amphitheatre, as well as an underwater office and pool.”


2007 onwards – According to the Independent, “Epstein began a massive programme of building and remodelling that drew suspicion from local officials. His main compound nearly doubled in size, sprouting into a plush mansion with an outside terrace connecting the master bedroom and the swimming pool, along with a desalination system.”


“Satellite photos show a sprawling network of terraces, cottages, beach houses, swimming pools, docks, utility buildings, a helipad, a tennis court, slipways, some kind of enclosed lake or lagoon, and various huts of unknown purpose, all connected by palm-lined roads where golf buggies ferried guests from place to place (a journey across the island reportedly took about five minutes).”


1998 – Epstein purchases the 7.16-acre Little St. James for £6.02 million ($7.95 million, €7.24 million or درهم29.20 million) through a shell company named L. S. J. LLC. It had been marketed for sale for £8 million ($10.5 million, €9.6 million or درهم38.6 million) on behalf of a venture capitalist named Arch Cummin.


Some of the ‘Famous Faces’ who’ve visited the ‘Paedo Islands’

  • Royal rotter Prince Andrew. Alleged to have flown to the islands on 4 occasions and is alleged to have had sexual relations with the then underaged in the territory Virginia Roberts there.
  • Now croaked paedophile and cocaine addict Jean-Luc Brunel. Known to have supplied three 12-year-old sisters to Epstein and visited him in jail at least 70 times during his 2008 incarceration. Known to have visited the ‘Paedo Islands’ on multiple occasions.
  • Temperamental supermodel Naomi Campbell.
  • Prone to tell porky pies politician President Bill Clinton was reportedly a visitor according to Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Hillary Clinton’s husband has denied this however.
  • Magician David Copperfield – who reportedly proposed to supermodel Claudia Schiffer there.
  • Socialite Clementine ‘Clemmie’ Hambro. Known to have visited in 1999.
  • Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Known to have visited in March 2006.
  • American-Canadian theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss. Known to have been amongst a group of 21 physicists invited to Little St. James for a meeting about gravity. Of Epstein, the scientist later remarked: “As a scientist I always judge things on empirical evidence and he always has women ages 19 to 23 around him, but I’ve never seen anything else, so as a scientist, my presumption is that whatever the problems were I would believe him over other people… I don’t feel tarnished in any way by my relationship with Jeffrey; I feel raised by it.”
  • Labour spin doctor and associate of Putin cronies Lord Mandelson and his partner Reinaldo Avila da Silva. Known to have visited on several occasions – including when his host was not present – between 2000 and 2005.
  • Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. Known to have visited the islands on many occasions from when Epstein purchased them until his death in 2019.
  • Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey.
  • Now former CEO of Barclays Jes Staley. Known to have visited Little St. James in 2015 with his wife and to have taken their 90-foot yacht, Bequia, there also.
  • Comedian and actor Chris Tucker.
  • Billionaire businessman and L Brands founder Leslie Wexner. Known to have visited in 1998 “with several Victoria’s Secret models in tow.”


Jeffrey Epstein working blonde victim
Epstein, pictured here with a woman he no doubt abused, had a ten-person shower installed in his main compound and made it his primary base from 2017 onwards.
Jeffrey Epstein hiking
The sexual deviant liked to take his many, many victims on hikes across his islands. Goodness knows what he did to them during these misadventures.
Ghislaine Maxwell Jean-Luc Brunel
Fellow paedophiles Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel on the very same space where their host was primarily photographed.
Jean-Luc Brunel Israel Little Saint James
Bizarrely the since supposed died by ‘suicide’ Jean-Luc Brunel was pictured in the same space wearing a baseball cap with the caption ‘Israel Army.’
Debbie Staley Jes Staley
Other visitors to the islands included the since himself disgraced CEO of Barclays Jes Staley and his beady-eyed wife Debbie.
Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew Duke of York
Prince Andrew, whose feckless wife happily took loans and assistance from Jeffrey Epstein, was a regular on Little Saint James.
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking was amongst a group to visit in March 2006 for a conference about gravity.
Jeffrey Epstein and victim on island
This image shows the evil ‘head of the municipality’ in a dressing gown on Little St. James with one of his victims. It is telling in that both look like they know that something truly appalling has happened.
Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel on island
Clearly Ghislaine Maxwell liked the covered porch just as much as her ‘boss’ turned lover. Pictured here with fellow paedophile Jean-Luc Brunel munching on some nosh, the deviant daughter of the pension pot plunderer sits at the very desk where her evil cohort controlled his wicked operation.
Little Saint James terrace
That infamous terrace in marketing material created by Bespoke Real Estate. Note that some of the original furniture has been replaced.
Epstein island abuse
The Ponzi scheming associate of Robert Maxwell reveled in luring young girls to his islands as once there, they could not escape him and his abusing cohorts.

Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Temple’

The gruesome paedophile Jeffrey Epstein built a structure described by many as a “temple” between 2009 and 2013. It is unclear what the structure was actually used for, but it certainly sent conspiracy theorists crazy.

The building was said to have “acoustic walls” and a “door to prevent people from leaving” complete with a “medieval era lock.” Its base was painted with broad, vivid horizontal stripes and for a time it featured a gold dome atop.

Statues including one of the trident-wielding Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea, and birds “perched” on its corners and aside was a terrace with a labyrinth motif.

Insider suggested “it strongly resembles a temple, though of which sort remains elusive.”

The gold dome supposedly “flew off” during the “deadly 2017 hurricane season.”

Epstein temple 1
Epstein temple 2
Epstein temple 3
Epstein temple 4
Epstein temple 5

Further images of Great Saint James and Little Saint James

Epstein island 1
Epstein island 2
Epstein island 3
Epstein island 4
Epstein island 5
Epstein island 6
Epstein island 7
Epstein island 8
Epstein island 9
Epstein island 10
Epstein island 11
Epstein island 12
Epstein island 13
Epstein island 14
Epstein island 15
Epstein island 16
Epstein island 17
Epstein island 18
Epstein island 19
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
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  1. The whole lot should be confiscated by the authorities, and the proceeds given to all his victims, and used to bring the other scum suckers to justice. It would be great to see a lot of the big names, paying out to victims they have never met, for something they never did.


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