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Tangerines Triumph – Blackpool Beats Off Owen Oyston Woes

Just as Blackpool Football Club’s new 17-year-old star signing Jake Daniels is widely lauded after “coming out” as gay, controversial former owner Owen Oyston unsurprisingly fails in laughable £78 million claim against the receivers of the ‘Tangerine’ team

They’re so used to bad news at Blackpool Football Club that the beyond positive reaction to their new ‘star’ coming out as gay must have come as a total shock to any ‘Sandgrown’un’ who considers themselves a ‘Tangerine’ or ‘Seasider.’


Occuring just a couple of weeks after flamboyant fedora hat sporting “miner to millionaire” Owen Oyston failed in his “brazen” bid to claim £78 million ($97.3 million, €92.8 million or درهم357.2 million) from receivers of the club he formerly owned, Bispham, Lancashire born forward Jake Daniels’ decision to “come out” was praised by everyone from Prime Minister Boris Johnson to fellow footballer Harry Kane.


Jake Daniels Blackpool Football Club gay
Out and Proud – Jake Daniels – born 8th January 2005 – has now become the UK’s only male professional footballer to be “publicly out” at this time.

Reporting on the “desperate attempt” – that saw the club valued at a ludicrous grand total of £86.2 million ($107.5 million, €102.6 million or درهم394.7 million) – by the 88-year-old, The Blackpool Gazette stated that Oyston “believed the assets [which included the club, the stadium and its training ground] ought to have been broken up and sold separately.”



Going further, the former Crown Court actor – who was jailed for 6 years in 1996 and served a sentence 3 years and 6 months for the rape and indecent assault of a 16-year-old girl – “made a serious allegation of negligence, claiming the receivers had ‘breached their duty through the sale of assets of Denaxe, the company formerly known as Segesta that owned the majority of shares in the football club and its related assets.”


This suggestion fell on death ears and of the attempt, judge Mr Justice Fancourt concluded that there was “no realistic prospect of the claim succeeding,” with The Blackpool Gazette adding: “It’s understood Oyston has already spent over £1 million ($1.2 million, €1.2 million or درهم4.6 million) in failed litigation since the sale of the club.”


Meanwhile, whilst 17-year-old Jake Daniels was saluted by an eclectic array of names – including the Reverend Richard Coles, Ed Davey MP, Nadine Dorries MP, Rio Ferdinand, Eddie Izzard, Boris Johnson MP, Gary Lineker, Angela Rayner MP, Sir Keir Starmer MP and Tánaiste Leo Varadkar – Oyston has still not managed to offload his Georgian mansion near Lancaster.


Grade II* listed Quernmore Park Hall – featured in The Steeple Times along with its especially gauche-gaudy, gold-clad fittings in March – remains on offer for rent for the completely bonkers pie-in-the-sky sum of £40,000 ($49,900, €47,600 or درهم183,200 per month).


The Louche Life of Owen Oyston – Owner of Blackpool Football Club from 1988 until 2019

Convicted paedophile Stuart Hall with ‘Coronation Street’ actor William Roache (nicknamed ‘Cock Roache’ for boasting about having slept with over 1,000 women and being involved in bizarre Druid rituals), convicted rapist Owen Oyston and four women. The three men were all, for a time, directors of Oystons Estate Agency – a firm that ceased to exist circa August 2019.
Quernmore Park Hall gaudy gauche gold tacky
The County Durham born tycoon’s Quernmore Park Hall, Quernmore, Lancaster, LA2 9HN, United Kingdom remains on offer for rent for the staggering and frankly ridiculous sum of £40,000 per month in spite of it having décor that would only appeal to Hyacinth Bucket or the cast of ‘Dynasty.’
The thankfully since croaked paedophile Max Clifford was the PR for Owen Oyston for a time. In 1997, after being hired to represent him prior to the latter’s jailing, creepy Clifford remarked: “[Owen] Oyston is many things, including very arrogant, but he is not a rapist.”
In May 2018, during a court case between Owen Oyston and Valeri Belokon, the former was branded “vindictive,” “nasty” and someone who was now “hell bent on making life as bloody as possible for his wife” according to ‘The Blackpool Gazette.’ The paper added: “Mr Oyston owes £24 million to Valeri Belokon to buy back his shares in the club after Justice Marcus Smith ruled last year that Mr Oyston had ‘illegitimately stripped’ Blackpool FC of assets after it was promoted to the Premier League in 2010. It was found that the Oystons had unfairly prejudiced the Latvian, who accused them of ‘improperly’ extracting tens of millions of pounds from the club.”
Whilst her husband was in jail between 1996 and 1999, Vicki Oyston (neé Burns) – who was married from 1964 to 1982 first and then again for a second time from 1988 (she again sought a divorce in 2018, it is unknown as to whether this has been granted) to now 88-year-old Owen John Oyston – ran Blackpool Football Club. In 2014, ‘The Sunday Times’ listed the family as being worth £100 million.
Subsequently, one of the couple’s children, Karl Oyston (pictured front left), became chairman of Blackpool Football Club in 1999. He served in that role until 2018, but was loathed and detested by fans. The family owned the club from May 1988 to until February 2019 when the High Court appointed receivers and removed Owen Oyston and his daughter, Natalie Christopher, from the board.
The hatred of Blackpool F.C. fans for the Oyston family became so intense that there were protests against them. The club was eventually acquired out of receivership in 2019 when locally born hedge fund owner Simon Sadler purchased a 96.2% share in the club. In 2021, the Segantii Capital founder commented: “Two years in, and I’m still full of awe and wonder at being the owner of my hometown football club. I know that it’s a great honour and privilege to be the custodian of Blackpool Football Club, and I will continue to do my bit to protect, cherish and nurture it for the future generations of fans to come.”

Statement from Jake Daniels

This season has been a fantastic one for me on the pitch. I’ve made my first-team debut, scored 30 goals for the youth team, signed my first professional contract and shared success with my team-mates, going on a great run in the FA Youth Cup and lifting the Lancashire FA Pro-Youth Cup.


But off the pitch I’ve been hiding the real me and who I really am. I’ve known my whole life that I’m gay, and I now feel that I’m ready to come out and be myself.


It’s a step into the unknown being one of the first footballers in this country to reveal my sexuality, but I’ve been inspired by Josh Cavallo, Matt Morton and athletes from other sports, like Tom Daley, to have the courage and determination to drive change.       


In reaching this point, I’ve had some of the best support and advice from my family, my Club, my agent and Stonewall, who have all been incredibly pro-active in putting my interests and welfare first. I have also confided in my team-mates in the youth team here at Blackpool, and they too have embraced the news and supported my decision to open up and tell people.  


I’ve hated lying my whole life and feeling the need to change to fit in. I want to be a role model myself by doing this.


There are people out there in the same space as me that may not feel comfortable revealing their sexuality. I just want to tell them that you don’t have to change who you are, or how you should be, just to fit in.


You being you, and being happy, is what matters most.




Praise for Jake Daniels

Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


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