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Moron of the Moment 2022 – Richard Madeley Insults A Lioness

As TV twerp and alleged tealeaf Richard Madeley patronises a member of the England ‘Lionesses,’ we call on GMB to fire this utterly reprehensible ratbag

Richard Madeley is certainly one thing and that’s reliable. This alleged shoplifter of champagne who brags about not wearing underpants is reliable at being offensive and he’s reliable at thinking his own cringeworthy gaffes amusing.


Madeley is reliable at being annoying and like the fictional character he bases himself upon, Alan Partridge, he’s someone who doesn’t realise that people are laughing at him and not with him. Here is a berk of the first order and here is a prized prat who this morning decided to insult one of England’s winning ‘lionesses,’ a lady named Chloe Kelly.


‘Lioness’ Kelly – who scored the winning goal against Germany on Saturday night – appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning and instead of being lauded by Madeley was left “perplexed” after he called her “Coco” because “that’s what [he] calls [his] daughter, Chloe.”


Though called out by viewers quite rightly as “creepy” and told to “show some respect” to the now legendary ‘Lioness,’ Britain’s worst television interviewer failed to make any form of apology and simply droned on: “Right, er, now it’s competition time. We’ve got another one.”


Pictured top – The most cringeworthy and creepy presenter on British television (left) with his boozed-off-her-brain wife and the legendary ‘Lioness’ Chloe Kelly (right). This winning goal scorer did well not to get up and lamp Judy Finnigan’s feckless fool of a husband.


Judy Finnigan and Richard Madeley mess drunk wreck car crash
Judy Finnigan is simply well-known for getting herself a little beyond over-refreshed and flashing her cleavage whilst her ‘Dorian Gray-like’ husband is simply well-known for being accused of helping himself to champagne in supermarkets and making an utter berk of his never-sorry-self.

Responses To Richard Madeley ‘Coco’ Gaffe With Lioness Chloe Kelly

This morning on Twitter, a man named Nick @NickOverheard shared his thoughts on Madeley calling a ‘Lioness’ named Chloe Kelly who he’d clearly never met before Coco. Nick observed: “Could Richard Madeley be any more Alan Partridge if he tried?! 🙈 #gmb.”
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‘King of Cringe’ Richard Madeley’s ‘Finest’ Moments

Many of these have done the rounds before, but mixed in are some new and especially outrageous examples:


On his son’s wedding

“There’s been so much angst about it… It’s been so choppy, but, yes, he got married and now we’ve got a daughter-in-law.”


Of his daughter

“Sorry Chloe, but you were an accident and you know it!”


To a member of the victorious England 2022 ‘Lioness’ team named Chloe Kelly

“Chloe or Coco, as I call my daughter, Coco, thank you very much. Thanks for coming in. Right, er, now it’s competition time. We’ve got another one.”


To a male weatherman of his daughter

“My daughter fancies you by the way.”


In conversation with President Clinton

“I know what it’s like to be wronged by the press. I was once accused of shoplifting. Unlike you though, I knew I was innocent.”


Of daubing himself in fake tan and turning a “shade of mahogany”

“What happened was at three in the morning I put my daughter’s fake tan on, I was doing a Donald Trump.”


On going commando

“I don’t wear underwear… 30 per cent of blokes don’t wear underwear, it’s not mad.”


Whilst on the lavatory squatting

“You are not filming me urinating. You can listen.”


To an actor who was playing a bisexual

“Would you prefer to have sex with me or Judy?”


Of his and Judy Finnigan’s sexual activities

“When we were trying to conceive, I would douse my balls in icy water before intercourse.”


“Remember when you had thrush, Judy? You had a terrible time of it.”


On Viagra

“It makes everything much longer and return, you know, swiftly.”


Of sex on television

“I don’t think what we see on television is erotic enough.”


Of women

“I’ve never met a single woman who’s happy with the way she looks, except Jordan, although I’ve never met her.”


“Women lie about sex. It doesn’t matter how many partners she says she’s had before you… She’s lying.”


Of alleged mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell

“The sharks are circling; they smell blood in the water… Cynics would say the [FBI] agency is playing a long game, seeking to sway the minds of jurors in advance of Maxwell’s trial next year… Innocent until proven guilty? That honourable credo is in shreds.”


“Firstly, consider the conditions under which Ms Maxwell is being held. They are truly grim… It would take a heart of stone not to feel empathy for another human being suffering what amounts to mental torture. To coin a phrase: you wouldn’t treat a dog like that.”


“But it’s not sadism, or premature punishment ahead of a verdict. No; there’s calculated purpose behind this pitiless regime. But, here’s another prediction… it will. They’re trying to break her.”


On elephants

“So, are you telling me elephants are not born evil?”


After a woman remortgaged her house to fund treatment for her dog

“Is there a point where you just say: ‘Too expensive, the dog has to die?’”


To a man crying after paramedics saved his life

“Stop crying! This is supposed to make you happy! Anyway, after the break, the biggest dog in the UK. And he really is big. Don’t miss it!”


Showing sympathy for people who died in quicksand in Morecambe Bay

“Yes, what an awful way to die.”


On assisted suicide

“At that point where you just need a little push to go over the edge, I wouldn’t give a two-penny f**k if there was a risk of being prosecuted.”


In Nostradamus-like fashion on coronavirus and lockdowns

“We are being duped… [They are trying to] put the fear of God into the public. A great reckoning is coming.”


“There’s no point in running away and hiding from the virus.”


“We must learn to live with coronavirus.”


“If I had a bell, I would ring it… Only 59 people who have been double vaccinated and without any other serious underlying health problems, died from COVID, out of 50,000 deaths in England, this year.”


“I have to say that the majority of people are surprisingly forgiving [to government representative Steve Barclay], and are actually saying that they understand that the reason for some of the mistakes wasn’t malpractice but scientific ignorance – we didn’t know enough… But on the whole, you seem to be getting away with it – as far as our viewers are concerned.”


Of catarrh

“With men when we get all the catarrh we have it up, like Leo on Titanic… Judy swallows her phlegm.”


Of old women skipping

“There’s not many better things than seeing an older woman skipping.”


Of wanting to be black

“I hope when I’m reincarnated I come back black because you age better.”


To actress Keira Knightley

“Can we get some make up please, get Keira looking like a crack whore, she’d make a good crack whore.”


To singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor

“Where did you get your face?”


To mindreader Derren Brown

“Can we have petroleum   and a rope? We are   burning you at the end of the show.”


To Sex Pistols singer-songwriter John Lydon

“If we could throw a fishing rod into the corridors of time and reel you in, you’d throttle you wouldn’t you?”


To gay Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant

“How’s your wife?”


To a novelist

“If you were going to write an autobiography, who would it be about?”


Of troubled footballer Paul Gascoigne

“He suffers for us. He bears our pain in the most public way possible… Perhaps this has always been Paul Gasgoine’s destiny.”


To a psychiatric patient

“So, Jane, when did you first realise you were quite clearly mad?”


To a group of dwarves

“Do you find that people patronise you? That means that they talk down to you?”


Of an autistic teenager

“The thing with Daniel [Wakeford, a ‘star’ on Channel 4’s Undateables] is, he has autism but is very intelligent and as we can see extremely talented. Has Daniel always been autistic?”


To an anorexic teenager

“Five stone? Wow, that’s concentration camp thin, that is.”


To a caller

“I understand you have a little lad of 12. Is it a boy or a girl?”


And finally and most insensitively, to a young child with leukemia

“Hello baldy.”


In April 2021, we revealed that the one-time classmate of ‘Spreadsheet Phil,’ the former Tory chancellor Philip Hammond, Richard Madeley was being followed by Ghislaine Maxwell’s PR team on Twitter and that he’d written two columns in the ‘Daily Express’ in which he expressed “empathy” for the now convicted mucky madam sex offender. The presenter has yet to make his views known on what he feels about Maxwell’s multiple victims and her much deserved 20-year jail sentence.
Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan are often pictured out boozing. Often, ‘Mummy Finnigan’ finds herself looking a little beyond pissed.
The presenter once dressed up as Ali G to present ‘This Morning.’ It was later voted “one of the worst moments in television history.”
Richard Madeley is also often compared to the inept comedy character broadcaster Alan Partridge. They not only look alike, but also are equally incompetent and tactless. Twitter users regularly condemn Romford, Essex born Madeley as “daft” and as a “pompous prat.”
In July 2021, the ‘Dorian Gray of Daytime Telly’ was mocked for being a lookalike of the person portrayed in the quite tasteless Diana, Princess of Wales statue. At the time, the all-round berk was also lambasted after claiming he “suffered from PTSD after his son’s wedding.”
‘Mummy-like’ Judy Finnigan’s decision to defend footballer Ched Evans – jailed for 5 years in 2012 for allegedly raping a 19-year-old – on ‘Loose Women’ in October 2014 shocked the nation. Responding at the time, Katie Russell, of Rape Crisis England and Wales remarked: “Judy Finnigan’s comments are really unfortunate and could potentially cause some hurt and distress to the many survivors of sexual violence who will inevitably have been watching ‘Loose Women’ and who will read and hear her views reported.” Frankly, though she’s thankfully somewhat retreated from our screens in recent years, here is a woman best known for boozing, flashing her boobs and falling off sofas who is just as bad as her horrific husband.
In another Alan Partridge-esque moment in September 2021, Judy Finnigan’s husband Richard Madeley banged on about the dangers of quicksand. Naturally, he had to make personal reference and claimed: “It got me once… More of that later.”
Whilst ‘Dorian Gray-esque’ Richard Madeley is best known for helping himself to champagne in supermarkets, his wife Judy Finnigan will be forever remembered for flashing at an awards ceremony in 2000.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. It begs the question, how the hell is this twerp on prime time tv?
    It’s as if he goes out of his way to make ridiculous statements to get ratings publicity for himself and the show. Surely ITV must have better talent than this moron to front our tv screens??


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