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Ghislaine Maxwell – You’re Fired!

As mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s murky mate Kevin Spacey tries to get a psychologist connected to her case barred from his case, her own lawyers tell her: “You’re fired!”

When the sordid sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced on 28th June, many hoped that would be that and that she’d fade away quietly. Frankly though, let’s get real, that was never, ever going to happen in a story so sordid and one that seems to just be rabbit hole after rabbit hole.


Supposedly now owing a sum estimated by legal experts as high as £3 million ($3.2 million, €3.4 million or درهم11.8 million) in unpaid fees to various lawyers alongside her estranged husband – who it can now be revealed she “married in or about August 2015” and not later in 2016 as has been claimed previously – croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mucky madam mistress, her strangely secretive husband Scott Borgerson and her brother, Kevin, have now incurred the wrath of one firm of lawyers to the point that they’ve rather ironically gone all Donald Trump and declared: “You’re fired!”


With Quinatiros, Prieto, Wood & Boyer having given up on her and her cohorts after “repeated requests” for payment, Maxwell now has 60 days to find new attorneys, but, as the pointed out earlier this week, “it is unclear where will find the funds to pay them.”


In documents filed in the US Virgin Islands it was also shockingly revealed that Epstein had agreed he “would always support Maxwell financially” and that Borgerson had made “suspiciously timed [property] transfers” through companies named Tidewood LLC and Granite Realty LLC.


HMF’s current lawsuit alleges: “Granite, Mr. Borgerson and other entities associated with Mr Borgerson including Tidewood LLC, acquired several high-end properties including two condominiums in Boston, an estate in Manchester, Massachusetts [‘Tidewood’], and an estate in Bradford, New Hampshire [‘Tuckedaway’].”


Meanwhile elsewhere yesterday, Law & Crime reported that actor Kevin Spacey is trying to distance himself from his former chum and clearly wouldn’t be averse to chucking her under the bus Frank Underwood style.


According to the paper’s Meghann Cuniff, lawyers for the actor “are trying to bar an expert who testified in Ghislaine Maxwell‘s criminal sex trafficking trial from testifying about the credibility of Spacey’s accuser in a civil sexual assault trial scheduled to begin next week.”


Going further of the court documents, Cuniff adds:


“A memorandum filed Monday in the Southern District of New York calls psychologist Lisa Rocchio‘s expected testimony ‘a thinly-veiled plan’ to vouch for accuser Anthony Rapp‘s credibility under the guise of expert testimony. It also calls for Rocchio to be prohibited from testifying about what motivated Rapp to publicly accuse Spacey in 2017 and from opining about Spacey’s psychological state and whether she believes he assaulted Rapp.”


Pictured top – Disgraced actor and director Kevin Spacey with Ghislaine Maxwell on thrones in Buckingham Palace, London living it up large. The photograph is believed to have been taken in 2002 when Prince Andrew had the ghastly duo round for a bit of mooching.


Ghislaine Maxwell and Scott Borgerson – Known Assets

Linked by their mutual love of submarines and protecting assets and their identities in a secretive fashion, Scott Borgerson and his now estranged wife – it is not known if they have yet divorced – are known to have most recently together been connected with the following properties:


Convicted criminal and mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell is a wicked wastrel woman whose avarice and greed knows no bounds.
Kevin Maxwell
Her brother Kevin has variously been labelled a “slippery eel” and someone whose associations with honesty can at the very least be labelled “curious.”
Scott Borgerson
Equally, the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter’s now estranged husband, Scott Borgerson, is not someone known for transparency.
Kevin Spacey Anthony Rapp
Miss Maxwell’s mate Kevin Spacey (pictured left with his alleged victim Anthony Rapp, right) – an associate also of the rotten ratbag royal Prince Andrew and the known to be partial to an untruth or five Bill Clinton – awaits his own trial, but is trying to distance himself from his former chum. No surprises there…

The Phippen-Smith House (AKA ‘Tidewood’), 301 Summer Street, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Cape Ann, Essex County, Massachusetts, MA 01944, United States of America

The Phippen Smith House

Currently for sale for £6.52 million ($6.95 million, €7.28 million or درهم25.52 million). Purchased by a limited liability company controlled by Ghislaine Maxwell’s then “secret husband” Scott Borgerson for £2.294 million ($2.450 million, €2.564 million or درهم8.998 million) on 30th June 2016. During the transaction, decidedly deviant Ghislaine Maxwell is said to have used the pseudonym ‘Jennifer Ellmax.’


Tuckedaway, 338 East Washington Road, Bradford, New Hampshire, NH 03221, United States of America

Tuckedaway sign

Purchased for £1.004 million ($1.070 million, €1.121 million or درهم3.932million) in a cash transaction on 13th December 2019 by a shell company formed on 18th November 2019 named Granite Realty LLC.


Approached recently for comment as to the current status of this property, a representative selling agent at that time, Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty, cryptically responded: “We have no information on this property and unfortunately have no contact information for the owner. Sorry we could not be of more help.”


44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8ES, United Kingdom

Purchased by Ghislaine Maxwell in 1997 for £290,000 ($310,000, €324,000 or درهم1.1 million) on 22nd January 1997 and sold by her representatives on 19th April 2021 for £1.75 million ($1.87 million, €1.96 million or درهم6.87 million).


Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. I’m imaging some steamed attorneys…no wonder they looked so hunted and unfriendly in footage. They were doing it all for free. Hurricane Ghislaine is still spinning. I wonder who visits her in prison? I wonder things in general about the situation.Maybe she would be my pen pal …bet not.


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