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Getting Our Goat II – Chef Jason Atherton To Welcome Barbarian Goat Slaying Capreolus Club

As the UK goat slaughtering Capreolus Club swap swanky Mark’s Club for Jason Atherton’s Berners Tavern, we condemn the latter for welcoming such barbarians to their premises

Further Update – Tuesday 9th August, 11.30am – Last night at 5.05pm, Gemma Bell of Gemma Bell and Company emailed to confirm that the 8th September “booking has been cancelled” and the “Capreolus Club is banned from all of The Social Company’s sites.” ‘The Steeple Times’ has saluted Jason Atherton’s decision in a further article this morning.


In May, after The Steeple Times highlighted to Mayfair’s swanky Mark’s Club that a sick group who pay £1,000 a pop to slaughter goats in the north of England and Scotland were advertising a twisted celebratory event there on 8th September, the Richard Caring owned venue very sensibly forced the Capreolus Club to remove the promotion of such from their website.


At the time, Belle Wade, a spokesman for Mark’s, remarked:


“My colleague passed on your email requesting for comment regarding a booking allegedly taking place at Mark’s Club in September.”


“I can confirm we are not hosting this event at Mark’s Club and do not have any reservations for anybody on that date under any names associated with that event. We have now asked them to remove this from their website.”


“To clarify – this event was never booked at Marks Club. As soon as it was brought to our attention that the event was being promoted as being hosted with us, we asked them to remove it from their website: It was not a case of it ever being booked in with us and then us asking them to remove. I just wanted to make that clear.”


Now, the Capreolus Club have updated their website and announced that they have moved the event for their goat massacring members to another London venue on the 8th September from 6.30pm. According to an advertisement on their site, Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton will serve “some excellent contemporary British cuisine” at the Berners Tavern restaurant at the Edition Hotel to guests who are asked to book by paying a reservation fee of £1.


“Dinner and drinks are at the member’s own expense,” express the club in their statement before adding that the club chairman Peter Jones will “chat about how to get the best from your deer stalking and shooting during the autumn season.”


Having seen this on Friday 5th August, Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times contacted a number of representatives of Jason Atherton, the Berners Tavern and the Edition Hotel via email. He asked:


  1. Have you accepted a booking from the Capreolus Club for the 8th September 2022 at 6.30pm at the Berners Tavern at the Edition Hotel?


  1. If so, did you know that the Capreolus Club is an ‘organisation’ that tells it members that “goat shooting is a must” in the UK?


  1. If so, do you also endorse the slaying of goats in the British Isles in this truly barbaric manner as a bit of fun?


  1. Do you feel that killing goats by chasing them across the hills to slay them as “a break from deer” is something that should be celebrated with a ritzy dinner at the Berners Tavern at the Edition Hotel?


As of 11am on Sunday 7th August, not even a PR person for any of the aforementioned had responded and today we urge readers to join with us to condemn Jason Atherton, the Berners Tavern and the Edition Hotel for effectively endorsing the pointless massacre of goats on British soil by allowing the Capreolus Club to ‘celebrate’ at their premises.


Please support us in our attempt to persuade Mr Atherton, the Berners Tavern and the Edition Hotel to cancel the Capreolus Club event on 8th September 2022 by signing our petition on Change.org.


Update – 2pm, Monday 8th August – Finally, after crickets from Jason Atherton, the Berners Tavern, Edition Hotels and PR firm Purple PR, this morning we received the following from Kate Bell of Purple PR: “Many thanks for your email and for bringing this matter to our attention. Berners Tavern is not aware of this event and is not hosting it. We have asked the club to remove the event from their website as a matter of urgency.” Not one single other representative emailed has yet, most tellingly, deigned to reply whilst the event remains ‘live’ on the Capreolus Club website.


Replying further to a request to remove this article and our Change.org petition from Kate Bell, Matthew Steeples responded:


“The article will not be removed but we will update it with your statement.”


None of my actual four questions, submitted Friday and not responded to until this morning, have actually been answered satisfactorily by anyone and the event remains on the Capreolus Club website.”


“Should you, Jason Atherton, Purple PR, Edition Hotels or the Berners Tavern wish to submit a comment condemning the Capreolus Club and goat slaying, I will happily publish that.”



Pictured top – When much revered and clearly talented chef Jason Atherton presented the BBC’s ‘Saturday Kitchen’ in September 2016, viewers reacted by suggesting of his hosting skills: “There’s less dead air at a cemetery” (left) and barbarian trophy hunting horror Larysa Switlyk (right) – a wicked wastrel witch who head to Scotland from America to slay a goat in October 2018.


Why would anyone in their right-mind want to participate in the barbaric slaughter of goats in the north of England and Scotland? If one wants entertainment, why not read a book? Why not watch a film? Why not go instead to the cinema or a walk even? For anyone to consider this acceptable simply illustrates that they must be beyond mentally challenged and utterly reprehensible.
Having been banished by Mark’s Club, the Capreolus Club are now advertising their 8th September as being held at the Jason Atherton owned Berners Tavern at London’s Edition Hotel. Shockingly, not one single representative of any involved party responded to request for comment from ‘The Steeple Times’ as of 11am Sunday 7th August 2022.
Why on earth would anyone want to shoot a hardy domesticated ruminant mammal with backward-curving horns? You’d have to be decidedly deranged to wish to view participating in such as pleasurable. Whilst most people enjoy walking, reading, watching films and fine dining, members of the club run by Peter Jones prefer to go around massacring such beautiful creatures for utterly no good reason. Though they pay around £1,000 for the ‘privilege,’ they would be better confined to where they really belong – mental institutions.
Epping Forest
In February 2021, the club caused further outrage when the City of London Corporation after it was revealed that it had given it a contract to kill hundreds of deer in Epping Forest. In November 2016, the decision to allow the barbarian members of Capreolus Club to have freedom to shoot in this very busy popular with the public location close to Central London was further branded “an accident waiting to happen” and “gross.”
Mark's Club Capreolus Club petition
It took ‘The Steeple Times’ just 12 signatures on Change.org before a stop was put to the 8th September event at Mark’s Club – an event that supposedly had never even been organised in the first place.
Merelize van der Merwe
Now, again today, we urge readers of ‘The Steeple Times’ to join the 46,697 people who have signed our Change.org petition seeking a ban on the evil barbarian giraffe slayer Merelize van der Merwe from Facebook.
Now, again today, we also urge readers of ‘The Steeple Times’ to join the 21,127 people who have signed our Change.org petition seeking a ban on the blue ticked barbarian abuser of endangered animals Larysa Switlyk from Instagram.
In May 2016, Jason Atherton explained “how to make his signature goat’s cheese churros” to ‘WhatsOnDubai.’ He didn’t, however, discuss his thoughts on barbarians paying £1,000 a pop to slaughter goats in the north of England and Scotland.
According to a video shared on YouTube in June 2019, the Richmond, London based Capreolus Club, at that time, had “over 100 high quality members.” One is simply left asking: “What on earth is ‘high quality’ about people with a desire to around shooting goats in the north of England and Scotland?” We would suggest that these 100 or so idiots find themselves something better to do – helping homeless people, assisting those struggling with the cost of living crisis or going out picking litter on beaches would be far better options.
Why would anyone in their right-mind want to participate in such barbaric behaviour? If one wants entertainment, why not read a book? Why not watch a film? Why not go instead to the cinema or a walk even? For anyone to consider this acceptable simply illustrates that they must be beyond mentally challenged and utterly reprehensible.
Matthew Steeples
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. As someone who eats meat, is appears you are a total hypocrite to then denounce the sustainable and selective hunting of animals that will enter the food chain. I do not see the distinction between wild goat and the chicken or duck you have posted about enjoying of you IG feed Matthew. It seems like the measure of both wit and wisdom you like to talk about are being served in equally small measures.


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