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Picture of the Week 2022 – BYOB Veganuary at Wetherspoons

As horrendously nutty ex-MEP Roger Helmer bangs on about having a burger at Wetherspoons, an image of PM Boris Johnson and the chain’s boss Tim Martin at a BYOB at 10 Downing Street trends on Twitter; we also remind readers of Helmer’s past antics

On Friday, on Twitter, Roger Helmer an off-his-merry-rocker Conservative MEP for the East Midlands between 1999 and 2017 shared an image of a burger and declared:


“Perfect for Veganuary: Wetherspoons’ double six-oz burger (with cheese, bacon & onion rings). Delicious. And cheap as chips (which it comes with). Take a stand.  Fight back against the nonsense.”


Clearly as potty as the BYOB bottle party loving Prime Minister whose political party he used to be part of before heading off to the headbangers at UKIP, Helmer was mocked not only because the image was not of a double burger, but because even the cretinous Wetherspoons pub chain owner Tim Martin has turned on the Tories.


Leading Brexiteer Martin – whose friendship with ‘Bosie The Buffoon’ has been longstanding – came under fire elsewhere on social media when a picture of 10 Downing Street did the rounds.


In it, the residence of Britain’s current leader’s residence was turned into a branch of Martin’s lowbrow hosterlries. Aside from a Wetherspoons sign, the railings of the Westminster residence were adorned with signage and Johnson and Martin were inserted inside serving from behind a bar.


The two signs themselves read: “BYOB – No COVID rules here!” and “It’s a work do baby, wear a suit.”


Cheers and please everyone, always remember the rules: “Bring Your Own Bottle.”


Roger Helmer Wetherspoons Twitter
Ex-Conservative Member of the European Parliament Roger Helmer thought it funny to tweet: “Perfect for Veganuary: Wetherspoons’ double six-oz burger (with cheese, bacon & onion rings). Delicious. And cheap as chips (which it comes with). Take a stand. Fight back against the nonsense.” All he got met with, unsurprisingly, was mockery. The man’s a twerp. In fact, he’s an utter bloody berk.
Boris Johnson Tim Martin Wetherspoons
Boris Johnson and Tim Martin were happy to pal up in support of Brexit in times past. Now, with Martin’s Wetherspoons profits plummeting due to coronavirus restrictions and him being unable to get staff due to most quitting Britain due to Brexit, he’s moaning like the baby that he truly is. Frankly, nobody of sane mind likes his hideous outlets and frankly he deserves his sorry fate.
In 2008, Roger Helmer, then a Conservative MEP, declared that he wanted rid of the majority of immigrants that came to Britain. He continued: “They are a threat to social cohesion and the welfare of our nation.” What a charming, caring chap.

Roger Helmer’s Worst Moments

Visits to sleazy massage parlours

In October 2014, the then MEP was photographed visiting a “sleazy massage parlour” in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. Of this, he told The Sun that he believed: “MEPs are entitled to a private life. I work extremely hard and when I do occasionally have time off, I enjoy a massage.” Speaking to the Derby Telegraph, he later added: “I think ‘The Sun’ quoted me quite well and I don’t have anything to add to that.”


Continuing later, the Tory tried to excuse his mucky antics at a “discreet gentleman’s retreat” venue whose motto featured the words “driving men wild since 1999” by stating: “I hope my constituents will agree people are entitled to enjoy their leisure as they please.”


On the NHS

“A sixty-year mistake.”


On climate change

“It’s junk economics built on junk science. No more than hot air, yet it looks set to beggar our grandchildren.”


On energy subsidies

“Morally dubious… A regressive tax.”


“I really don’t want to say I am a closet green… [But] let me describe these subsidies to you. You can make a unit of electricity at a power station for about 4p in this country. As a householder I can buy unit of electricity from the Grid for about 12p in this country. Every unit of electricity I get off the solar PV system I have on the roof of my wife’s stables I get just about 50p for.”


“I am getting 12 times the cost of producing that electricity, and four times the amount it would cost me to buy it from the Grid. I would be mad to refuse. So, I put that in place. Oh, by the way, that it guaranteed for 25 years. It’s inflation protected. And it’s tax free.”


On the Church of England

“[They’ve] abandoned religious faith entirely.”


On the Roman Catholic church

“Systematically paedophile.”


On gay people

“I will argue homosexual behaviour [and gay people are] abnormal and undesirable.”


“I don’t know why you guys in the media are obsessed with sexuality, but there are other issues… Some people dislike it and this is a fact.”


“Different people have different tastes, you may tell me you don’t like Earl Grey tea. That may be a minority view but you are entitled not to like it if you don’t like it.”


In January 2019, on Twitter, Roger Helmer was condemned for having “zero self-awareness” and a “massage parlour loyalty card.”
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. …….I am normally up for a bit of considered analysis but no, what a load of odd-balls and wrongly wired miss-fits. Trouble is by the time society smells the coffee properly we will be third world.

  2. Well I actually agree with Roger Helmer on immigration entirely. The left will have us believe all are welcome to this little island not giving a fig to natives who have been here for centuries and how it may affect us. We now have homegrown terrorism on our doorsteps, failure to enjoy big concert events, Christmas Markets in peace anymore and go about our daily lives at will. Immigration is a good thing, however there can be too much of it is so true. The liberals and lefties will keep on an on admitting illegals and economic migrants here and never think to put a quota on how many is too much. Oh no they will carry on regardless in the realm of being “good, caring people”. Philanthropists must be good people, right? Not giving a fig about our own people here.

    As for sleazy massages. Who cares? It’s his own time. As long as he carries out his work well what he does in his own time, I couldn’t care less.

    • …….there is a world of difference between what you describe Julie and thoughtful, compassionate and appropriate immigration policy; and there is a chasm between that and the xenophobic, grocer-shop, uber-right, 68 median IQ, hand-picked seedling facistia nice-but-dims that oft sit in the front row these days.

      • That’s a good considered response. But there should be a quota on whom we let to our shores and also how many immigrants. It’s just no good to say they are seeking a better life. The whole term asylum seeker had changed formation. Also we should think on how letting all the strong young men are leaving these poorer countries to come here leaving behind bereft families. Young men who could well do good in their own counties instead of abandoning them. Then there is our own dilemma to think about. How many more can be let in before it unbalances our economy, way of life. Not everyone wants to live in s urban jungle but one day we will have no choice as houses will be everywhere and not s blade of grass is to be seen.

    • Your attitude is shocking and reprehensible to me, but you are entitled to your clearly odd and plainly warped views. It is a democracy, but a civil society prides itself, in my view, on helping those who need to be helped. You seem more keen to support a crooked ex-MEP who took and took and took a bit more and at the same time went moving his grubby, chubby fingers around in sleazy, massage parlours. Fair enough, Julie, but you’re very welcome to own “Dodgy Roger” as no one else will.

      • Well I certainly don’t agree with all his quotes but I wouldn’t say the man’s an idiot. So Matthew would you also do the same as Tony Blair did in the 90ts by letting all and sundry in? And where did that get us? We have had to undergo change to accommodate terrorism which was unheard of on this scale in the 80ts. We have bollards for Christmas Markets now and what of the victims of these atrocities? You think it ok then that little girls get blown up at Ariane Grande concerts. Or that innocent civilians nget stabbed near London Bridge. Oh yes. We can all do as we wish but there are always consequences. Actions and consequences.


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